11 Best Idle Tap Games on Android That You Should Play in 2020

best idle tap games

Do you feel bored or tired, and searching something on your android device to worth passing your time? In the most trending platform of the world, the android play store covers a great source of the best idle tap games. You can make your idle moments full of great enjoyment and happy passing. You may find the android idle tap games are on the trending list over the last few years. No matter you are on what age, but the games are typically designed and developed to all ages of people. Still, you could see, the game developers around the world are bringing more mind-blowing tap games for the idle android users. 

What is Idle Tap Game

You will not find the idle tap games what you think; rather, they work differently from the other traditional or actionable games. Instead of killing the mighty giant, or fighting with the rampant opponents, instead, you will try to do score as much as possible.

Idle games offer different types of progress, require fewer interactions. Here, the resource like money or goods is getting higher continuously at a set rate. Players’ business in idle games needs to speed up the pace of acquisition. Moreover, the progress is going on even if the players are offline or away from the computer. 

As you know, there are tons of idle games on Android, but we have managed to bring you the top 15 best idle tap games for you. 

01. AdVenture Capitalist- Our top Pick

AdVenture Capitalist is one of the best idle tap games on Android with so many users around the world. If you think that you are new in the tap games world, or you have less idea, the AdVenture Capitalist gets the first choice of yours. It takes so many updates so far and offers extra bit content that you need to tap on the screen to earn money from a simple lemonade stand. Gradually you have the scope to upgrade to the next level. Then it is easy for your business to make more money passively. Money automation depends on certain things like pizza delivery, owning a hockey time, hiring staff, attracting investors, etc. All those things will work on behalf of you on ranking higher even if you are in complete sleeping. 

best idle tap games

Adventure Capitalist is free with community participation; you can even customize your character, get new outfits and accessories. 

02. Video Game Tycoon- Run Your Own Video Game Company

Video Game Tycoon lets you sharpen your own video game developing skills. Firstly, you will experience a lot of tapping to build up some cash. Subsequent;y, you can establish empty room building software totally from scratch. Your ultimate goal is to become the top leader of the mobile gaming market. This is a perfect game for those who want to engage in the game development business, have a great thirst to become a video game tycoon. 

You do have the opportunity to check ratings, reviews, statistics such as the number of installs and uninstalls, hiring employees, etc. All those things will assist you to have a passive income in the long run. Moreover, you can customize your office, employees, and everything being on the next level. 

03. Almost a Hero- An Adventure Game

Almost a Hero is a type of adventurous game but still little involves in idle tap game. The most fun part is that your adventure is going on, even you’re offline. You will get 15 heroes and multiple upgrades with tap mechanic options to fight against the bad guys. Almost a Hero includes side quests, secret areas, and several missions to experience throughout the game. Here the heroes come from initially zero; also, we could see some flawed and emotionally broken characters. So, why should you wait to play this vast and thrilling battles game and unlock your daring adventure experience? 

04. Bitcoin Billionaire- A Game of Bitcoin Raking

Bitcoin Billionaire deals with the raking of bitcoins, a perfect example of an idle tap game. For instance, the massive fortune starts with a bunch of clicks in the beginning, then gradually upgrades with investing money. Bonuses are available, and high achievement in this game is very much possible. You can also acquire adopted pets or robot butlers to work for you to increase your wealth. You think you are on a critical moment; then it is high time to go on time travel, where you will experience the thrills of bitcoin mining, unlock new achievements, and can have a total prospective. Bitcoin Billionaire allows you to customize your character to mine in style. Noodlecake Studios has done its excellent job of providing you the feeling of Bitcoin mining in a modern way. 

05. Idle Miner Tycoon- A Fairly Standard Idle Game

Idle Miner Tycoon is the best option to spin and manage all of your mining. It offers to upgrade while tapping; most importantly, you can achieve tons of stuff being idle. Here the players can appoint managers to do their jobs, explore more than 20 mines for performing 15 different resources. Moreover, you can eventually gain automation almost everything, select unique boosts that expand mining speed, and gets more valuable materials. The game offers professional design; the best visual experience with easy control proves one of the best idle tap games. It also features some spectacular events, customizable characters, top-class art style, and worth your time a standard idle game. 

06. Egg Inc.- Starting a Farm

Egg Inc. is another perfect example of an idle tap game. This is more like a funny game playing with the chicken. The first thing you will do to build up a chicken farm, whereas you click to hatch more chickens. The more you have chickens the more you will have valuable eggs that will define the automation of your whole process. On the other hand, you can engage managers to move things along more speedily. Egg Inc. belongs to top-class idle games that offer modern augmented reality and leaderboards. Shooting down drones for extra cash rally a funny thing. The whole game includes a well-engaged user interface with a large number of images that give full enjoyment. 

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07. Tower of Hero- Killing of Monsters

Tower of Hero is a kind of exhilarating game where the players tap to destroy monsters. No worry, you will have a vast army to fight with the monsters. What you need to fill the dungeon with to create vast armies who will run all-possible-attack to the enemies. Then the monsters can hardly survive in front of the powerful gear. You don’t need to think about the equipment, all are available there to fight with the countless demons. As it is a freemium game, the social ranking element is present there. In conclusion, the Tower of Hero is a very stylish and interactive clicker game. It also awards a balanced scaling to the enemies, and leveling up, as a result huge points to the players.

08. Idle Theme Park- A Park Full of Enjoyment

If you think about a theme park where you will have all-over control, then Idle Theme Park is the best option for you. This means, slowly you can add all-new attractions that include enjoyable rides, big roller coaster, spooky horror house, etc. It is obviously an easy-to-play game, bring amazing animations and great 3D graphics. A good option to dive into your entrepreneurship mind and to show your management talents. It’s you, yes, you are the ruler of your theme park to appoint expert management, extend the parking facilities. Your wise business improvement decision, keep motivating your employees will bring more visitors, ultimately lead to a big success. Once you will successfully deal with all the challenges, your small theme park will be the world’s best theme park. 

09. Cookies Inc.- Collecting Cookies

Cookies Inc. is another funny clicker game where the players need to play with a bunch of cookies. There are over 300 hand drawn cookies including pizza cookies, you can collect more than hundred of flashy showcase items. Your efforts start with collecting more cookies to upgrade your business and generate more money. The upgrades are very great, provides fun animations, yet there are lots of things to unlock & discover. Like other idle tap games, it features social elements so that you can play with your friends and have offline support. Moreover, the auto-clicker function earns more cookies, surprisingly the figures like millions. Thanks to the Pixelcube Studios Inc. team for their top-class support, and they are always ready to hear from you.  Cookies Inc. is the another best idle tap genes, yet funny.

10. AFK Arena- A Mysterious Figure 

No doubt, it is one of the most popular game but it presents different mechanisms as well as tapper mechanics. AFK Arena asks the players to collect various types of hero cards the same as mobile gacha RPG and level up the ease. This game allows you to enjoy a world of vivid beauty. Here the heroes and factions have amazing unique & gorgeous art styles that the idea has borrowed from Celtic mythology. When the time at its peak, just wait to discover amazing treasurer and explore unique mazes. No complicated methodology is involved here, just enjoy the rewards back to sit at your chair. 

11. Hotel Empire Tycoon- Run An Entire Hotel

You think yourself responsible for an entire hotel to take care of every aspect from managing guests to employees and develop accommodation facilities. Then, Hotel Empire Tycoon is the best option to experience all those impressive experiences. Firstly, you start with a tiny single hotel, with your skill, you will turn it to a multi-star hotel empire including a top-rated resort. Additionally, you can offer your customers spa services, scuba lessons, sightseeing, and other funny facilities. You should never forget to have a friendly relation with your clients, clean the rooms, prepare delicious foods, and arrange a standard swimming pool. All those things will generate passive income, the final goal of yours, making it one of the best idle tap games.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is Idle Tap Game on Android?

Answer: It’s a different type of genre in gaming, the function is to simply tap on the screen to make the thing happen or you simply wait to happen the thing automatically.   

Question 2: Are all the games mentioned above free?

Answer: Yes, they are all free in total or up to a certain period.

Question 3: Do I need special knowledge to play these games?

Answer: No, a general android user can easily play all those games.

Question 4: Am I bound to appoint managers or employees?

Answer: Actually, this is very helpful to expand your business and earn quick points or money. Moreover, they may work for you even if you are offline.