The 3 best cloud mining services of 2021

The 3 best cloud mining services of 2021

Cryptocurrency-enabled technologies are becoming increasingly available around the world. However, the golden days of simply mining cryptocurrencies from home are long gone. Today, it’s an expensive proposition and more like a ruthless business. For those who want to mine bitcoins but don’t want to buy their own equipment, cloud mining is the only viable option .

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Cloud mining is the use of remote miners in data centres which share their processing power with users all over the world. It’s a cheap and easy global technology for professionals and cryptocurrency novices alike.

Once you have decided that investing in cloud bitcoin mining is right for you, you need to choose a reliable platform. If you want to feel comfortable with cryptocurrencies, make sure that the cloud mining website you choose is safe, profitable and finally has a recognised payout system. Without further ado, let’s find out which cloud mining providers are the safest and most reliable for customers in 2021. Here are our personal top 7 best legal sites to mine cryptocurrency with little investment.

  1. SEE

SHAMINING is a UK-based cloud mining provider that shares its computing power with over 17,000 users from different countries and continents. They have three data centres in the UK, South Africa and Southern California. The project launched in 2018 and there is a lot of talk about it online today. We reviewed the project against all the main criteria (such as profitability, variety of cloud mining plans, customer service, withdrawals). Here is our verdict. SHAMINING is a cloud mining service that you can trust.

The company offers a variety of cloud mining options. You can find at least four different types of contracts there (including custom plans with maximum performance and profitability). The regular cloud mining plans on SHAMINING vary in cost, hash rate and profitability.

CPU miner with 23,580 GH/s and profitability of 143% . The price per GH/s is 0.0120 USD.

GPU miner with 94,340 GH/s and 149% profitability. The price per 1 GH/s is $0.0113 .

ASIC miner with 235,849 GH/s and 156% profitability . The price per 1 GH/s is 0.0109 USD.

With a minimum deposit amount of $250, SHAMINING guarantees a return of at least 143% on cloud mining contracts . Once you close the deal with a $5,000 contract, you can earn a monthly passive income of $890 . That means that you can earn $10,680 a year just by keeping track of your stats over and over again. You can also get a 37% bonus on your first investment for profitable cloud mining.

Another important reason why many crypto investors love SHAMINING is its super user-friendly ease of use. The platform has a user-friendly interface with an animated cloud mining process. 24/7 customer support and personal administration service is included. So does the US!

  1. axenmine

Axenmine is another UK company that allows other cryptocurrency investors to mine bitcoins without buying expensive equipment. With a minimum investment of $250, the platform provides highly profitable cloud mining. Let’s find out. With a $5000 cloud mining contract on Axenmine, you’ll be paid $650 per month . Your passive income is likely to reach $7,800 in just one year . Daily instant payouts are available for every user. All withdrawals at Axenmine are automated and happen once a day.

Due to the variety of cloud mining contracts, every customer can choose the right offer according to their investment amount. Let’s take a brief look at the current parameters.

Start with 90,000 GH/s and a return of 143%. The price per 1 GH/s is 0.0120 USD.

Professional with 450,000 GH/s and a return of 149%. The price per 1 GH/s is USD 0.0120.

Smart with 2,000,000 GH/s and a return of 156%. The price per 1 GH/s is USD 0.0120.

VIP with unlimited capacity and 170+% return. Price upon request.

At Axenmine you can always monitor your statistics in your account from your PC, smartphone or any other device you are using. Select the profitability calculator tool to calculate the amount of expected rewards from your cloud mining.

  1. IQ Mining Intelligent Mining is another legitimate cloud mining service, founded in late 2016 by a group of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. The company operates data centres in Canada, Iceland, China, Russia, Georgia and Algeria. IQ Mining offers a smart cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service with diverse offerings, low prices, high returns and frequent payouts. IQ Mining currently offers different levels of cloud mining contracts depending on the initial amount invested by the user. The highest tier is Diamond, and it gives you many privileges and benefits (including a lifetime Diamond Club membership). Let’s take a look at what cloud mining options are available. Bronze account. The price per 10 GH/s is $0.618. The minimum cloud mining contract is 500 GH/s. Daily payments. silver account. Price per 10 GH/s is $0.606. The minimum cloud mining contract is 5000 GH/s. Daily payouts. gold account. The price per 10 GH/s is USD 0.595. The minimum cloud mining contract is 30,000 GH/s. Daily Payouts. We also love IQ Mining for its user-friendly interface, really good 24/7 support and monthly gifts. One more thing: IQ Mining has proven to be a good cloud mining platform for both professional cryptocurrency investors and nerds alike. All you have to do to start mining bitcoins or etherium is sign up, make a deposit, and then choose and buy a cloud mining contract. You can withdraw the amount of your income directly to your cryptocurrency wallet on a daily basis. We thought this was a good idea.