Web Graphic Design Trends in 2022

Graphic Design
Close-up of busy brand designer sitting at desk and creating graphic design using digitizer and color palette

Everyone can build a website today, thanks to website builders software, which you can find online easily. However, creating a website that will have an impact in 2022, is a more difficult task. Choosing the wrong fonts and creating an old look (unless trendy), is a mistake that could be costly. Here are the trends in website design for this year, that you should read and follow according to what your company sells.

Incorporating videos onto a website is a necessity today. Whatever you can show through this media, instead of explaining through words, is better. For example, if you have a construction company and you want to explain how you build your houses, you can do so by placing a video that will follow a construction with a time lapse camera. This technology is something that always impresses people, as they watch, in a few minutes, something that took months to be built. Time lapse cameras can be used in other fields as well. For example, you can show a stage being built and a concert taking place in fast forward. Or again, a scientific experiment taking place through a long period of time, but in a matter of seconds inside the video. One way or another you need to use this media, whenever you can.

  • The Superhero Image

Here, we are not talking about adding superheroes to websites. The superhero image is created by using fonts that make a statement. In 2022, the message takes precedence over images, quite often. That is why you may find yourself looking at a web page with an image on the back and one of the impact titles covering it, almost fully. The goal is that it shouldn’t be too wordy, otherwise it will lose its main objective, which is to be clear and simple. The choice of the lettering style will be of outmost important in these instances. It is well worth trying a few different samples, and to show them around, before deciding on a final version. 

  • 2022 is going to be a Retro Year

Yes, we are going back in time. It is already showing quite evidently in the fashion industry, as we are looking at clothes going all the way back to the 60s (mini skirts and long boots), as well as to the colourful 90s. In terms of graphic design, it will follow the second era, which is quite normal since we can’t really go back any farther in time, in regards to the internet. It will all translate into flashy backgrounds, covered with font types similar to Courier and visible table layouts. The goal here is to get every person passing by the website to smile, if not laugh out loud (LOL – remember this retro word?).

  • Say Goodbye to Magic

The beauty of the internet is that everything seems to float in front of your eyes. It wasn’t always the case, though. At the start, borders were seen, which showed how mechanical the whole process was. Say hello to them, again. Borders and screens will become “sexy” for an encore, but this time voluntarily so.