Why You Should Switch To Online Permit Portals Immediately

Online Permit Portals Immediately

Online Permit Portals Immediately

When you think about applying for permits or getting your permit approved, many people associate the process with being long, tiresome, and annoying. Many agencies rely on paper-based or semi-automated permitting processes that require applicants to visit the office multiple times. Here are details of Why You Should Switch To Online Permit Portals Immediately.

Things can get confusing, annoying, or you might even want to give up on getting approval after a point. You will face many delays and missed appointments for inspections and plan reviews. This is why you should consider an alternative solution, which is online permit portals.

Online platforms that are aimed to help you submit portal applications and fees online are referred to as online permit portals and out-shines the traditional forms of obtaining permissions. These platforms are becoming increasingly popular among many people as it removes the hassles of running around trying to maintain all your forms and records.

Many online platforms offer multiple services that allow you to apply for different types of permits online. If you want to get a building permit or one for a kitchen garden, you can find it all online. You can save a lot of time and energy and have your work taken care of in a matter of a few simple clicks. Especially in uncertain times where physical distancing has become the norm, getting your permits done online is the best option for you.

Benefits of Switching To Online Portals:

  1. Saves time: This might seem obvious, but you cannot imagine the kind of time you will be saving by using a digital platform. With online portals, individuals can finish the entire process, from form filling to making payments, all at one stop. You will be saving time, energy, and resources by avoiding traveling to multiple different spots all over the city to get your form or make a payment. Online portals help you stay on track and focus on activities other than only getting a permit.
  2. Processing speed: With traditional means, people have to manually sort out the paperwork to grant a permit. This process can be redundant, have space for errors, and can delay your permit by a lot of time. Online portals allow for much faster processing of permits and offer automated workflows, intuitive user interfaces, and can almost negate any room for errors. If there is any error or delay, an employee can detect and solve the issue immediately, thereby ensuring that your permit is not stuck in between while processing.
  3. Accountability: When dealing with complex permits, tracking the responsibility of the concerned employee can be complicated. This is because different workers are assigned to different processing stages, and manually tracking them can be hard. Online permit portals help in these instances because you can manage and monitor timelines, important business metrics, and other important aspects your officer will have to track. This makes it easy to ensure the permit does not get stuck at any stage. Any mistake or error is rectified immediately, and the entire process moves smoothly.
  4. Carbon footprint: Paperless solutions are something the planet is in dire need of. In most cases, Permitting involves using a lot of paper for permits, documents required, copies of multiple documents, and more, which simply gets stored in these offices. To be more environmentally friendly, switching to a better and economical form of processing that is eco friendly can help you do your bit in saving the planet. Not only are you saving paper, but you also reduce the volume of phone inquiries and help save a lot of storage space from looking like a dying library.
  5. Customer satisfaction: Online portals can significantly increase how satisfied a customer is with the agencies’ process. A digital solution can help more individuals to get their work done while hanging on to their sanity. It also helps a company grow instead of being the reason for the delay in its growth. Entry and filling errors are also reduced.

The steps to follow while filling an online permit is extremely simple. The process follows these steps:

  1. Fill in personal information.
  2. Fill in your exact location details where you want a permit.
  3. Fill in your specific work details, the kind of permit you want, and why you need it.
  4. Upload important documents required for applying for the permit.
  5. Review your data before submission to ensure you have not provided any false information.
  6. Pay the application fee and submit your form.

The process is extremely simple and will ensure nothing but beneficial and fast results that will take your business to the next level.