How To Catch Someone Spying On You

How to catch someone spying on you

In the era of digitalization, we all have a privacy concern. Imagine someone following you silently, how horrific that could be. Without your consent, someone getting your sensitive information how To Catch Someone Spying On You . I can’t think more about that. I don’t want to make you paranoid, be cautious to avoid being spied by someone. 

 With the increasing amount of spy devices and software, many people fall easy prey to hackers. From your smartphone to smart devices in your bedroom, everything can be hacked or being tracked. 

What it takes for someone to spy on your mobile

At a domestic level, in order for a friend or a stranger to spy on your mobile, you need to install a spyware application on it. For this, he will need to have physical access to your phone and be able to unlock it to install some kind of APK, which in addition are always usually paid, so he will have to scratch his pocket and really want to know about you.

Another alternative is to make yourself install the application using the phishing technique.

Sending you a message themselves saying “hey try this app”, or sending an email in which they pose as another person or company for the same so that you download a specific app and install it on your mobile.

There are several applications that can install you to spy on you, but generally, most work in a similar way. Its function is usually to act as a computer virus, hiding on your mobile and obtaining information and recordings that are then sent over the Internet to whoever has installed it and is controlling it.

But don’t panic either, because there is two good news. The first is that need to have physical access to the mobile greatly reduces the chances that anyone will try to spy on you. It would have to be a friend, family member, or partner. As for large entities, unless you are a person of interest who is famous, ordinary citizens are not usually the target of other more complex attacks.

And the second good news is that being an application, it is relatively easy to detect it as soon as you know a few tricks about how Android works. Now we are going to delve into it, but we could summarize it by saying that an application needs to consume many resources to track everything it does and be sending it all the time.

What are the signs?

 You might be wondering how to catch someone spying on me. We will answer all of your questions. This article will help you to detect if someone is spying on you. We will guide you on how to prevent being tracked. 

Spying on your mobile

We all are extremely attached to our smartphone. Most of the hackers target your mobile to get the desired information. There are a few ways to find out if your smartphone got spied or not. But first, we need to look at the symptoms of being spied.

Constant Battery Drain:

Your battery drains faster compare to the regular rate. Mobile battery drains, even smartphones remain idle. Most of the spyware apps run in the background and require constant power. These apps perform hiddenly. 

Increase Data Usage Volume

Internet data usage will be significantly higher compared to your normal usage. Spyware apps transfer data from victims mobile and stored in the specified address. This process needs a high amount of data consumption. 

Overheating Issue:

As these apps run on background all the time and use a considerable amount of internet data, it will pressure the smartphone’s processor and ram. As a result, you might be experiencing excessive heating issues. 

How to catch someone spying on your smartphone

Anti-spyware Apps for Your Smartphone

The easiest way I would say to perform a scan with any spyware apps. Spyware apps are available for both Android and iPhone. iPhone users may use Certo iPhone, and Android users may use Certo mobile security. 

From my personal experience, I find the Certo app useful. This app will not only detect the spyware also help to remove the spyware software safely.  

Install process is similar to other apps. Download and click on install. After installation, run a scan to detect any spyware. 

Catch The Person

Do not let the person get away without taking any action. You can snap a picture of your hacker. Certo mobile security has an option to take photos silently by letting hackers know. It takes pictures of whoever is trying to log in your IDs and gives the incorrect password. 

 If your screen moves, this app will alert you with an alarm. This method can be extremely useful in catching the hacker. 

Misleading Information Trap

Another cool social engineering tips that might work if you got tracked by someone you know. Gossip something juicy with your friend. If the hacker listens to this conversation, he/she will try to spread rumors. You would quickly know who covered the story. 

 Sharing wrong isn’t a recommended method. Don’t share any sensitive information that might cause any trouble. 

How to prevent being spied on mobile

Prevention is better than cure. Take the mentioned precautions before someone hack your device. Here are some essential methods:

Password Change:

Change your password frequently. It decreases the risk of being hacked. If possible, change your passwords every week or every month. I know every week seems a little hard to do. But changing the password, everything isn’t hard. 

Strong Password:

Set a strong password to crack or guess. Avoid any password combination such as 12345 or your name written as a password. Don’t set the password of someone’s name, pet name, or mobile number. Your password should contain a capital letter and small letters along with numbers and symbols. Never save your password on a notepad. Don’t keep your password on your browser. Someone can easily find out the saved password from your browser. 

Unknown App Installation:

Refrain from installing apps other than Playstore or Appstore. Any untrusted app installation makes you vulnerable to hack. In many cases, we saw apps from untrusted sources that contain malicious codes that can harm your device. These apps even stole your information and stored it without your consent. Go to the settings and turn off a feature called Installing apps from untrusted sources. 

 Never use any crack version of an app. This is the biggest security threat from your smartphone. 

Install an Anti-virus

Anti-malware and anti-virus software helps to prevent from any security threats. These apps inform you if any suspicious activity noticed any of your apps. There are many security apps available on both play store and AppStore. Install one and make your cellular device secure. 

 Update Device Software

Always keep updated your mobile device with the latest operating system. An updated operating system fixes security vulnerabilities. Check-in settings if any new software update is available.  

How to catch someone spying on your computer


Go to run menu/search box and type MSconfig, press enter.  A new window will pop up. Check the software run during startups. If any software takes big chunks of ram, remove it from startup. If you are not sure works of the software. Search on Google with the name of the software. You will get to know if this is spyware or a virus. 

Install Anti-virus

For a computer, there is plenty of anti-virus software available. Find and download an anti-virus with a useful review. Anti-virus software defends from get hacked and hunt down malicious software. Don’t forget to update your anti-virus regularly. 

How do you uninstall spy applications?

How to uninstall these applications depends a lot on how they are. The simplest ones you can possibly eliminate like any other application once you have detected them, which is sometimes the most difficult of all. In others, you may need an app that specializes in detecting malware from a professional service that you trust.

But if you want to get out of doubts, although it is not always what you want, the most effective is to reset your mobile to its factory settings. This will eliminate all the applications that you have, and in the event that you had not done so before, it will allow you to write down and be aware of all the apps that you reinstall to detect an impostor faster.

How to catch someone spying on Hidden Cam

Hidden cam is the frightening name for many females. Every year, millions of hidden cam videos uploaded on the internet. Almost all of us don’t want to get a victim of someone’s pervertedness. 

Here are the neat tricks to check for:

LED Light:

The easiest way to detect someone tracking you, blocking the LED light. IP cameras or your laptop camera will lit an LED light always. It indicates someone likely spies you. First, cover the camera and find out, is it real or not. 

 Search Physically

Will all the smart ways, you may fail to detect spying device. But if you are trying to find a device physically, it would be hard for any spycam to go unnoticed. Check your doll, smoke detectors, paintings, mirror, and other home appliances. These are the possible places where a spying camera can keep hidden. 

How to check if someone spying on email? 

We usually don’t think too much about the security of an email account once we open it.  But unbeknownst to you, someone may be monitoring your email account.  How do you know if someone else is monitoring your e-mail account?

 Today I will share with you some tricks with which you can easily understand whether someone is monitoring your account or not.

 General advice:

 Don’t leave your e-mail account open everywhere.  Do not keep any word that is too short or repetitive as your password.  Never put your personal belongings in your working email ID.

Who logged into my account?


You open the desktop version in your Gmail (it does not work on mobile) then select Details.  You will find this link at the very bottom of the desktop.  Clicking on this link will open a new window, showing you who recently logged in to your account.


 In the case of Yahoo, you can do this in either Yahoo or the web version.  Select the menu icon, where you will see an option called Manage Account.  From here you need to go to Account Information so you can see your recent activity.

iCloud (Apple)

On the iPhone or iPad, we open the “Settings” application. Once inside we select an option with our name or nick. There we see a menu with our connected devices. Now it is as easy as disconnecting all those we do not know if there is any suspect.

How to eliminate those who spy on us?

With your IP, and the type of device that was used, as well as the date. If you see any location or strange data, it is possible that someone has entered our email account, so we must select the button “Close session” (or sometimes “Sign Out”).

Once that is done, we must go settings and change our password immediately for a new and more complicated one. Experts recommend that we use a password manager, or write an especially long (multi-word) key instead of a short one with special characters (such as exclamations and hyphens).

Final Words:

Many of us unaware of the existence of spy devices. Spy devices are more sophisticated now. From pen to the button of the shirt, everything can be used as a hidden camera. Keep your eyes open. Now you know how to catch someone spying on you. Prevent getting spied on you. 

Let me know if I miss any critical points that could be added to my blog. Your comments are appreciated.