Who is Little Caprice?

Little Caprice

Born Marketa Stroblova in Prague, Czech Republic, Pornstar Little Caprice is so pretty she could have been a mainstream model, walking fashion runways around the world. However, at only 5 ft 3 inches tall and 98 pounds, she was told she was too short and too petite for mainstream modeling. Luckily for her, she isn’t shy so after trying out a few different names, she settled on Little Caprice and took the plunge into porn, and quickly became a star. In 2020 she won the AVN award for Female Foreign Performer of the Year and her enthusiastic fans whom she loves to engage on social media quickly made her one of the most popular models in the adult industry.


Using Virtual Reality to Expand Her Horizons


Little Caprice is known for being very sensual and fun in her scenes. Her personality is one of the things her fans like most about her. Shooting regular videos and photos does allow her personality to come out some but not nearly as much as when she is performing live on her webcam or in her Little Caprice VR porn videos where she takes advantage of the interactive nature of the technology to further connect with her fans.

Little Caprice is part of a growing number of models who are leaving the old school studio system to instead go it alone. With the growing popularity of movie sale sites and solo model sites like Onlyfans, it is easier now than ever before for a model to direct her career and find success without the help of a large production company leaving her to benefit monetarily as well as having the freedom to manage her career how she sees best. As the price of virtual reality hardware comes down and streaming tech continues to improve, Little Caprice and other models like her can carve out the exact path they want to take in the industry and make a lot more money doing it.


One of the first Czech pornstars to become a big star in the industry, Little Caprice helped launch a wave of casting from the Czech Republic as agents and producers from around the world clamored to find the next Caprice.  Her popularity in her homeland and in the United States has opened up opportunities for Caprice to do more mainstream work throughout Europe. She has hosted TV events, has been a featured model for a few different products, and has appeared in a number of magazines.

VR is More than Just Solo Models


Virtual reality is helping to democratize the technology needed by models to produce their own content. As fast as it has been adopted by (and grown in) the adult industry, it is becoming just as popular and widely used in the mainstream world.


Gaming makes up one of the largest shares of VR users. VR games accounted for more than $1.1 billion in 2020 and that number is expected to grow to as much as $12 billion by 2024. Overall spending on VR is expected to reach $72 billion by 2024. Currently, fewer than 30% of gamers own a VR system. This allows for massive growth within the industry.


In addition to gaming, mainstream companies are already using VR for things like workplace training, communication, entertainment, and various business uses like virtual tours of homes or virtual meetings for those who work from home.


Putting it Together

Little Caprice and many models like her are forging their own path in the new VR porn frontier. SexLikeReal is a site that is helping her reach her goals. SLR has an app and website that allow you to search the tens of thousands of VR adult movies they have in their library including exclusive content they have shot just for themselves. Caprice has her own section of the site and she can’t wait to see what exciting new things are around the virtual reality corner.