Mind Mapping Tools To Organize Your Board Room Meetings

Mind Mapping Tools To Organize Your Board Room Meetings

Mind Mapping Tools To Organize Your Board Room Meetings

Planning before taking action is a major aspect of every new or old business and designing strategies is always something that favors business leaders in every way. Mind mapping is a way to strategize and conceptualize a new product, process, or any part of your business that can help you make it profitable. This might take a lot of effort and time if you do not find the correct tool to get all your brainstorming and understanding all the concepts and strategies. 

Mind mapping is a very creative drill. The process of making a map is not uniform and it can vary as per your organizational needs and the way you want to manage things or the project that you have at hand. This and another useful technique that helps you finish your tasks and meet deadlines is by using a tomato timer that can also help improve your attention span and concentration. It also helps to keep your ideas and yourself organized. To get this done, there are different tools and mind mapping platforms that can help businesses of any size and needs to organize their ideas and brainstorming sessions and things that you have discussed with your team. You can go through the following process to get done with mind mapping, but it shouldn’t stay this way, you can make alterations to the process as per your need. 

  •  Start off with a blank canvas and add a central node which can be your theme or an idea
  •  Add sub-ideas or just ideas to the canvas and connect them by drawing lines that represent a   relationship between different ideas 
  •  Drag and drop the elements that you need to re-organize your ideas
  •  You can use formatting tools to organize and display the information by changing colors, adding more icons and images, or by changing the font size, etc.

What makes Mind Mapping Software and Applications So Useful?  

Using mind mapping tools is a very good, easy way to understand and communicate your ideas. We as humans, find processing visual information more comprehensive and quick. This doesn’t mean that you can do this by using your computer only. You can use a paper to create a mind map. But mind mapping software makes things:

  •  More flexible and you can easily re-organize ideas by simply using your drag and drop options
  •  There is no limit to a page on the screen whereas you can do it on a limited sized sheet of paper. 
  •  You can create a mind map online and can add more users for a more collaborative effort on the same mind map.
  •  There are a handful of formatting options and tools that you can use while using your mind mapping software. The tools and options can make professional diagrams more creative that you can share and present 

You can use Spectrum Internet services to download these apps/software. If you want to order Spectrum Internet services, you can dial Spectrum mobile customer service and get the best internet service in America for your home.  Here are a few mind mapping tools that you can use:


This is one of the most used mind mapping software and is equipped with many useful features to make mind mapping more fun to do and more creative. You can use ready-to-use images, icons, photo filters, fonts to organize your thoughts. You can also use appealing graphics, graphical tools and images as well. Canva is very helpful if you want to create proposals and plans, pitches and many presentations for your projects. 


This is one of the collaborative mind mapping tools that can help you create documents, boards, and web pages. The software has a very intuitive interface and the universal reach that makes this an ideal tool for businesses and individuals alike. You can organize your ideas in a secure space that you can access using your mobile and desktop supported devices. It is equipped with a large collection of tools that are capable of creating sticky notes and essays. 


The cloud-based mind mapping tool helps you make more creative mind maps and manage your tasks and make things more collaborative as well. It is suitable for both individuals and teams who want to become more creative with their ideas. Ayoa is an all-in-one platform that can help users to create attractive mind maps, monitor projects at hand and create to-do lists and collaborate with other people and teams. Ayoa can be integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox and Google Contacts and transform your notes created on Evernote and do a lot more. 


FreeMind is an easy to use mind mapping software that can help you track projects, create a knowledge base, brainstorm with your team and do a lot more. The tool gets you almost all the essentials that can make your mind mapping easier to process by using simple drag and drop and copy-paste function. There are a few shortcomings that you might encounter while using the software. One of them being that you might not be able to add photos or any other graphical content to the whole mind map. FreeMind is a one-user application that can help you share your work only with your teammates.

Key Takeaways

You can use any of these mind-mapping tools and get more clear, collaborative and effective ways to put your ideas to work. Many of these tools are available as free and you can even us the paid ones as well. So get any of these tools and add more efficiency to your brainstorming and meeting sessions. Mind mapping tools and software make your processes and meeting room sessions more streamlined. If you are into a lot of discussions and presentations and notes taking, so you must know the way to manage this knowledge as well.