How to destroy a hard drive completely

how to destroy a hard drive

A Difficult Driveway works like a player.  Info is saved in cubes of 0s and 1s within an aluminum, ceramic, or aluminum dish that looks much as a compact disk.  The latter is centered on electrical energy is used by a mind.  Electronic components, along with an actuator, handle the procedure. Here in this article, we have concluded some process to know how to destroy a hard drive at home.

How to destroy a hard drive: 

It is done to erase the info on the drive safely. To start, locate where your purpose is on your PC. You will need it if you are having problems choosing the industry to check your specific model. Use a suitably sized screwdriver to remove as many screws because you’re able to get in on your computer. Now, start the drive casing. This may add up to, loosening a lot of screws in various configurations based upon the model and make of your drive.

There are screws, which means you may need to go hunting around. Together with your hard disk, Taken from your eye defense along with the personal computer before it starts to start, on hit on the difficult disk on sides. Go the silver platter disc from indoors out after available. Ding, dent, and scrape this dish. Here are some hard drive destruction methods to know how to destroy hard disk physically-

The Purge Technique: The Instructions are a little wordy. Therefore we will outline for the exact obvious process. To know how to destroy a hard drive it a fundamental way. Execute a cryptographic erase that over-writes with perhaps even a pseudorandom design or zeros.  Try a couple of situations.  Subsequently, strike it using an electromagnet.  Or take the drive and operate exactly on out the powerful magnet around every one of indoors, or discs, these platters.  It will be significantly more functional than it is worthwhile.  Only at that stage, you might too go ruin. 

Use of Water: To know how to destroy a hard drive with Water, this is worthy enough. Water may short out electronic equipment. However, that is relating to it. For knowing how to destroy a hard drive with bleach, it is also possible by merely adding bleach into the water. 

The Use of magnet: Despite fretful, IT, and what tv men have Educated us bringing appeals may maybe not corrupt the data.  You would first get beyond the metal sheathing that shields platters generally in all pushes. A cloud-storage corporation that assembles its servers outside of consumer-grade hard-drives.  Provided fantastic plenty of magnet, along with also detailed proximity, it is undoubtedly a legal strike. 

Opening the drive disk: To know how to destroy a hard drive without a drill, you can adopt this process. A job attained with a hammer in several moments and using a screwdriver –and having force over the dish would be your optimal method to ruin it.  Notebook hard disk drives have glass platters. You can toss those tricky enough; then the glass will shatter, no one is likely to regain this.

Aluminum platters located choose a more extended function. 

A scrape, say, may avert the driveway from initiatives that stymie and initializing.  The same is right to get a crack at the dish.  But higher-level level forensics labs. May have the ability to browse between the flaws. They usually do not necessarily create; they can take a have a look at just about every block onto your dish. That can allow gurus to regain ample 0s and 1s to see.

Drilling holes at the dish: Some individuals or drill push has obtained a top excellent energy drill. To know how to destroy a hard drive with an exercise, you can proceed in this way. It may be quite awkward, and also bits can go traveling. This will be likely to crack the drill piece and then possess this move flying.  Persons have achieved it. However, also you ought to perhaps maybe not.  Even riskier, a few have obtained big nails and pushed them using a hammer throughout the challenging disk drive.  This could do the trick. Completely unsafe.

You can distort the dish itself. 

You are doing matters which may cause most the remainder of the dish to alter marginally. Plus, it will not need to change lots for that info to become invalid. Just take Smash & the Hard-drive Independent the Platters. You will find people who have a Screw-driver, and that is T7x50mm. Used this to get rid of the screws. With a little pry bar and a hammer, they have exploited on the pry bar and pried it open.

Once the situation remains open, they’d eliminate the Platters and hammer them step on them, scuff them round a rigid surface, scratching on the platters. Do not try that. It’s intriguing to find the interiors of a drive; however, also there are indoors who are fun, yet dangerous, to play a few strong rare earth magnets. 

Ruin: The Ruin Technique in your principles “Shred, Disintegrate, either Pulverize or Incinerate by draining off the apparatus in a Certified incinerator.

For the knowledge to know how to destroy a hard drive on a laptop, this is a proper way. The most effective method is to take it Specializes in statistics overload.  Close to $70 isn’t unreasonable, although the expense to possess the disk changes from process and company.

  If you may see right now exactly what the man could do along together with your individuality, it is insurance that is inexpensive. Companies will have a series of custody Documentation to be sure your drive has been wrecked. We realize signs go lost, but we’ve observed a lot of CSI episodes. We Advise that you request to determine that it be ruined. You can be sure it has been now gone as well as it is exciting. Information destruction practitioners utilize an Assortment of Techniques.  Puncturing, devastating, shearing, along with also genuine shredding, would be the procedures that are absolute most well-known.

Incinerating The Drive:

It is not unusual to get a disk that is challenging to Receive chucked to a bonfire that is burning off a very long time using a mattress of white flashes. It’s perhaps maybe not safe or wise to get this done.  These substances in a tricky disk, and therefore that you never need that.  Maybe even high-value is currently having a Blowtorch for Incinerate the disk.  This takes one to deal with the challenging disk as well as a flashlight.  This isn’t protected, and sound in any way and really may not be accomplished.

  Cake Smash & The Hard-drive Independent The Platters You will find people That Have a Screwdriver along with that is T7x50mm. Used it to get rid of the screws. 

With also a little pry bar and even a hammer, they have exploited on the pry bar and pried it available.  After the Situation remains still available, They’d Get Rid of the Platters and hammer them step in it scuff them round a surface that is tough, scratching on the platters.  Do not try that.  

Burning the hard disk drive guarantees your data will probably be destroyed within seconds. It’s best never to begin a flame. To burn the driveway, speak to a data destruction service that works incineration products and providers that are safe. Devastation or incineration means of acid are less famous since they’ve their very own threats, either to also the setting and individuals. Pay focus; we do Perhaps Not urge Ruining a challenging disk drive yourself.  Despite the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and also decent dwelling gear, the chance of problems for your own is overly much better.  Do not try to ruin a tricky disk drive yourself.  Additionally, it is harmful.  

Crash the driveway using a hammer:

Driving Through the driveway using an automobile isn’t a powerful Way to conquer it.  Individuals that have defeated a disk have done with presses with the capacity of lots of drive.  Perhaps not everybody has these, but they may purchase their media when they’d an excellent close buddy who will work on vehicles much. This induces a lot of objects that are elaborate to go traveling.  Just before faking to function as Thor to help alleviate problems with this, a few men and women today have placed the disk at a cloth tote.

It is also a recognized procedure to know how to destroy a hard drive with a hammer. But before doing this, you have to put the industry in a cloth bag. By doing so, the broken parts will not be thrown any other way. Now pick a hammer and crush the driveway. Smash until it is broken into small pieces, after completing clean the bag, putting them on a trash bin. 

Puncture the driveway. For those who have some other metallic or even knife hooks, you might push on them as a way to place holes inside drive itself and then leave it Unusable. It is also a process of how to destroy a hard drive from a desktop computer.

Things to do before destroying a hard drive:

Back up the Information: you also have to know how to destroy a hard drive before disposal. And it is the first step. You may, nevertheless, would like to be confident that you back up most of your legal and essential data. Also, you have to remove the hard drive before recycling the computer.

Erase most of the info on the drive with applications: After doing a proper backup, you have to do erase the most info.  You certainly can achieve it in mac os or your Windows without needing to download or buy some software. It can also adopt a hard drive disposal service. Awash of one’s pc will do just fine. Someone with forensics equipment that is acute can recover your data.

Exposed the computer upper case: It has to do for the elimination of the hard disk and removing the casing out of the driveway. To Eliminate the container, then you will likely have to loosen various screws, based upon the model and make of your drive. You may have to cut on the tape.  Be cautioned. There tend to be screws, which means you may need to go poking around. You may find the hard disk within a metallic box situated in various areas. You can research if you are fighting to believe it is, at which the drive can be found online. 

Take away the magnets: Now, it’s time to remove the attractions. It’s relatively easy. Please take out the interests; also you may hurt yourself and as they truly have been very robust. You may fight to have them. Hands can break. And because of the love of everything you plead, do not eat them and do not make your pets eat them (pets, even in this situation, comprises kiddies).

Remove and eliminate this dish: That is what resembles it’d make a wonderful mirror. You’re likely going to should unscrew the bit. This is what stores (nearly all at the least) of one’s data, which means you’re going to have to have to destroy it. Sometimes there’s More than simply just 1 platter, so listen to this.


  • Is it possible to destroy a hard drive with Water? 

If you immerse your hard disk into Water or any other liquid, then nothing will happen to its rendering platters. Only the logic board controller or PCB will be damaged but it can also replace.  

  • Is it safe to destroy a hard drive by the physical process?

Professionals don’t recommend this. But if you want to do this then at first back up the data by using a professional data destruction company. If you want to destroy it physically then better to watch how to destroy a hard drive youtube.

  • Is it possible to eliminate a hard drive with the help of a magnet?

Yes, it is possible. As simple formatting will not let it destroy completely. So to be sure you can use a magnet to proceed as to how to destroy a hard drive with a magnet. 

  • What to do before terminating a hard drive?

You have to do it as a sequence. At first create back up > Clean the hard drive> wipe external drive > delete browsing history > Uninstall programs< encrypt all files > and now destroy the drives.