What is the best podcasting software in 2021?


According to PodcastHosting’s 2020 Global Podcast Statistics, 16 million listeners in the US alone consider themselves to be “avid podcast fans”. With over 1.5 million active podcasts stateside and many more across the globe, you don’t have to be Einstein to recognize that podcasting is now much more of a business than a hobby for many. Lets know about the What is the best podcasting software in 2021.

In 2019, 90 million US-based listeners said they had listened to a podcast within the last month. It just goes to show that the podcasting scene has reached critical mass in the last couple of years. Personalities from television shows and movies make for very popular podcasts, as they shine a spotlight on their personal and professional lives. Poker podcasts have also become increasingly popular, with listeners able to follow poker professionals and beginners on their respective journeys online and in brick-and-mortar poker rooms.

Many of these podcast personalities may just have inspired you to launch your very own podcast. Whether it’s just for fun with friends and family, a portfolio for a fledgling media career or a commercial opportunity to showcase your business and drive direct sales, there is podcasting software out there that can make even the most laid-back production sound professional.

Below, we’ve recommended a string of podcast software options to get you started, ideal whether you’re producing a solo podcast or recording with multiple people.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is considered the pinnacle of podcast recording software. This feature-rich software makes it easy for individuals to record and produce their podcasts. The platform’s templated approach offers genuine pick-up-and-record appeal. It’s available for a monthly subscription fee of £19.97. The package also includes step-by-step tutorials for podcast beginners to handle audio, video and sound effect design. Once all those multimedia elements are combined and produced, Adobe Audition also makes it easy to export finalized recordings, ready for upload to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


Audacity catches the eye because it is a free-to-use podcast recording software, compatible with both Windows and MacOS. This multi-track audio recorder and editor was designed, built and released by a group of volunteers who launched the software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This open-source platform makes it easy to copy, cut or mix audio, alter the pitch or speed of a recording and even convert old-school tapes and records into digital recordings. It’s a risk-free starting point for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of podcasting for the first time.

GarageBand (MacOS only)

Mac desktop and Macbook Pro or Air owners will know that GarageBand is pre-installed on the MacOS. This piece of software can also double-up as a podcast recording software. It’s another free piece of kit, just like Audacity. Although it’s typically used for music production, the technology is there to edit and produce podcast content with ease. Another exciting feature of GarageBand is its mobile app, which makes it possible to record live on the go at events, save the content in the iCloud and produce it on GarageBand’s desktop software when you get home.


SquadCast is particularly beneficial if you plan to record a multi-user podcast. It offers recording support for up to three guests at once. Although video recording is not yet offered as part of SquadCast’s subscription packages, all three guests can see each other when recording the audio which is useful to avoid talking over one another. Seven-day free trials are available for all three subscription plans, with Indie Audio, Pro Audio and Studio Audio plans offering up to five, 12 and 25 hours of audio recording time a month, respectively.


If you are concerned about the quality of your audio, it may also be wise to invest in Auphonic’s post-production software. This platform can clean up audio recordings using normalization and levelers. If you only have entry-level microphones, Auphonic can certainly help to optimize every word spoken. The service offers 2 hours of free audio optimization a month, with pay-monthly plans beginning from $11.

Although there are several other audio editing programs that can handle editing podcasts, the above options are considered the pioneers of podcast editing and recording, with a distinct nod towards podcasting over music production.


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