Using stock Photos to increase social engagement

social engagement

social engagement

Using suitable photos along with your content/context on social media allow you to gain attention, deliver the information, and increase social engagement. We all want to stand out on social platforms, so it’s essential to cultivate a brand identity. The more posting you do, the more your brand will stay in focus.


Is it possible to click a pic you desire or hire a graphic designer for your posting images? Not!!! And that’s when Free Stock Photos comes to the rescue. If you learn and follow all the rules, increasing social engagement will be a piece of cake.

While using stock photos for a fee:

Focus on the license the image falls under since the permit will decide how and where you can use the photo. It affects clear cases when a user can use copyright-protected works without the permission of the curator. Typical connections for fair use incorporate review, study, news reporting, education, or research. While using stock photos for a fee, you have options about what type of license you have got for using the image.

Note: If you are planning to buy the image, remember, the more expensive the license, the more rights you get about the picture. 

Use images as your social media strategy.

Use photos, pictures, infographics, and images as the social strategy that explains them. You may follow best practices, timing, narrative, and other strategic elements effectively, but choosing an exact image significantly impacts your social media post.

Points to remember while Using stock Images to increase social engagement:

  • Brand Identity:

Nearly all companies have a brand identity and visual codes on social media platforms. It might include colour, logo, shapes, templates, etc. make sure to follow the same pattern every time you do “posting”.

  • Know your Audience:

 Do some background research on your audience’s group and think about what sort of visual content they’d like to see. Think how elegant or playful they are; Make sure to serve what they expect (Almost every post).

  • Have a clear subject

People should know what you are about by just looking at your image. It’s best to have an excellent focal point in your photo/image.

  • Think about platform:

Each social media platform serves a different purpose. Examine how you can adapt your social media strategy for each channel. For example, your image can be playful if it is Facebook or Instagram. Still, if it is going on LinkedIn, it has to be more on the professional side.

  • Don’t over-edit it:

Naturally, you want to make changes in the picture according to the context or purpose, but hold the temptation to change everything.

  • Keep it simple:

Do not forget the main motto of postings. Even if you feel too exaggerate, your visual graphics try to keep it in control. Sometimes Simplicity works more effectively than the overly creative image.

  • Time and pace:

Keep proper time to post according to your brand and audience. Also, keep a reasonable distance between your two pots. You might want to take help from the content manager to manage your posting. Maintain the time and pace of your posts following the platform.