Mobdro APK 2020: Download The Latest Version Now!

Image: Mobdro Download App for PC, APK Android, and iOS

This article focuses on the easiest way to download and install the latest version of Mobdro APK, i.e., version 2.1.70. Also, the user can learn to enable the premium features of it. As the app is not available on the play store, the android users must keep the security of their device in mind before downloading it from any site.

About Mobdro APK:

The app is very famous and well-known in the market for its outstanding services. By using this app, the user can access various TV shows, TV channels, and any other programs without the need for any subscription.

Numerous people all around the world, use this absolutely free video streaming app.


App Name: Mobdro APK

Version: 2.1.70

Size: 18MB

App Features: Movie streaming and download

Last Update: April 2020

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and above

The procedure to download and install Mobdro APK on Android!

The first and the foremost step to allow this Mobdro APK to be downloaded to the device is to grant permission to download from unknown sources.

  • Step-1:

Go to Settings -> Security

Enable the ‘download from unknown sources’ option

  • Step-2:

Download the Mobdro APK using the link mentioned below:

  • Step-3:

Go to ‘Downloads’ and open the downloaded APK

  • Step-4:

Click ‘Install’

Follow all the given instructions to complete the installation process successfully

  • Step-5:

Go to ‘home’ screen

Open the app

What is Mobdro APK premium version?

Basically, there are two versions of Mobdro APK. One is the premium version, while the other one is the free version.

Image: CellularNews

The necessary procedure to be followed is to download the free version initially and then switch to the premium version after opening the app.

The free version is the best in itself, but for better options and features, the user can switch to the premium version of Mobdro.

Features of Mobdro:

  • Good quality of streaming
  • Great user-experience

There is a settings panel which contains many exclusive features like:

  • Hardware decoding – Use hardware-accelerated video decoding
  • DNS over HTTPS – Resolves domain names over the secure HTTPS protocol
  • UI Mode
  • Dark Mode – Enabling dark theme can save the battery life
  • Select Languages – Mobdro will only show streams that match the user’s selected languages
  • Sort Alphabetically – Enable alphabetical sorting
  • Parental Filter – Mobdro limits the access to the content that is inappropriate according to the age
  • Clear Search History – Clear previous searches from showing in the ‘Search’ box in the Mobdro app
  • Never Remember History – Never store the search history of the user
  • Activate ads – By activating ads, the device’s idle resources won’t be used
  • Unlimited downloads with premium version
  • Ad-free experience when switched to premium

Category-wise sorting:

As soon as the user opens the Mobdro app, the home screen appears as the first screen. This screen contains the categorization of the content. The user can select the desired category to stream.

The top-most portion is of ‘Recently Watched.’ It shows all the content that the user has viewed recently.

Below that, is the area for ‘Live’ streaming. This contains live streaming from various channels.

Available categories:

  • Channels
  • News
  • Shows
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Animals
  • Tech
  • Podcasts
  • Spiritual
  • Others

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Advantages of Mobdro:

No ads

Ads seem to bother the users a lot while watching their favorite shows. Many times there arrives a scenario when the show is at the best scene and suddenly an ad pops-up! This seems very irritating. So, if the user subscribes to the premium version, Mobdro goes ad-free. This helps the user enjoy the shows without any interruption by the ads making it to be the best user experience.

Offline streaming available

It is not necessary that we have the best internet connection every time and everywhere. Thus, the user might face issues while streaming the content online. Thus, Mobdro provides offline streaming feature using which the user can watch the favorite shows without the internet. The premium version thus allows us to download the shows when we have a good internet connection and can watch it later.

Chromecast support

Watching the favorite content on the big screen is a pleasure. Bigger the screen, more amplified, is the entertainment experience. So, this is good news for Mobdro users that it supports chrome cast integration. Thus, the users can connect to a big screen to get the best experience.

Sleep timer

This is also an outstanding feature of Mobdro. The user can set a timer in the app. Many of us have the habit of falling asleep while watching a movie or some other videos. Thus, by setting a timer, the Mobdro app will automatically stop streaming, and the app immediately closes. This is useful when the user has the habit of falling asleep while watching the stream. Thus, we might not wake up with a dead phone, and the battery remains saved.

Simple and clean UI

The Mobdro app comes with a clutter-free UI, which makes it look clean and organized. The UI is really elegantly designed. Even a neophyte might not face any difficulties while using it. The app offers all the latest content from different categories. The user can stream the favorite and desired content from any genre by the categorical division. The search bar makes it even simpler.

Save and share

Mobdro provides this facility to save the videos that the user wants to watch later. This can be done by merely adding a bookmark to it! Also, the user can share the content with friends across any social media platform or even by email.

Quality at its best

Mobdro not only offers a vast collection of movies and shows but also provides them with the best quality. Many sites offer free content but at a low rate. This is not the case with Mobdro. It hosts excellent quality content with the best resolution, which seems to pacify to the eyes of the viewers.


Mobdro app is relatively easy to download and install. Also, using it is very simple. It comes with many excellent features, which makes it better than many other similar apps. Also, the user-friendly environment makes the users feel comfortable while using it.