The android operating system is one of the most popular operating systems, and this is because of the android head unit features it entails. This operating system is not only used in smartphones but also auto heads. Auto heads refer to the informative system you can use to access a lot of information about your car. Therefore, the auto head unit is like an interface that has a screen with buttons and other system controls that you can use.

With this interface, you can access information and even entertainment services, which is excellent. This is one of the essential parts of a phone’s entertainment and receiving some of the most critical informat6ion. In this article, we will highlight some of the best Android auto head units which work great and that you can buy. We will highlight some of the awesome features that you can get with the Android head unit and many more.


Pioneer is one of the most impressive brands when it comes to sound, and this Android head unit is so amazing with the features it has. One thing I love about this Android head unit is the navigation system, which is excellent. The Pioneer Avic navigation receiver is so powerful, and not only that, but it’s also very reliable.

This Pioneer model is great, and it entails a DVD/CD receiver to it, which is fantastic as you can play music from discs. The auto head is Android, and that means it is a touchscreen. The head has a 6.2” screen, and this screen fits a 4-inches tall dash opening. This is a great Android head unit, and it provides maps of three different countries, the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

There are fantastic features to this Pioneer Android head unit that you will like, and one is the compatibility with audio controls. You can quickly increase or reduce the volume and even select the next previous or next. The Android head unit can also easily connect to an Apple Car Play. The other thing I love about this unit is how easy it’s to install no matter what type of car you have.


When thinking about one Android head unit worth your money, I think it’s best to consider Atoto. This unit is excellent, and it has some features to it, which make it so awesome. The Android head unit uses Android Marshmallow, and this feature can do a lot of stuff like connect to the internet, send and receive files. This auto head unit is excellent as it provides the users with a built-in Google map tracker, which is incredible.

There are some features with this Android head unit that you will like the big touchscreen. The unit has a 7” screen with a resolution of 1024 X 600, and apart from that, there are buttons that you can use for easier movement. The head has a built-in microphone, which can allow you to make calls easily. There is an ultra-external antenna that you can use for accessing the internet, and it’s fantastic.

The other feature I like with this is the ability to access datastore on USB. The device allows you to use a USB or even a microSD with storage of up to 256GB. Having an Android head unit gives you access to a lot of data, and you need to ensure this data is safe. The one thing that Atoto provides is the screen lock option. This screen lock can be vital when it comes to securing your information, which is excellent. The only drawback to this Android head unit is that there are inaccurate screen gestures, making it harder to use a keyboard.


The Eonon is one of the best Android head units that you will get these days, and this unit has some of the best features that you can use to your advantage. The unit uses the Android 8.1 version, which is excellent, and that means you will be getting newer updates. The thing that stands out with this unit is the bigger display that it has about 10,” and its resolution is also excellent.

The display has a resolution of 1024 x 600, which is excellent and makes viewing more comfortable. The Eonon has different viewing angles that you can take advantage of. The Android head unit has an internal storage of 16GB, and it also comes with a RAM of 2GB, which is excellent. Making calls with this Android head unit is seamless as it entails an external microphone, which is great.

You will note that when using this unit, it’s faster than others, and that is because of the central processing unit that is Quad-core. This is an easy device to install, which is great, but the one drawback that it has is the manual lacks some of the essential details. This can be a great drawback as it will force you to look for more info online, which is time-consuming.


One head unit that can amaze you greatly is the XTRONS Android head unit, which has some of the best features with extensive hardware. I love that this auto head unit is the powerful operating system it uses, and that is Android 8.0. This head unit is great, and it has one of the most incredible performances and the power, which is incredible. This device’s performance is great because it’s equipped with rear cameras that work perfectly.

The rear cameras are great when it comes to reversing and even seeing perfectly all that is happening behind you. Smart view features to the Android head unit are great, and you can easily connect with your smartphone. With this ability watching videos, playing games, and many more things are possible. This unit is different from some that we have mentioned that have few maps.

With this one, there are different kinds of maps available that you can download on the go, which is fantastic. The performance and power of this unit are attributed to the 8-core configuration, which makes multitasking possible. The built-in Wi-Fi is also great as it allows you to download stuff, which is excellent easily. When thinking about power and performance, this is one of the best Android head units that you can get, which is excellent.


Pumpkin is another powerful stereo that you will need to get, which is impressive because of its build quality. The system is powered by Android 8.0, and this Android head unit entails a DVD player which is incredible. The thing that makes the Pumpkin stereo great is its performance, and the RAM significantly determines that. The Android head unit uses a 4GB RAM, which makes it fast when it comes to performance.

This head unit is different from many as it entails a dual-zone, which makes playing music or radio and showing navigation so easy. Using this device to search where you are going is easy because the CPU performance is excellent, and it works perfectly. There are some hidden features to it which are excellent, and some include a built-in amplifier. This amplifier is fantastic, and it helps in ensuring you have a quality sound coming out when listening to music or even radio.

There are buttons available, and these panel buttons help a lot in making it easier to access some of the functions on the device. For those using maps often, this Android head unit allows the users to have both the online and offline navigation maps, which is fantastic. This device is excellent, and using it can help reduce a lot of hassle, and it even entails a fast boot, which is about one second.


Sony XAV-AX100 is one of the top-rated Android head units that you can find in the market these days. This unit has some of the best features to it, and they include a big touch-screen, which is excellent when it comes to using it. The Android head unit has a 6.4-inch unit, which is brilliant, and navigating through it is easy. It entails a knob that allows you to control the volume easily, and this physical ability is incredible.

The other thing that you will love with this device is the stress-free control it offers, which is because of the compatibility with smartphones. There are some voice commands that you can use, enabling you to make calls and even be able to dictate messages, which is excellent. This is a unique unit as it offers the users a very sophisticated receiver, and the voice commands are also simple, which is brilliant.

There are drawbacks also, and that includes the resistive screen, which at times is less responsive and does not work perfectly while in poor light.


We all seem to know this JVC brand because it has been around for a long time, and this brand started in the audio industry. The brand makes head units also, and it has one excellent Android head unit, the JVC KW-M730BT.  This display has one of the best screens, which is a 6.8” display.

This is a pretty big display, and while using it is smooth and easy. There are some features to this device that are great, including the ability to sync two different smartphones at the same time. This is awesome, and you need to try it out and see how perfect it works.

The device can give about 22 watts per channel, which is pretty big. There are drawbacks to it too, and some include the few inputs and the fact that it does not play videos. This is an excellent Android head unit, but the few drawbacks can make it not so ideal.


One of the cheapest Android units in the game that works great is the Kenwood DDX9703S, and this device is excellent. This receiver is unique, and it’s a trendy unit which offers the users some of the most remarkable features. To start, the receiver has a pretty big screen, which is 6.95 inches, which are touch-screen.

This screen is great as it allows you to control your smartphone and all the media, which is excellent. There are voice commands on this device that enable the user to make calls, send text messages, and many more. This Android head unit is great as it offers a very clean and clear sound, which is great.

This is possible with the time alignment and sound processing which is great in making a better sound. The only drawback that it has, which is not significant, is the legal claimer that keeps popping up when you turn on the device.


The last best Android head unit on this list is Corehan Car Stereo, an excellent receiver unit. The unit uses an Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, which is one of the best-operating systems. This system provides one of the best sound systems, and its performance is excellent.

This unit also supports the online and offline navigation system, which is excellent, and traveling will be a breeze. There is a multi-player to it, which is excellent, and it works fine, and you can watch videos from a DVD or the ones you download.

The screen is significant, which is about 6.95 inches; therefore, watching here is an excellent view. This is one Android head unit that is worth your money. There are a few drawbacks, which is the fact that you are not able to watch videos stored on YouTube.


To conclude, we have highlighted some of the best Android head units that you can use in your car. All these devices work great in your car, which is fantastic, and you should get one if yours is outdated.


Which is the best Android head unit?

There is a lot to consider when thinking about an Android head unit, but I would advise buying the Pioneer or Sony as they work perfectly.

Why get an Android head unit?

Android head units are great as they take all the features of your smartphone and put them in your car.