Best Destinations of 2020 for Casino Gambling

By far the newest and most exciting development for casino gaming is the online industry. Which generates and payouts out billions of dollars every year. Most would consider having the ability to play online, any time and anywhere they want to be ideal. And a quick visit to Thailand Online Casino will reveal just how many options you have available. Read on to find the best destinations for Casino Gambling.

However, nothing is going to replace the hot destinations for Casino Gambling in the world. Every year people leave their cities to visit new and exciting locations. It’s not always in search of casino gaming, sometimes it the attraction of the liveliness and nightlife of the area that draws crowds.


Let’s have a look at some of the top locations that casino visitors love to travel to. We’ve included the places most of already know about, like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, along with a few hidden gems that you should consider on your next vacation!

Singapore – One of The Most Advanced Nations in the World

The laws in Singapore are much more relaxed than in many other countries in the region. Making it a must-visit destination for gamblers from all over the world. In fact, many Chinese high rollers are starting to choose Singapore over Macau.

Many of the world’s major chains now have huge casinos likes Resorts World and Sands. You can choose gorgeous resorts that are tropical paradises. which also house casinos containing thousands of slots and gaming tables to play.

Another popular option is the Marina Bay Sands which has four levels with over 600 tables and 1500 slots. Both casinos offer VIP club membership which gives you additional perks.

London – A Historic City Full of Casino Entertainment

When you think of casinos and nightlife, London is probably not one of the first places to come to mind. However, the historic city is known for having many gambling houses and casinos that date back centuries.

In fact, there are still some of the first gambling clubs still open to this day in London. Additionally, you don’t need to be a high roller to enjoy the scene. Plenty of legal establishments offer blackjack, roulette, poker, and other table games.

The people in London are much like everywhere else, where visiting casinos are social events that complete a full night out. If you are planning a visit, Leicester square is a great area with many large-sized casinos and excellent hidden gems.

Macau – Asia’s Gaming Capital

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Asian players and many others around the world consider Macau to be the “Vegas of the East”. Few cities can rival the glamor and excitement of Macau. Every year millions of people flock to the Cotai Strip to take in the sights and sounds of Macau.

The City of Dreams casino is a must-see if you visit. The Hollywood theme of the casino boasts amusement park style rides and more as part of the impressive hotel complex. Just like Vegas, Macau boasts some of the most recognizable brands in the world. You can expect names like Hard Rock, MGM, The Venetian, and more. If any city can rival Vegas, it’s Macau.

Las Vegas

Vegas is the first place that comes to mind when anyone mentions shows, nightlife, and casino entertainment. Travelers from all over the world visit Sin City by the millions every year just of experience what all the hype is about for themselves.

In the last 70 years, the Las Vegas strip has seen many changes and continues to improve year after year. Stay at mega-hotels like The Strip, Mirage, Venetian, or ARIA. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it in Vegas. From high-roller tables that you need to see to believe or slot games, you can play for less than a dollar.

Part of the thrill of visiting Vegas lies in the non-stop partying and nightlife. And a walk down the strip alone is worth the trip.

Monte Carlo

If James Bond style glamor is what you’re into, then Monte Carlo is the ultimate vacation destination. While there are lots to see and do in this part of the world. One of the things that make Monte Carlo so unique is how beautiful and glamorous the location is.

Monte Carlo is like a playground for the rich and famous. You will find some of the oldest casinos in existence here. You’ll be so dazzled by the architecture, restaurants, beaches, clubs, and views that you might not even make it inside a casino.

However, you should not miss out on the Casino De Monte Carlo and the Salles Des Ameriques, where you can visit high roller tables, or enjoy table games with friendly crowds. There is also the Sun Casino which offers tons of slots and other games that anyone can enjoy.


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One of the world’s most active destinations for Casino Gambling is none other than Australia. Therefore, it’s no surprise that major cities in Australia are also going through the construction of huge casino complexes. Players will soon be able to consider Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Cairns as Aussie casino cities.

You will find crown resorts dominating the Australian casino strips which will be modeled after Macau.

Hidden Gem – Sochi

A few years ago, Russia started putting certain legal prohibitions regarding gambling. Which resulted in certain designated gambling zones in the country. Sochi is a new and very bustling place for casino entertainment. It’s was also the site of the Winter Olympics of 2014 and has a record of being a safe zone to visit.

If you intend to visit, be sure to stay at the Sochi Casino and Resort, where the real focus is on having fun. The resort offers in-house theatres, five start restaurants, and many other attractions that make it one of the best.

Poker players will love that some of the largest poker events in the world have taken place right in Sochi. And casinos feature all of the games you know and love, including Russian poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, craps, baccarat, and many more!




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