Pros And Cons Of Being A Travel Nurse


You need to start your medical career, but you can’t give up your love for traveling and exploring different parts of the world. You can make the best of both worlds. In the era of digital nomads, people are turning to programming and digital marketing so they can work from every corner of the world. However, they are not the first ones to create a successful career out of an office Being A Travel Nurse. 

Travel nurses are always on the go, accepting positions near their hometowns or across the globe. It is convenient for someone feeling stuck in their current workplace and waiting for a new experience. If you are spontaneous and love exploring new locations, then look at both advantages and disadvantages of travel nursing. It will give you a better overview of why this could be your next career challenge. 

Reasons why this is the right job for you

You are an adventurer at heart. You are never in the same location for a long time so this job will create many opportunities for you out there. When you are a tourist, the experiences you get are short. As a travel nurse, you get to live in different locations and soak in all the culture and get to know the locals. It is a much deeper appreciation of the place than just simple sightseeing. Also, if you don’t mind moving places from time to time, this job is perfect for you. 

Secondly, you get to help those countries where aid is needed due to a lack of qualified staff. Many communities around the world search for skilled people to be a part of their healthcare team. Going to different places where you can come across various working conditions is tiring for some people. If you are looking for a challenge and you are adaptable, poorly developed communities will be grateful to have you with them.

Another benefit of working as a travel nurse is creating a broad professional network and enriching your resume. Meeting new people in healthcare is a great advantage for your career later. They can help you achieve your goals by sharing their experience or connecting you with people who need more professionals for their team. Years of working as a travel nurse are valuable for your resume and possible job opportunities in the future. 

You probably already know that your learning never stops. Traveling won’t be an issue because nurses turn to online learning and get their medical certifications such as ACLS and PALS completely online. These skills are necessary for w, so online medical programs are good for busy people with flexible working hours. 

Are you willing to accept the downsides?

One of the main reasons nurses turn down this job position is varying salary rates. Contracts are different from one country to the other. You can’t expect a steady income so this job doesn’t guarantee the same compensation for two different workplaces. If you are here for the adventure, you won’t be bothered by it. However, if you are used to a secure job position, this is not for you. Also, think about paperwork and figuring out taxes for each place you go to. For some people, this is a nightmare.

Moreover, you can get homesick and lonely. Surrounded by unfamiliar places at the beginning can trigger emotional distress. If you have trouble adapting to new environments and creating a safe space somewhere far from your home, think carefully about your decision to become a travel nurse. Most often, nurses can’t bring their families with them, so leaving your partner and children behind is not the price you are willing to pay for this opportunity. 

You will have to move frequently and it is a stressful activity. The moment you realize you have finally accommodated to your current living space, there is another job opportunity awaiting. Many find this adventurous but for some it is nerve-racking. Also, when you shift from a low income to a higher one in a place with high living costs, it is almost an impossible task for numerous nurses. With no money put aside, you won’t be able to cover all the expenses at the beginning which limits your options from the very start.

The Takeaway

These points for and against are a lot to think about and it takes time to thoroughly analyze and decide what is better for you – a regular registered nurse with a stable income or an adventurer traveling from one country to the other helping patients all around the world. If you are still unsure while reading this, maybe it is time for some traveling and realizing whether it fits your lifestyle.