Discord Screen Share No Audio: What to do? 8 Simple Easy Fixes to Try!

Discord Screen Share No Audio
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Discord is one of the most common software for the 100% 3D Screen Sharing process. However, in many cases, Discord Screen Share No Audio Error comes along and ruins your entire experience. Whether you are running late for an online gaming marathon, virtual meeting, or having a friendly chat with a far-away family, Discord Screen Share failing to connect to the audio can simply frustrate you to the end. But why does this happen? 

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To begin with, there can be multiple reasons for Discord Screen Share No Audio Error to appear on your screen. If you are lucky, you may just need to update your Driver to fix this glitch. If not, there is a chance that Discord Screen Share Audio Failure signs a major problem on your system or server. So, to prevent you from this consistent riddle and easily fix this error, we present eight tips to get your audio + discord screen share ongoing in no time. Let’s take a glance: 

#1: Is it you, or does everyone have a “discord screen share no audio problem? Check online!

According to Wikipedia, Discord Software by VoIP had launched in 2015. Henceforth, it is quite tense for companies to offer server experience as good as Windows or Google Meet. With the latest version of Discord available since January 2021, there are chances that the Discord server is having a backend issue. Therefore, in this case, you may not be the only user who is having “no audio” issues during a discord screen share. 

The best way to confirm is, go to the Discord Status official webpage on any Browser. On this page, you can check Discord’s live running status by date. 

For example, on this page, the API status for 2nd June 2021 shows problems with messages and login due to downtime. Similarly, if your server is down for some reason, you can check and confirm whether it is a problem at your end or the server’s end. 

Source: Discord Status

Presuming that you have no time to visit the server, you can also follow Discord’s official profile on Twitter. Here, the authorities upgrade whenever the server is down. They also mention the problem you may be facing during activation. 

Therefore, if the discord screen shares no audio problem because of Discord’s backend issue, all you need to do is wait and have the authorities solve it in the meantime. 

#2: Give your PC a dose of Restart

No! No! This is not one of the situations where we simply say, Discord not working? Restart the computer. There’s a fit-in reason behind it. From time to time, you may open different programs on your PC. Now, if your PC is connected to a wireless network, there are chances that some programs are even downloading, upgrading, or progressing in the background without your knowledge. 

Now suppose, multiple programs are running in the background, and you open Discord Server for screen share purposes. This may cause a glitch. As a consequence, you may not hear audio properly, or the screen may break off. Why is that?

The reason being, Discord is a heavy software. While using it, your PC may encounter overload issues. Hence, conflicts with common features of Discord like audio and screen visibility. 

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For resolution of this issue, you need to simply restart your computer or PC. It is an easy and quick fix to the problem. As you restart the computer, all programs progressing in the background will shut off. 

Now, try discord screen sharing with 100% audio experience. It will come to you!

#3: Set Up Discord Voice Setting to Default

Discord Server comes with multiple advanced features in the audio setting. However, sometimes, it is best to not experiment with new audio features and keep it set to “default.” The reason being, it is possible that the new voice setting is not compatible with your PC’s speaker or microphone custom setting. If two types of audio settings on a single PC go in the opposite direction, audio will not come out at all. 

To resolve Discord Screen Share No Audio, simply click on the “settings” option in the corner of the Discord Icon. Now, go to the “Voice and Video” alternative. At last, click on “Reset Voice Settings.” You will receive a warning dialogue box. Click “OK” to agree. Now, restart Discord Screen Share to stream with audio this time. 

In the event that the problem still reoccurs, you can also reset the PC’s speaker setting and microphone set to default. If there will be a problem, it will be fixed automatically; you don’t have to check through each option separately. 

#4: Discord Screen Share No Audio? Maybe, you forgot to add the program to Discord

This is one of the most common Discord audio issues that users engage themselves in without knowing. Especially if you are using Discord for the first time, it is crucial to know that, Discord only runs a problem that is added to it beforehand. 

In this way, the Discord server complies with all the visual and audio-based aspects of the program and runs it smoothly in the future. 

Now, if you have added the program before (probably, long-time ago) in Discord and the audio is still working, it is recommended to delete it from Discord and re-add it. 

Source: How to Geek

Here’s a brief guide on how to add the program to the Discord server on PC: 

  • Activate Discord Server on PC (refresh it at least two times beforehand).
  • Tap on the “Settings” option in the right-side corner. 
  • Now, go to the “Game Activity” section. 
  • If the screen says “No Games Detached,” it means you haven’t added any gaming program yet. 
  • Click on the “Add It” option at the bottom. 
  • Select the game program from your PC.
  • As soon as it uploads completely. Click on the “Add Game.”
  • Now, before you go back to Discord, please turn “ON” the overlay option. 

In many cases, previously attached programs disappear when you shut down the PC or Restart it. To avoid such glitches in the future, save the game file on your PC. This way, you wouldn’t need to download the program over and over again. 

#5: Has your Audio Driver been updated in a while? 

Like any computer, the audio system also depends on Driver. If your audio Driver goes out-of-date, it may not work compatibly to the computer system and vice versa. For Windows 10 PC, Realtek High definition Audio Drivers are best for a loud and audibly clear music experience. Thus, in case your audio Driver needs a replacement, Realtek is the one to go with. 

Apart from this, if your audio Driver is simply out-of-date, you can upgrade it to the latest version. For the most part, it takes 9.5 GB and more storage capacity on a PC to download. Therefore, if you don’t want the download to cancel automatically at 99%, clear up some space on the PC. 

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Discord Screen Share No Audio
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You can also set up the audio driver update to automatic. Thus, you don’t need to keep it in check every time you use Discord. There are multiple reasons why Audio Driver may not work. Thus, once you upgrade it, run a troubleshoot to check it. Here’s how to update it: 

  • Go to the start menu. Shortcut: Windows key.
  • In the search box (microglass icon) at the bottom, type “Device manager.”
  • Click on the respective option. 
  • All the drivers that need updating will appear on the screen.
  • Right-click on the Audio Driver. 

Note: Please ensure beforehand that your PC has a steady internet connection, sufficient storage capacity, and no applications running in the background. 

After you update the Realtek audio driver on Windows PC, you can simply activate Discord again to check audio capacity. 

#6: Wipe Out Discord Roaming Data

Discord Roaming Data, in other words, is also known as Discord Cache Files. Akin to Smartphones, Computer Programs also keep collecting cache files while they run in the background. As the Discord Roaming Data reaches its maximum capacity on PC, it may cause the Discord audio system to fail.

Alongside this, Discord Server runs at a very speedy internet pace. Thus, it contains cache files quickly and saves them on the PC. As a result, these cache files cause space problems on PCs. The fast-track way to resolve it is by wiping out all discord roaming data. Here’s a brief guide on how to do it: 

Discord Screen Share No Audio
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  • First of all, exit Discord and clear off all applications running in the background.
  • Make sure you are giving a fresh start to the system. 
  • Now, tap on the Start Menu or press the Windows Key.
  • At the bottom search box, type “%appdata%.”
  • Enter.
  • Multiple files will appear on the screen.
  • Scroll down to the “Discord” option and right-click on it. 
  • Click on the “Delete” option.
  • Allow or “OK” the warning box. 

Now, restart the discord server. 

#7: Deactivate AntiVirus Program for the meantime

As you know, Discord Server is classified. It is only available for PC users aged 18+. Thus, when you join a discord server to share a gaming screen with audio, it may tag with your antivirus program. Apart from this, many rumors concerning Discord not being safe against malware are common. Therefore, once you activate the antivirus in the background, the PC’s portion of power goes running the antivirus program. Now, Discord Server may not have enough power sources to comply with both screen sharing and audio systems. 

Discord Screen Share No Audio
Source: Best Antivirus Software

To resolve this issue, it is recommendable to turn off the antivirus program for a while. Mainly when you are using Discord Server, once you are done with Discord, you can run a PC safety scan using antivirus to ensure that no virus or malware has been transmitted to your device. 

#8: Discord Screen Share No Audio? Reinstall Discord Server Program

Now, in the event that none of the above-mentioned solutions worked out for you, you are still left with one option. That is, download and re-install Discord on your PC. There is quite a possibility that the previously downloaded Discord Program didn’t install with complete compatibility to the PC. Thus, go ahead and download https://discord.com/download

Note: Please remember to uninstall the previously downloaded Discord Server and run a scan on PC. 


So, are you thrilled to get your gaming going on Discord Server? It is a 100% safe program to chat and hang out virtually with your family members, friends, and colleagues. For more details on Discord Screen Share No Audio Error, connect with us. Bookmark us if any of the above-mentioned solutions worked out for you. Thank you.

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