What Are the Best Anime on Hulu

There is an excellent collection of anime on Hulu. Hulu is a type of streaming service owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer; International, a business segment of world-famous Walt Disney. Hulu has dubbed Gundam shows, along with multiple options. Therefore, Hulu has so many top-class anime series; it is challenging to select the best anime on Hulu. Moreover, hundreds of new anime series are coming every year that attracts the audience to make their time worth watching. Subsequently, Hulu comes with an anime series full of enjoyment, fun, love, and action. Above all, the Hulu anime series resembles the modern characters, quickly drawing the attention of the anime lovers. You may find the series are dubbed both in English or Japanese language.

Here, we have picked the most popular 15 best anime series on Hulu; you will indeed find great amusement.

1. Attack on Titan- Full of Action & Adventure

When we talk about the most adventure & thriller anime on Hule, the series Attack on Titan comes on our top list. Most importantly, this series has gained enormous popularity in North American people. Attack on Titan brings the fight in the last bastion of humanity, the battle against the man-eating titans. This is a great fight to save humanity from mass extinction at the hands of monsters. The soldier Eren Jaeger grows anger when he sees the monsters kill his mother. With the help of some friends of him, Eren continues his all-effort fight to stop the titans.

2. Cowboy Bebop- Science Fiction Series

best anime on hulu

This Japanese animated science-fiction series covers a wide range of genres throughout its run. The spaceship Bebop carries the lives of the bounty hunter crew, whereas the series set in the year of 2071. However, it portraits loneliness; the hardship of trying to escape one’s past also includes adult existential ennui. Meanwhile, it gets several significant awards for its excellent style, stunning story, superb voice acting. Moreover, it also contains charming animation and a good soundtrack. Cowboy Bebop is one of the greatest masterpieces anime titles in the early 2000s, even wins the heart of the critics.

3. My Hero Academia- The Story of Kid With No Power to Strong Power

My Hero Academia is full of action and adventure, which considers as one of the most popular series of the last half a decade. Also, it is the story where good and evil fight each other, still genuine in the current world. The boy Izuku Midoriya recognizes as a potential power, gets quirk training in a prestigious high school for heroes. My Hero Academia had won Harvey Award for the best Manga in 2019. Still, it is gaining positive responses from critics and audiences around the world.

4. One-Punch Man, Killing Enemies in One Punch

One-Punch Man has every kind of action scenes, focuses on the character Saitama, the “One-Punch” man, he defeats his enemies with only a single punch. At one point, he feels bored as he lacks proper challenges in his fight against evils. However, it actually portraits him as an overpowered person. As a result, it is very enjoyable to see the hierarchy of superheroes, their classes, the way to rule the kingdom. Apart from that, we can find a number of low-level heroes. Some absurd fighters like Tank top Vegetarian, Superalloy Darkshine, Metal Bat, Pri-Pri-Prisoner add different values to this series. The first season of this series received critical acclaim from the critics. The critics praised for its uniqueness, animation, plot, humor, and action scenes. One-Punch Man was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2015 and a Harvey Award in the year of 2016.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood- Fantasy Adventure Anime

This series is more like a fantasy adventure anime, a great series on Hulu. Here, the word “Brotherhood” portraits Edward and Alphonse Elric brothers, who eagerly search for the Philosopher’s Stone. They believed the stone would restore their bodies. For instance, they lost while using alchemy skills to resurrect their deceased mother. You may find it an older show, but still, it resembles enough today’s appeal. Through their efforts to uncover sinister plot, they also learn how to transmute the whole country for reasons they cannot perceive in their life. However, you can find Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in both subs and dubs on Hulu.

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6. Death Parade- Surprisingly A Profound Series

Death Parade is perfectly a short horrifying series, pointing to the scenes happening in afterward life. After the death of someone, they are invited to unknown bars under the ownership of bartenders. The dead souls are serving as arbiters in a tower, where they have to engage in Death Games with their souls. Most importantly, it actually defines their fate in afterward whether their souls should send for reincarnation or totally banished in the void. Therefore, it is common to find some games belong to supreme imagination like air hockey, billiards, etc. has twisted tricks. Moreover, these games bring the messages of life and death of every soul. Death Parade is one of the best anime on Hulu.

7. Black Clover- A Fantasy Like Anime

This series is more of a fantasy-adventure anime which tells about the two young men. The young man Yuno posses a heavy magic power controlling of wind but the other, Asta has none. That’s why Asta tries to achieve magical power through hard physical training. With the ambition to become the next wizard king, both Yuno and Asta developed a friendly rivalry among themselves. For example, Wizard king is a type of designation second to the king of Clover Kingdom. Yuno, with the power of magic gains a legendary four-leaf grimoire. On the other hand, Asta gets a legendary five-leaf without magic-power. Later they both joined in a Magic Knight as a step to fulfill their ambition. In conclusion, it is honestly a powerful mind-blowing series to watch both with subs and dubs.

8. Girls und Panzer- Interpersonal Relationship

Girls und Panzer is a lovely show that depicts the competition between girls’ high schools. The girls are practicing tank warfare as a medium of sport. Moreover, this series talks more about interpersonal relationships than other things. Here, operating a tank is like a skill of martial arts. Sensha-do is a kind of activity where high school girls can participate. Miho Nishizumi is a high school girl but she is from a renowned sensha-do practitioner family. She makes some new friends at Oarai Girls High Schools, starts revival of sensha-do as a skilled participator. In the competition of National Championship, they battle against various other schools. This is to say, the story takes place where the tanks of historical World War II were maintained for sport like warfare competitions.

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9. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- A Prestigious Series

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most prestigious series on Hulu, which draws massive attention in Japan and North America. This contains a huge amount of content of different goals, locations, and protagonists for every new series. This series brings some unforgettable characters with outstanding multiple outfits. This series has become more popular for its iconic art style and poses, mixing of Western popular music and fashion. Here the characters are possessing unique supernatural abilities and battles are full of creativity. The Joester family dominates the character of the protagonist of each of the series. They have usually a star-shaped birthmark in their left shoulder blade, a name to the titular “Jojo”. They practice their supernatural abilities, fight against various enemies. With their power, they finally confronting the powerful villain.

10. Toradora- A Drama of Romance

Here the word Toradora comes from the two main characters Taiga Aisaka and Ryuji Takasa. Toradora is a special romantic drama that tells about crushes on different people. Taiga and Ryuji establish a romantic plot to assist each other get to know their friends, but face many struggles. They are very close friends and spend a lot of time together. It rumors that they might be a couple, though they’re denying it as usual. Moreover, they have their own crushes and the series develops how love blossoms within their lives. Toradora presents some good comedy and dialogue around the series, makes one of the best anime on Hulu.

11. Your Lie in April- A Must Watch Anime For Romance Lovers

Your Lie in April is a wonderful romantic drama that speaks about the boy Kosei Arima who plays the piano. He participates in many music competitions, gains popularity especially among the child musicians, but has some slight controversial behaviors. All those things make it one of the best anime on Hulu. At a point, he gets a mental breakdown in his life when his mother dies. It seems he loses his ability to hear the sound of this piano though his hearing power is all-ok in other cases. Consequently, the hope comes to Kosei when he meets Kaori and regains his power of hearing piano. But Kaori develops a different personality, and she has no interest other than to play violin only. In conclusion, we find Kaori’s childhood love towards Kosei after her death, brings a romantic scene to the series.

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12. Space Dandy- The Misadventures of Dandy

The series Space Dandy depicts the misadventures of Dandy, an alien hunter who is more known as “a dandy guy in space”. His key work is to search for undiscovered and rare aliens in space. For this work he takes assistance from his robot QT and his close friend Meow. Most importantly, Space Dandy presents the older form of science fiction, music, anime, and a wave of internet culture. One episode consists of a zombie story, romantic comedy, and a rare intergalactic dance competition. We can also see the scene of a robot, where he is trying to learn and the optimistic way to love. To sum up, Space Dandy is a perfect example of to combination of animation and music.

13. Food Wars- The Best Comedy Drama

Food Wars is the best example of comedy-drama, which focuses on the teen named Soma Yukihira. He has a long desire to develop his cooking skills to the next level. After that, his father Joichiro admits him in an elite culinary school named Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute, in order to sharpen his cooking skills. This series continues with multiple adventures & dramas along with some humorous scenes. Soma has a strong plan to become the best student in that institution. In a final cooking invitation, Soma challenges Erina with a view to praise his skill as “delicious”. Thus, this emotion takes Food Wars to the best anime on Hulu.

14. Danganronpa- A Light Horror Series

Danganronpa is a type of thriller series, relates to an elite high school, Hope’s Peak Academy. The groups of students are forced into a killing game among themselves by Monokuma and his “Monokubs”. Subsequently, they have to commit this crime to become graduates and grab the chance to leave the trapped school premises. Danganronpa achieves a lot of positive reviews from critics for its outstanding character, tone, and the sceneries. We find a different type of storyline and a female protagonist in Danganronpa V3: Killing harmony. The ultimate gameplay in the main Danganronpa games is divided into three key parts which include Daily Life, Deadly Life, and Class trial.

15. Death Note- A Series of Mystery and Thriller

If we talk about the thriller with mystery and horror elements, then Death Note is on top of the list. This series attracts thrilling anime lovers in Japan and North America. Death Note is a type of black notebook, an intelligent boy named Light Yagami finds it in Tokyo. This notebook can kill anyone only with the recognition of the target’s name and face. After getting, Light is thinking of creating a utopian world, where there will be no crime. At one point the invisible supernatural character, Ryuk visited Light and praised Light’s action. According to the anime writer Tsugumi Ohba, no human on earth has the right to overcome judgment depending on another’s action.

Above are the 15 best anime on Hulu that we bring them for you to watch to find much pleasure and enjoyment. Hulu has a stunning collection of anime series, and their list is growing on continuous basis to fulfill the thrust of anime lovers.


Question 1: Does Hulu have all the series mentioned above?

Answer: Yes, Hulu has so many anime series and we have listed 15 best anime on Hulu for you.

Question 2: Above anime are free on Hulu?

Answer: Most of the anime is free on Hulu, but it may require a subscription to watch the full episodes in some cases.

Question 3: Are Hulu and Netflix the same platform?

Answer: No, they’re not the same platform.

Question: Do you think that Hulu is better than Netflix?

Answer: Both are famous platforms on the internet, but Hulu has a good collection of anime shows and movies.

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