Best Free Movie Apps 2020 for non-stop streaming – Top 8 List

best free movie apps
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Have you ever built up a craving to watch movies following the norms of other cultures? Well! Those cravings are amazing because entertainment lovers like you appreciate the constant change in taste and preference of the hour. But, this craving can go raw and unfulfilled when you cannot find one of the best free movie Apps to easily come across the movie you are finding. And, to be honest, this task really takes time and effort. In the meantime, you might lose interest and move on.

But, don’t worry! Today we are presenting the top 8 best free movie apps 2020 that allows you to stream non-stop. These apps certainly offer mind-blowing movie content not only from Hollywood or Bollywood but all-rounding countries. Hence, If that’s not a 100% satisfactory statement, we do not know what is! 

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To begin with, the following 8 best free movie Apps 2020 are different from proxy sites that several users use online on their browsers. How? Well! For the most part, proxy sites illegally upload content on their website and thus, these websites go blocked in no time. 

On the other hand, the following list of top free movie apps for android tablets and for iOS is somewhat legal because they hold an official place on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Therefore, we recommend you to use the best free movie apps instead of sites like FMovies to experience ad-free binge-watching. So, are you ready to countdown? Choose the best free movie app 2020 that serves your every need when it comes to entertainment. 

Portable.TV by T&R Productions – 1st Best Free Movie Apps

Downloaded by more than one million users online, Portable.TV has received an honor on Google Play Store for its outstanding user interface. Its UI makes it easy for users to understand how to search, explore, watch, pause, fast forward, and process other functions. To begin with, Portable.TV is entirely free for both iOS/Mac users and Android Smartphone/Tablet users. Now, you can take advantage of the following key features of Portable.TV:

best free movie apps 2020
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  • Watch free movies, TV series, News, and documentaries.
  • High-end functionality as well as amazing layout.
  • Picture-in-picture mode is available. 
  • Furthermore, you can adjust the Playback speed.
  • Add subtitles, change video quality, and on/off captions according to your need. 

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Download now!


Plex: Home for best free movie apps and live channels

Have you not heard of Plex by Plex Inc. yet? Well! Congratulations! Now, we are introducing you to one of the top-ranking best free movie apps 2020 that does not only hold an unlimited movie collection from all over the world but also allows you to stream channels live online. Customers have appreciated the following key features of Plex:

  • Works on your PC, Macbook, or Probook.
  • Auto Identification is available.
  • Now you can connect the plex app to your LG WebOS TV and stream movies on the big screen. 
  • Sign-in and Sign-out on your own choice without losing data or performance.
  • Outstanding play quality. 
best free apps for movies online
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However, we are putting Plex on the second rank because of a few cons:

  • Continuous Ad interruptions.
  • No Games’ live streaming available.
  • Demands login.

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Download now at Google Play Store. 

MovieFlix (Paid)

MovieFlix does not only count among the best free movie apps 2020 but also the highest supportive app on GooglePlay Store. You can enjoy streaming uncountable movies online. Yet, several cons of the app rest it on the third-ranking. To begin with, recently, MovieFlix has also suffered damaged goodwill due to accusations of credit card details forgery and scamming. Hence, we recommend you to download MovieFlix at your own risk. Moreover, the following key features of this app attracts millions of users online: 

best movies available online to watch free
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  • Ad-free movie screenings
  • You can request personalized movie recommendations
  • Over 500 Hollywood Movie titles and Big Screen content. 
  • Up to 1080p picture quality.
  • Add subtitles.
  • Connect on Roku, Xbox, Smart TVs, and Chromecast as well

Cons of MovieFlix

  • Asks for membership and credit card details
  • Compulsory to login
  • No original picture quality.

Pricing: $4.95/month. 

Site Link: 

Download now at Google Play Store


FilmRise Free Movies & TV for Android Devices

If you haven’t made a perfect choice for binge-watching your favorite actor’s all movies in the past two decades – FilmRise is going to make your wish come true. To begin with, all you need is an Android Device – start downloading and watch movies with zero buffering time and unlimited features. Some countable features are: 

  • Free App
  • HD Quality
  • Does not demand registration
  • Very few Ads
  • FilmRise claims the legality of all movies 
  • Stream movies based on Genres
  • Stream by IMDB Ratings
  • New movie playlist every week.
2020 best free movie apps
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  • Not entirely Ad-free.
  • No original picture quality
  • Dubbed English to Hindi and vice versa are not available.

Pricing: Free

Site Link: 

Download the best free movie apps 2020 now!




What is keeping you from streaming all Hollywood movies this quarantine? Download Popcornflix best free movie apps 2020 that offer an unending collection of prominent movies, 100% HD picture quality, amazing audio quality, subtitles, and smooth streaming. Popcornflix online website proxy unblocked version is also available for iOS devices. Following key features of Popcornflix are irresistible: 

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  • Now available for iOS, Amazon Kindle, Android, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and Fire
  • 100% free streaming service
  • Content with more than 6 IMDB Ratings
  • Multiple video sources are available.
  • Stream by genres.
  • Does not require login
  • Not only this but this app does not ask for any type of credit or debit card details.
  • TV series and Netflix original series are also available now

Pricing: Free

Site Link: 

Download now!



To begin with, Yidio is one of the most prominent best free movie apps 2020 where you can find any movie anytime and in any corner of the world. For the most part, Yidio is a third-party app that allows a user to research for the movies and find a perfect video source to watch the respective movie in HD quality and original theatre audio quality. Not only does Yidio point out and show paid video sources apps but also gives you access to third-party sites/apps where the searched movie is available for free. 

best free movie apps 2019
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Key features:

  • You receive movie suggestions based on previous researches
  • Now, create and manage a watchlist in order to play later when you are free
  • Furthermore, Daily movie update to keep your entertainment on track
  • Universal movie collection – thousands of free movies online with 100% genuine sources
  • Now available for Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle as well. 
  • Moreover, It is an ad-free UI holding app
  • Moreover, Customer care service/help centers also available
  • Now stream Netflix original, Hulu original, and Amazon Prime original content

Pricing: free

Site link:

When it comes to finding the best free movie apps 2020 – is one of the top-ranking sites that a user processes in the first place. To begin with, youtube is a very unique platform where you can find a movie in several picture qualities uploaded by different YouTubers. Not only this but it is also an amazing platform for finding and discovering the best movies that you haven’t watched yet. 

best free movie sites online
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For the most part, You can use keywords like “top 10 movies to watch before you die” or “movies banned in the USA” to keep yourself entertained. Hence, If you are lucky, you can definitely find that specific movie on youtube. Furthermore, youtube also allows you to rent or purchase movies to watch offline. Although, it is not a part of the youtube premium. Now, It only costs $2.99 to rent/buy a movie on youtube. 

Site Link: 

Youtube is an in-built app in all Android and iOS devices.


Amazon Prime Videos : Premium best free movie apps with free trial

To begin with, A streamer should always be grateful for the 30 days free trial period. So, are you ready to download Amazon Prime Videos and start your free trial? In the meantime, you can watch unlimited multilingual movies including English, Hindi, Telugu, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and so on. Apart from this, subtitles on Amazon Prime Videos are available on all movies in English. For the reader’s information, it is important to note that Amazon prime videos monthly membership is starting from $12.99. Thus, Start today. 

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Key features:

  • HD quality picture
  • Fast forward (10-seconds) button available
  • X-Ray sections show a list of cast and characters and general trivia
  • Now, You can change the audio language to Hindi or English 
  • on/off subtitles anytime you want
  • All marvel movies in order are available to stream online
  • Multiple screens work with a single account. 

Pricing: Starting from 8.99$/month – 119 USD for an annual membership.

Site Link:

Download on GooglePlay Store now!


Netflix – 30-days free trial free movie Apps

So, Are you ready for the bonus mentioning for the best free movie apps 2020 for the day? Well! You must know it – Netflix. Now start Netflix’s 30-days free trial period and get a chance to explore movies at the global level. From Manga to Anime, movies for kids, movies for teens, and documentaries – every type of entertainment content is available on Netflix. So just Netflix and chill for free. 

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Key features:

  • All legal content.
  • Amazing Netflix original movies are available
  • Now stream movies country-wise
  • on/off subtitles anytime
  • Change audio language 
  • The screen lock button is available
  • Fast-forward easily

Pricing: Starting from $12.99/month for two-screen non-HD streaming. 

Site Link:

Now, Download on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Store, and Apple Play Store. 



So, We hope that all eight best free movie apps 2020 plus bonus apps will satisfy your need for entertainment. Hence, Start streaming now. Till then, Stay tuned with us to know about movies worldwide that will stun your taste and preference forever!