How to get an ancient paint dealership in India

Asian Paints Dealership

If you want to start a paint dealership business in India, Asian Paints Dealership is an excellent place to start. Asian Paints has been India’s major paint producer for decades. It will be the third-largest paint manufacturer in Asia by 2020, with operations in 15 countries across the world. It has 15 manufacturing facilities in India, wit      h its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. manufacturing companies in chennai Berger International’s holding company is Asian Paints Group. 

How to Obtain an Asian Paints Dealership

To obtain an Asian paint dealership, you must first contact your territory sales officer. Call Asian Paints customer service at 18002095678 to get his phone number. He will set up a meeting with you to learn about your financial and industry experience.

contact asian paints dealership

The density of other Asian paint dealers in your area, your experience in the field, shop location, and your financial background, among other things, determine your eligibility for the dealership.

Cost of an Asian Paints Dealership

In India, Asian paints dealerships cost between Rs. 6 lakh and Rs. 8 lakh. The total investment is broken down as follows:

  • 3.5 lakh to 4 lakhs for the initial stock purchase and fee (including GST)
  • Machine for mixing colors 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees
  • 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh for shop interiors ( racks, interior, signage boards, furniture, etc. )
  • 50,000 rupees for computer and printer
  • 20,000 rupees for other expenses
  • The shop deposit and the first month’s rent (if you do not own the shop)
  • The color-mixing machine will be supplied by Asian paints, and it will be available in automatic and semi-automatic configurations.
  • Choosing automatic would be a wise decision. You can work out a deal with your territory sales officer.

Purchase of paint inventory, a retail shop in a prime location, a mixing machine, shop interior, and a computer with printer are the major investments required to start a paint dealership business.

Profit Margin of Asian Paints Dealership

When it comes to Asian paints dealership profit, you can expect to earn a 3 to 8% margin on your sales. When compared to other paint brands, Asian paints have a lower profit margin. However, this does not imply that you will earn less money. Because Asian paints have nearly 40% market share in the Indian paint industry, you will undoubtedly sell more than any other paint brand.

Licenses and registrations must be obtained.

These are the licenses and permits required to open an Asian paint dealership in India.

  • Asian Paints Retailer
  • Asian Paints Authorization Certificate
  • Local Government Shop and Establishment Registration
  • Your Municipality’s Trade License
  • Registration for GST
  • Registration of a business (sole proprietorship/LLP/Pvt lmt)
  • Documents/Agreements Concerning the Shop and Land
  • Bank statement for six months
  • If you need a business loan, you can approach banks such as SIDBI.

More Information on the Company

In 1942, four friends, Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksi, Suryakant Dani, and Arvind Vakil, founded Asian Paints as a partnership company in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Over the course of 25 years, this company has grown to become India’s leading paint manufacturer. asian paints dealership The company now has 12 institutional owners and shareholders who invest through the Securities and Exchange Commission.