Wix vs Squarespace: A Complete in detail Comparison to Guide Yo

Wix vs Squarespace

An average individual can’t invest thousands of dollars in hiring a developer to develop his/her website. On the other hand, they don’t have experience in coding for making a professional-looking website. In this case, Wix vs. Squarespace comes into the debate as both companies offer custom build websites for you. So, look at the Wix vs. Squarespace comparison.

If you don’t have any coding experience, building a website from scratch can be daunting. Many customs made website service comes to help users to build a website at an affordable price. 

Today, we will give a brief overview of possibly two of the best website builders. We try to cover every aspect of Wix vs. Squarespace, so you can make your decision easier. 

The entire article is based on a few key performance indicators. 

We will look at which website builder performs best. From SEO to features, we take into consideration everything so you can make a precise decision. 

Let’s figure out which one is best: Wix vs. Squarespace?

Wix vs. Squarespace: Which one best?

If you’re a complete beginner, Wix will work fine for you. Wix is simply a drag and drops editor with an elegant editor panel. 

However, Squarespace has many additional features apart from drag and drop. To use Squarespace’s full functionality, you have to be familiar with this website for a while. This isn’t as straightforward as Wix but offers plenty more compared to Wix. 

Site Builder of Wix and Squarespace


As I mentioned earlier, these are primary drag and drop builders. Wix offers a minimal interface and easy to use. You can start designing your website on a blank page with these website builders’ features. 

If you are not sure where to start, Wix will help you. Wix Artificial Intelligence will help you decorate your website. It will work a lot like a virtual assistant. 

First, you need to answer some questions. This assistant will arrange your website according to your answer. In addition to Wix Artificial Assistant, you can manually customize your website.

Wix and Squarespace Website Builder is straightforward to manage. 

However, Wix will give you some additional benefits, such as restoring the website. If you delete your choice design for some reason, you can quickly bring it back to Wix Website Builder.

Changes to your website will not be displayed if you press the publish button. However, you can check the preview before publishing. In the case of Squarespace, all changes are made in real-time. So it would help if you were a little more careful with this website page builder.


Squarespace allows you to create drag-and-drop websites. However, it is not as simple as Wix.

The grid system has been used in these website builders. You can easily create a beautiful website with the help of these grid menus. First, you have to make a pen; then, you can select other items. It takes some time to place all the things in place.

But when you learn to use Squarespace correctly, it will be straightforward for you. But comparatively a bit harder than the Squarespace Wix.

Squarespace website builders like Wix also have an Artificial Virtual Assistant. So, in that case, the two website builders have to pay equal points. No one is ahead of anyone.

When you work with this website builder for a few days, both website builders will become very easy for you. If we do a neutral analysis, then the two website builders will get equal points in this case. The real issue is how much time you spend creating the website.


Both website builders offer drag and drop facilities. So, I would not consider these as a significant ranking factor.

In both website builders, you have to choose the template first. And then, you have to select additional elements that you’re required to add to your template. You can resize fonts and colors according to your desire. 

But one thing I like about Wix. They already have all the answered questions that you might encounter while building your website. 

Wix offers eye-catching, slick design. Even if you don’t have any prior website making experience, it sounds like it will affect your website building. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding your website design. 

In this case, you might have to sacrifice the freedom of full customization. 

On the other hand, you will enjoy more freedom of customization. Squarespace uses superior technology; first, you have to create columns. After that, you need to insert all the desired items. 

At first glance, you might get overwhelmed by seeing the Squarespace interface. But once you get used to the website builder, you can make many great websites with customization. 

Collection of Template: Wix vs. Squarespace

In Wix, you will find a vast collection of templates from various niches. All the templates are responsive, well suited for smartphone and SEO purposes. You will get around 500 templates in the library; at least a few will be suitable for your specific niche. 

The best part about Wix is the drag and drop option in its templates. You can place all the elements in any word you want to put. It has a dedicated mobile editor that offers to design your website from a smartphone. 

One of the significant drawbacks that I found during testing is the lack of switching templates. I assume you will be testing a few templates before you finalize the template. But the likely problem you will face is building the website from scratch every time you change the template. 

The builder gives you the freedom to change fonts, color, and background without any problem on both websites. But remember, this feature might not be sufficient to build a large professional website. 

Squarespace has way fewer templates as compared to Wix. But don’t get deceived by the overwhelming number of Wix templates. Squarespace ensures quality rather than quantity. However, they offer fewer templates but provide high quality. 

All the templates will have mobile responsive features. Unlike Wix, you have plenty of freedom of personal website customization. You can create a professional website as per your requirement. 

So, if you don’t like the template you used initially, you can change it easily. You will not get a single piece of data during changing templates like Wix. For me, it is such a relief.

Squarespace templates mostly look elegant due to its high-resolution pictures. If you want to use your personalized image, make sure those are high definition. Otherwise, it will look entirely unappealing. 

Wix vs. Squarespace- The Payment Gateway Battle

Wix supports a wide range of payment gateways. It supports up to 24 different payment gateways. The payment gateway connects automatically to your desired location. You have the option to switch another provider letter on. 

Beta tax software is included along with it. It becomes handy for many users. But you may not want this vital feature due to some physical locations such as India and Brazil. 

Wix eCommerce highlights incorporate help for 6 specific item varieties and 30 choice choices. 

To explain what this implies, we imagine that you will sell shoes in your online store. A few boundaries you can set can be material or shading. On the off chance that shading was one alternative, you could mean 30 distinct hues for a solitary item. The complete number of other options you can oversee in the Wix Store is 300. 

When somebody arranges your item, it makes a difference in what transportation highlights you can use to assist you with taking care of it. With Wix, there are numerous choices for taking care of transportation rates. You can set them by weight and request cost. 


You can likewise pick level rate, free delivery, or store pickup. One more significant thing: you can select an alternate delivery administration that your clients can determine, for example, standard transportation, quick delivery, 24h, and so on. You can set diverse delivery rules from the rundown above in various geographic locales… 

One of the drawbacks to Squarespace is the absence of deserted truck recovery, yet you can include this through an outsider application. Another enormous downside isn’t killed. With Wix, you can’t sell administrations, so you should pick Squarespace if that was your arrangement. 

The main Squarespace plan where you don’t incorporate internet business entirely is their least expensive arrangement. The highlights you get will shift from project to design; however, if you pick the format that is directly for you, you’ll presumably discover all the highlights you need. 

Squarespace underpins fewer installment passages than Wix, yet it likewise offers incredible assessment settings. You can check the full rundown here. 

A champion element of Squarespace is its help for an endless number of items. You can sort them utilizing labels, classes and drag and drop arranging instruments. You can likewise adjust these items with Facebook’s item list, label them on your Instagram, and use gift vouchers. 

Squarespace wins a great deal of focus regarding the inconspicuous touch you can add to your online store. You can tweak how you give and get by email. This makes it genuinely splendid if you run a non-benefit association. It’s critical to include that Squarespace has quit reestablishing the shopping basket, which is a significant component. 

These “stunning touch” highlights, just as the capacity to sell administrations, settle on Squarespace, the ideal decision for eCommerce destinations. 

How about we investigate how Squarespace and Wix do with other SEO choices.

Best SEO functionality-

A major, in addition to for amateurs, is Wix SEO Wiz. This is an element that makes a modified SEO bit by bit plan for your site. When you’ve included your watchwords, name, and reason to your site, SEO Wiz wraps up the work for you. 

Numerous entrepreneurs themselves don’t know how to deal with SEO on their site pages and need more cash to enlist somebody to do it, so indeed, this alternative alone may be a sensible motivation to pick one of the Wix Plans. … 

Likewise, you can associate your Wix site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which are fundamental SEO instruments. 

A portion of the other SEO highlights you can anticipate from Wix are meta title, meta portrayal, custom URLs, and authoritative labels. The entirety of this makes Wix an extraordinary web designer for novices. However, Wix comes up short on a portion of the highlights required for cutting edge SEO. 

Those with SEO skills may find that what’s accessible doesn’t offer the best devices for their business ventures when contrasted with utilizing Squarespace’s administrations. 

SEO Factors:

Squarespace logoSquarespace isn’t as learner inviting as Wix. First of all, it doesn’t have a customized SEO include like Wix SEO Wiz… 

There’s one more thing that clarifies that Squarespace is equipped more towards the SEO keen than Wix. For cutting edge SEO, you should include the code yourself. While this makes it hard for fledglings to utilize, specialists may like it since you can do whatever. 

Squarespace has incorporations with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster. Meta title, meta depiction, and custom URLs. 

Pages and Posts have their design fields for meta titles and depictions, web-based media reconciliations, group labels, and the usefulness you’ll discover in Squarespace web designers. Be that as it may, you won’t have the option to introduce SEO modules on your Squarespace site. 

At the point when we take a gander at their full capacities, Wix will be the victor in this fight among Wix and Squarespace because it’s simpler to utilize and has more choices for learners. 

Squarespace is additionally acceptable and possibly better for power clients. However, SEO Wiz is actually what novices need, and the explanation I picked Wix as the ideal decision for Squarespace here.