7 Key Factors To Consider Before Creating A Logo

Key Factors To Consider Before Creating A Logo

Creating A Logo

For Logo What makes you different from your best friend? A lot of things, right. Be it their hairstyle, way of speaking, their taste in music and TV series, etc. Well, if we compile all these things, it is basically the personality that differs a lot, right?

Well, in the case of a brand, there is something called brand personality, too. And, every brand has a unique personality. If we take the most clichéd of instances in the automobile sector, a Rolls Royce always idealizes comfort and luxury, and an Aston Martin will always represent sportiness combined with class.

Hence, both of these brands have a different set of clientele while both are selling cars with a similar price structure. As a logo is nothing but the identity of the brand, the same differing personality is reflected in their logos, too. Logo design in Vancouver has a forte in creating a strong brand identity that helps in getting more visitors, drive more customers, motivate employees, and build credibility!

In 1970, companies realized the importance of logo or visual identity and in the next four decades, the industry worth is approximately $3 billion. Let’s look at some of the most important things that we should keep in mind when it comes to logo designing.

1. The Business of the Brand matters

Proper research is detrimental to designing the minute details of the logo. It is very important that the person who is designing the logo is well-versed with the kind of business that the brand does. For instance, in 1977, Apple Inc. introduced  with multiple colors just to tell the world that Mac has a colored screen.

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Since every business is unique in its own way, the same should be reflected in the Logo.

2. Understanding the Need

Once you have understood the business inside and out, it is high time you should try to understand the need for the logo. If it’s a rebranding project, this step is very crucial. However, if it is still a new project, the amount of understanding plays a very important role.

Levi’s were the first to use a logo in 1886, as they thought this would grow the brand and they wanted to bring a revolution in the fashion industry. Similarly, branding and repositioning, target audience, the outreach of the brand will decide how the logo will look like.

3. The Right Inspiration just clicks

Once you are done with knowing the brand and the need, it is all about finding the correct inspiration. Inspiration can come from looking at the competition and understanding where they went wrong, and with that in mind, create something that will stand out.

Inspiration can also come from that one particular USP of the brand, which no other brand offers. Just like Amazon’s logo has a stylized from a to z suggesting Amazon deals in everything.

4. Unique Thought matters

It is all about the thought that the logo portrays. Like every brand has a story, every logo shares a story, too. The logo will carry the legacy of the company, so if you have a mind-altering message, make sure you include it in the logo. You can use a logo maker for assistance if you lack some creativity or have a tight budget.

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Just like Google has a different thought of stylizing their logo on festivities and important days, your brand’s logo should depict a unique story, too.

5. Keeping it Minimalistic

Too many things at a time may not be as fruitful as you think. Logos should be known for their minimalistic approach, which is also appealing and connects to the people, too. Just like the logo of McDonald’s will always be etched into our minds as the “M” and its arches are stylized in such a manner that consumers can never miss passing by a Mcdonald’s store.

6. Try it on all media

It is important that you conceptualize your logo design and ensure that all kinds of branding materials, be it a box, letterheads, stationery and everything as the  needs to look appealing on all of these media as well.

7. Colors of the Logo tell an Important Story

Choosing the colors of the the basis of the brand’s identity is very important and an integral part of the designing process as the slightest mismatch of the color will depict a wrong message. Hence, a KFC would have never survived if it used any other color except red as red depicts hot and spicy.

Have you always kept these 7 things in mind? If not, why do you not give this a try and see how well the logo comes out, with this new-found knowledge. 

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