How Important is Graphic Design in the Online Casino Industry

Graphic Design in the Online Casino Industry

Graphic Design in the Online Casino Industry

The online gambling and casino world is a huge industry. Like all businesses it is competitive and needs to attract new customers constantly. There are many ways the gambling world does this such as new player bonuses and advertising with attractive people in the photos of celebrities endorsing the Online Casino Industry. One other way which may not be so obvious is the design of the casino.

All people are drawn to attractive things and everyone has different tastes but we all have our own idea of what is beautiful or not. Maybe you love Italian cars or a certain artist. Maybe it is a restaurant or type of food you cannot resist. Online Casino Industry works the same way any business does. They sell an image that appeals to you. They want to draw you in and advertising is only one way they do this.

Attractive graphics

A lot of time is spent on designing the look and feel of the casino. The designers want to attract people to play and gamble on their sites and smartphone apps so bright colours, flashy graphics and animations are employed. The slots will spin and winning lines flash out at you on the screen. It’s not unusual for the chatbots or dealers to be displayed in graphic form as an attractive man or woman with a beautiful smile and shiny white teeth. The casinos are selling an image and just like Las Vegas it is bright, gaudy and loud.

Online advertising & games

You may be a user of smartphone or table based games. If so then you will have noticed that they are loaded with adverts for other sites and apps. This is especially so if the game was free to download as this is how the developers make enough revenue to operate. The adverts typically only have fun for up to 30 seconds and sometimes much shorter so they only have a very short time to convince you to download the game. So you can imagine that the design is very important.

Nowadays it is becoming more common to have interactive adverts. They will let you spin the reel one or two times to get a small taste of how a particular slot machine works. If you press the spin button again you will be redirected to the Play Store or the Apple Store to the download page. If you look at the number of downloads you will see this might be a very effective form of advertising.


Unlike the advertising and marketing campaigns the interface of a casinó or betting site is unlikely to draw you in but it is instrumental in helping to retain you as a customer. A user interface or controls of a game can make or break it’s popularity. Many a promising smartphone game has been ruined by clunky or awkward controls and casinos are no different.

Take a betting site for instance. You are looking to place regular bets on football perhaps every weekend and are looking for a good website to use. You choose one and go to the football fixtures page and select the game you want to bet on. You all know that you can bet on ‘home win’ or ‘win both halves’ but in football there could be around 150 markets to consider betting on so you need a clear interface for the player to use.

Posters and magazines

Obviously printed advertising is static so the advertising works in a slightly different way. The designer needs to grab your attention as you flick through a magazine or on a poster as you walk past. So they will use bright colours, possibly with a graphic of a slot machine with gold coins pouring out of it after a win. Maybe there will be big dollar signs, bitcoins or the word Win! in big letters. Unlike the smartphone adverts printed material allows for more information than you might be able to fit in a small screen that is only displaying an advert for mere seconds.

The downside of this form of advertising is that it is static. If you see a poster for a casino site and you like the look of it you will need to remember the website and maybe the bonus code for new player sign ups. In an online advert you just need to click the link and you are transported to the app or the website. This means the advert must be very clear and easy to read along with some eye catching graphics and headline.

Online sign up offers through animated graphics

When you visit the website there will be all sorts of links to different games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and slot machines. There will be a login and password area and probably some links to customer service, payment methods and FAQs. Among all this information and coloured buttons and graphics there will often be something about new customer bonuses. Online Casino Industry often offers free cash or other incentives to get new customers to sign up. To make this stand out some basic animation might be employed. They might employ a starburst that flashes or a button that pulsates. Anything that draws your eye towards the link to sign up.

Cartoons and characters and emojis

Of course if you wish to gamble then you need to be over 18 and in some regions possibly older but this doesn’t stop companies employing the use of cartoon characters and emojis. Why do they do this? It can be used to brand their game or netticasino or it might be for their familiarity and of course it allows great use of colour. Emojis are used everyday in text messages and you know what the majority of them mean. Leprechauns and rainbows are associated with gold. It also might be that a game is licensed to a movie or video game so the characters from that media are included in the casino game.

So you can see graphics play a major part in enticing players into playing online. From printed material to animations and cartoons the online industry is trying to make their product so attractive that you will want to play.