Want to Make a Wedding Video from Photos? Know how!

Wedding Video

Wedding Video

A wedding celebration brings together magical moments that one would want to relive over and over again. These memories are those select few that you would like to hold on to for years to come, if not preserve them forever. Fortunately, digital technologies are making it possible.

Unlike previous modes of capturing these moments, digital photography and videography make it possible to view one of your fondest days in the click of a button. Pair it with cloud storage and backups, and you will practically immortalize these documents!

Photo videos are an excellent way of capturing all your best photos in the same place. You can use it to recreate those moments or to entertain your guests on a special day. In fact, a video collage could pay the perfect wedding day tribute to the journey of the newlyweds from friends, to lovers, to companions. These wedding videos from photos have become increasingly popular on the D-day. Here you choose linen chair covers.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a wedding video from photos in simple steps:

Get a Software

Before you begin, you would need editing software that can realize your dreams. You can choose to download the software or get an online edition application, such as InVideo. These apps contain a range of tools, features, and functionalities that support creating a video collage.

Shortlist the Photographs

Let’s face it; not every photo that you have taken would feature in the photo video. Hence, take the time to sort out what you really like from the ones that are just meh. Go through your social media profiles and scroll right to the end of the feed to discover some cute gems that you may have forgotten!

It will add more fun and personality to your video as you can celebrate all the adorable to quirky photos that you may have together. Give due attention to all the notable milestones of your relationship, the first date, vacations, holiday celebrations, proposal, engagement pics – go through them all and weave a beautiful story together!

Upload the Photos

Now that you have zeroed down on the photos upload it to the photo video converter for it to be available in the gallery. Most photo video creators have a drag and drop functionality to make video creation easy.

Position the photos in a series that goes according to a theme. Alternatively, you can arrange the photos based on color or texture. It makes the video appear more thought-out than stringing together photos at random.

Add Music

The soundtrack that you choose for your photo video can set the mood. Hence, choose the right score to evoke the right kind of emotions. You wouldn’t want to play spooky music in the background when displaying your proposal photos!

However, if you already have a DJ playing at the event, you can decide to skip adding the music entirely and let the professional do their job! Of course, you should let them know of this task beforehand. Plus, it would help if you shared the photo video with the DJ days in advance so that they can create the right kind of music accordingly.

Save and Export

Finally, keep editing the video until you are delighted with the end result. Replay and preview it a couple of times and carry out the necessary tweaks to get the perfect timing. Once done, save and export your creation in the preferred format.

You can run the video with select friends and families first to have a second opinion. Make any changes that may be necessary.

Prepare for the Big Day

Displaying your creation to the entire world can make anyone nervous. However, you can prepare in advance to ensure that everything is perfect to the T. You can avoid a chunk of the problems by a couple of test runs. Additionally, ensure that all the necessary equipment is readily available at the venue. 

You would need your video either in a thumb drive or accessible over the cloud. Other necessary items include an HDMI cable (or a VGA or DVI cable depending on the devices), a laptop, a display screen, or a projector and screen combo. If the photo video contains audio, then hook up with a sound system with the setup as well. Make sure that the laptop is connected to a power source at all times so that the battery does not die right in the middle of the playback.

Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Photo Video Creation

Now that we have covered all the basics, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to improve your photo video creation:

  • Follow the KISS ideology. KISS, or Keep It Simple, Silly, requires creators to keep their creations short, understandable, and easy. In this case, do not use any more than 60 to 100 photos no matter how much it tempts you. You may only retain your guests’ attention for anything between 5 to 10 minutes, so avoid droning on for longer than that.
  • Choose romantic music as it will go with the overall theme and emotion of the celebration.
  • While you may be the star of your wedding photo video, offer due consideration to your close friends and families and include them in it too.
  • Use text to narrate the back story or the sentimental value of any photo that is a part of the video.
  • If you have the setup and the infrastructure available, you may even include live reaction streaming to play between the video so that you can keep things light, interesting, and maintain the attention.

With the above tips, you can use all your photos to create something truly beautiful for your wedding day. Of course, some may say that you can outsource this task to a professional. However, the joy of creating something this personal and beautiful is an experience in itself. Plus, with so many tools available that make this simple, it can be a great activity to try out with your partner.