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A German casino or an online casino with a German license enjoys the highest respect among players in the Federal Republic.  The following license itself comes from the state of Schleswig-Holstein and is considered an official proof of an absolutely reliable and reputable online platform in the state.  So it can be assumed that the best German online casinos actually always have such a license.  The Schleswig Holstein online casino license focuses primarily on the safety and assets of players, but also on the comprehensive prevention of gambling addiction and the general protection of young people.  The new online casino will always try to obtain a casino license from Germany first in 2022.

For example, with a license from Schleswig-Holstein, license applicants must be able to demonstrate that they hold the amount paid by the user completely independently of other assets.  Another benefit of the Schleswig-Holstein license is the PayPal payment method, which casinos can include as part of the license.  Also, casinos with reputable licenses from Germany tend to have more advertising opportunities.

Online casino without registration is also licensed

Online casinos have grown since 2019, you don’t even need to register to play.   When it comes to licensing, one criterion is of course player safety, which can be more difficult to control, as the documentation of all transactions is affected to some extent.  In return, however, data security benefits, for example, as players’ personal data no longer has to be stored.

So you can play without a Schleswig Holstein online casino mit deutscher lizenz:

For an online casino with licenses from other EU countries, the legal position has not been entirely clear for years, as European online companies can sometimes ignore the rights of other EU countries due to the legislation of the EU that applies at that time.  However, since the ambiguity of unlicensed casinos, but not the user, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  Even without an online casino with a German license, EU law allows you to play at (foreign) online casinos in Germany.

Online Casino Schleswig-Holstein

In fact, Germany has only twelve Schleswig Holstein online casino licenses to date, issued by the federal state at a time when the State Gambling Treaty was equally applicable to all federal states, which prohibited all forms of gambling. gambling in Germany. 

In 2011, Schleswig-Holstein was the only federal state that managed to briefly deviate from the regulation by being the only state among the 16 federal states that did not sign the contract.  The then Kiel government, which included the CDU and the FDP, decided to go its own way and issue its own Schleswig-Holstein casino license to private online providers, completely independent of the other federal states.  The reasons for this were mainly financial in origin.  The state of Schleswig-Holstein enjoyed additional license revenue of more than €40 million, which flowed directly into the federal state budget.

This is no longer the case, but an existing online casino with a German license is still valid today.  Then the Germans can play with 100% security in one of the twelve casinos.

The Maltese license is subject to strict conditions

In order to possess the Malta online casino license, companies, along with German licensed online casinos, must prove their seriousness and transparency.  Each candidate must present a detailed profile of the business idea, as well as a copy of the previous annual financial statements, as well as the personal data of all shareholders and investors who own more than 5% of the company.

Online casino mit deutscher lizenz

Malta Online Casino License In 2003, the Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority (MGA) announced that it had established a new licensing program specifically targeting the online gaming industry such as sportsbooks, casinos online and poker rooms.  When the island state joined the European Union in 2004, a plethora of foreign online casino companies settled in Malta, as they were able to offer online gaming throughout the European Union.

To date, this regulation remains legal, which is why the Malta gaming license is considered one of the most sought after licences.  Offshore companies that obtain a license from Malta can also expect a variety of tax breaks.

Maltese license divided into classes

However, the Maltese license is subject to strict conditions and not all online casinos that come with it get the seal of quality from the island.  Online businesses must first fall into one of four classes on the MGA and then apply for a permit.