Best computer games of 2020: the best moments of the year in video

Best computer games of 2020: the best moments of the year in video

The editors have made their choice: we have chosen our top from a myriad of releases, regardless of rating, genre or level of awareness. The only criterion: it must be a good PC game. 

At the end of the day: you, as a gamer, are once again being served excellently, from top-notch grenades to creative indies and unexpected insider tips, there was something for every taste here at Pin Up casino mobile app. And even though the new generation of consoles received a lot of attention this year, the PC is still the number 1 gaming platform. Nowhere else is there such a variety of genres, nowhere else is the choice of games. From Factorio to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Phasmophobia or Streets of Rage 4, this year’s release calendar was once again crowded. Strategists enjoyed Crusader Kings 3, for example, or the long-awaited return of Command & Conquer. Action fans have a great choice: the award-winning Hades, the innovative Half-Life: Alyx or the lightning-fast Doom Eternal. And those who prefer to jump in the cockpit will feel over the moon with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

But which games particularly impressed our editorial team? We conducted an internal poll and compiled a list of this year’s top ten computer games that we highly recommend. Pin Up We did not specifically focus on ranking, genre or level of awareness, the main thing was: These had to be good games. 

Release of the year: Cyberpunk 2077

By far the biggest game of the year was undoubtedly Cyberpunk 2077, released on 10 December 2020 after years of hype. It’s a little early, as it turns out: on last-gen consoles the sci-fi RPG delivers a technically dismal picture, but performance on the PS5 and Xbox One X falls short of expectations too. Meanwhile, developers from CD Projekt have made serious omissions, and the game has even been removed from the Playstation Store… As such, you can get a decidedly better cyberpunk experience on PC: anyone with powerful hardware will be pleased with the technically most rounded version, which also evokes a visual feel with higher pedestrian density and ray-tracing effects. While there are bugs and forgivable imperfections here too, the bottom line is that the PC version has the edge in every respect . Nevertheless, the game has also generated more controversy than The Last of Us 2 – and that’s saying something 

PC Games 2020: What did you particularly like?

Best computer games of 2020: the best moments of the year in video

What new PC games have you particularly enjoyed this year? Just email us your personal favourites as a comment under this post. It doesn’t matter if it’s AAA, a tip from an indie insider, an early access surprise, an add-on or a creative mod: what matters is that it was released for the PC in 2020.

By the way: we’ve already given our readers the chance to vote for their 2020 games. You can find the result and video here: Reader poll: These are your favourite games of the year