Make Your Pictures Pop: How to Edit Photos on the iPhone

Personalize Your Phone

Did you know that there were over 1.2 trillion photos taken in the last year? If divided between the more than seven billion people on planet earth, each person would have 160 pictures.

More than 85% of the pictures taken were on smartphones, while only 10.3% were taken on digital cameras. The availability of quality cameras in phones that fit in your back pocket is responsible for the increase of photos being taken.

You can already take great pictures on your iPhone, but you can make them even better by learning to edit them. Keep reading to learn how to edit photos on iPhone, and you’ll become a pro in no time.

Tips to Edit Photos on the iPhone

Touch up the Color

One of the best ways to liven up an average looking photo and make it pop is by touching up the color. You can do this simply by going into the editing tools in the photo app and playing with things like contrast or saturation.

Contrast allows you to adjust between the dark and light tones in your photo. You can make your photo stand out by increasing the contrast and making the color pop off the screen.

Saturation, however, will make the color in your photos look the most beautiful and vibrant. Decreasing saturation will mute your colors if the photo calls for it but increasing it will make the colors shine.

Brightness and Sharpness

Using the brightness tool when editing your photos can enhance a dull picture and bring light to the necessary areas. You can also use the tool to decrease brightness if the light is too distracting and makes the photo look chaotic.

Sometimes you might not have the steadiest hand, and your picture might turn out a bit fuzzy. You can make some minor adjustments with the sharpness tool to create a crisp and clean photo.

Add Text to Make It More Fun

The markup editor feature in your photo app can help you add text to an iPhone photo. Whether you want to add a cheeky caption or a meaningful quote, text can make your photos more dynamic and unique.

In the markup editor, you’ll want to click the + and then text. Once the text box appears, you can change the size or position. You can also make changes to the color of the text, font, size of the font, and alignment of the text.

Use a Photo App

Photo apps for iPhone offer some of the same editing tools that the iPhone photo app offers as well as additional tools to make your pictures look even more professional. There are free photo and camera apps and ones where you can pay to get additional features.

A well-known program for professional photographers is Adobe Lightroom. The app for iPhone works just as great for editing your pictures as the program on your desktop. Many of the tools are free, and the small price of $4.99 a month gives you access to their entire library of tools.

Some tools you’ll find on the Lightroom app to edit your photos include the fall lightroom presets. These presets work with a variety of photos and come in many different styles to create the fall photo book you can share with friends and family. Choose between Moody + Bright, Orange Pop, Soft Reds, Crushed Whites, and many more.

Crop or Rotate Your Photos

A good photo is often about capturing the right elements in the right position. When you aren’t able to move unnecessary items out of the frame, cropping them out is the best option. This will create a stronger image with a focus on a particular person or item.

You can either crop manually to create the image you want or use one of the present ratios in your photo app. The photo app on your iPhone may suggest its own auto-cropping, if this doesn’t work for the way you want the image to look you can always reset and crop it yourself.

The app also comes with tools to rotate your photos at a 90-degree angle or to flip them horizontally. If these edits create a better esthetic for your photo then go ahead and use them.

Use the Auto Tool

The great thing about smartphones in regard to photos is their ability to recognize what photo editing tools will enhance a picture. You can use the auto tool in the photo app, and your phone will adjust colors, brightness, saturation, and everything else for you.

You can look through the toolbar to see which tools your phone used for future reference when you want to edit photos on your own. You’re also able to tweak the adjustments made to your photo if you don’t feel like it looks perfect yet. You can do the same with the preset filters in your photo app, you can add a filter to your image and adjust the brightness or contrast to make it better.

Change the Perspective

Sometimes you take a great photo, but it’s a bit crooked or at a weird angle. In this case, you can use tools to straighten or adjust the perspective of your photo.

You’ll want to select the cropping editing button, and then you’ll be able to choose whether you want to straighten, adjust the vertical perspective, or the horizontal one. You can drag the slider back and forth until you find the right perspective. These tools are great for photos of buildings and the gridlines that appear when editing can help you optimize photos perfectly.

The Best Tips for How to Edit Photos on iPhone

If you’re wondering how to edit photos on iPhone, the list above offers some great tips on how to improve photo quality and create some professional-looking images. Playing with the brightness and sharpness or using photo apps with more professional tools will help you learn the editing skills you need to create great photos. Make sure you check out some of our other blogs to learn more.