Tommy Hilfiger: Luxurious And Affordable Watch Models

Tommy Hilfiger

Wearing a watch is more than just keeping track of time daily. It is a long-term investment, as well as a fashion statement that identifies your social status. Wearing a respectable, stylish, and luxurious-looking watch on your wrist might alter your personality, depending on your decisions while selecting the ideal timepiece.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a luxurious-looking watch because numerous brands are available, such as Tommy Hilfiger. This brand is well-known across the world for its attractive designs and styles, as well as high-quality timepieces at a price that anybody from the middle to upper classes can afford.

History Of Tommy Hilfiger 

Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, a prominent designer, launched the Tommy Hilfiger brand in 1985, and it is a worldwide recognized American brand. The brand is recognized for making Tommy Hilfiger watches and American clothes, footwear, accessories, manufacturing garments, and fragrances.

All of his exquisite creations, from apparel to timepieces, are made completely of high-quality materials and are available for purchase by everyone from the medium to upper classes. Here are a few of his new watch designs that you might like to add to your collection.

The Tommy Hilfiger Watch Model (1791529)

Tommy Hilfiger designed this stylish timepiece just for guys. Because of its attractive and opulent appearance, this watch may be worn in various situations, but most formal ones. The watch was made of black Ion-plated steel and had a circular body with a scratch-resistant crystal that was 46mm in diameter and 10mm in height.

The watch’s face is composed of black steel, with white-tone hands and hour markings that complement the black display wonderfully. It boasts a water-resistant characteristic of up to 50 meters, in addition to its smart and stylish appearance. This watch is available for a modest price of $130.

The Tommy Hilfiger Watch Model (1791290)

This Tommy Hilfiger timepiece was created just for guys. This watch may be worn with a variety of outfits, including casual, sports, semi-formal, and formal. This analog watch has three skeleton sundials and a dark blue display with white-tone hour markings and hands.

The case of the watch is composed of stainless steel with a nude-tone detail, while the rest is silver-toned. It has a diameter of 44mm and is shaped in a circular form. The leather strap is sleek and sophisticated. In addition, the watch is 50 meters (164 feet) water-resistant. For about $174, you may own this timepiece.

The Tommy Hilfiger Watch Model (1791424)

Tommy Hilfiger’s 1791424 watches are designed exclusively for men and have a clean but stylish design. The watch is appropriate for a variety of occasions and outfits, including casual and semi-formal. This watch’s casing is composed of high-quality stainless steel and has a 46mm diameter circular shape.

The dial, as well as its three subdials, are dark blue in hue. The watch’s hour markings and two hands are silver-toned, which contrasts nicely with the light brown leather strap. Aside from that, this watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters (feet). For only $ 148, you may buy this attractive timepiece.

The Tommy Hilfiger Watch Model (1791470)

This is one of the Tommy Hilfiger collection’s multi-eyed watches, made to perfection, particularly for men. The watch is meant to go with both casual and corporate clothes. It is a classy and macho timepiece that you must have in your collection.

This watch’s casing is constructed of black stainless steel and has a round shape with a diameter of 46 mm. It has a black tone dial with white hands and hour markings that go well with its aesthetic. In addition, this watch’s three subdials are designed in the same manner as the main dial, making it stand out in a crowd.

The straps of this watch are constructed of excellent leather with a stainless steel buckle, ensuring that it will survive even when used on a regular basis. In addition, the watch includes a special water-resistant function that allows it to survive at depths of up to 50 meters. This Tommy Hilfiger watch is currently available for only $107 on the market.


Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that can meet your clothes needs and exceed them when it comes to wristwatches. Professional watchmakers and designers construct their timepieces, which are one-of-a-kind, stylish, and stylish watches for men.

You may save money right now by purchasing a high-quality watch from Tommy Hilfiger, which may provide you with everything you want in a timepiece at a low and fair price without sacrificing quality or luxury style.


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