5 Ways to Personalize Your Phone

Personalize Your Phone

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With over 63% of the world’s population owning a cell phone, these devices are something that we have become reliant on and use day in and day out. Our smartphones tend to go everywhere with us, and it’s easy to become glued to our screens. 

For many of us, our phones contain our schedules, help to keep us organized, and are a great way for us to stay connected with family and friends. Additionally, phones can be a form of self expression due to the numerous ways to customize them. Here are 5 easy ways you can personalize your phone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Pick a New Phone Case

The number one way to personalize your phone is by getting a new phone case. Not only will you see the case every day, but it’s the first thing that others see when you’re using your phone. 

Because there are so many styles and options available, it can actually be quite a challenge to select a new case for your device. From picking a generic, solid colored case to fully customizing every inch of it, finding the right case can take some time. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Color and design: Some people want their phone cases to match their overall aesthetic, while others prefer a clear case that shows off the actual phone. You can find a phone case in pretty much every color of the rainbow, along with a multitude of designs. If you can’t find one pre-designed that you like, there are also options to make a phone case with your own photos.
  • Durability: Overall, think about where, when, and how you’re using your phone the most. If you work at a desk or your phone is typically in your pocket or purse, you might not need a heavy-duty case. However, if you’re generally bringing your phone with you for adventurous outdoor activities like mountain biking or rock climbing, it’s worth getting a phone case that can withstand a fall.
  • Material: There are a few different types of material to consider when selecting your phone case, and the most popular ones are silicon and hard plastic. Both are great at protecting your phone, and it’s worth reviewing the drop rating before buying one.

Choose Your Home Screen Background

Once you’ve got a phone case picked out, let’s move onto your home screen background. What’s great about your phone background is that you can constantly change and update it for free. 

If you love taking photos, you can make your background an epic shot that you recently took. If you’re a graphic designer, you can create a unique design and import it into your phone to use as the backdrop. 

It’s also really popular to make the background a photo of your family or pets. Some phones even have the ability to automatically rotate through a series of photos on your phone. This can be fun, because every time you look at your phone, you’ll see a different image. 

Customize Home Screen Widgets

Along with selecting a custom background, you can also personalize your phone by organizing how the widgets are arranged. Apple and Android are a bit different in the options they provide you with when it comes to organizing your apps, but they both give flexibility in how you can set them up.

Some people like to have each app icon prominently displayed on the screen, while others prefer to group similar apps within folders. There’s no one right way to do it; the key is picking a way that works best for you so that you can quickly and easily find the app you’re searching for when you’re on your phone. 

Switch to Dark Mode

Take it one step further and personalize your phone by switching it to Dark Mode. Both Apple and Android have this feature. After staring at your phone all day, your eyes can become dry and fatigued, and Dark Mode can help reduce the strain on your eyes. Dark Mode can be especially helpful at night when your surroundings are dim. Rather than staring at a bright white screen, you can toggle to Dark Mode.

Find a New Ringtone

Back in the early 2000s, having a custom ringtone and setting it to your favorite song was all the rage. While this is not as popular anymore, it’s still a fun way to personalize your smartphone. 

Especially for iPhone users, most people have the same default ringtone. When you’re with a group of people and someone’s phone rings, everyone stops to check their phone, because everyone has the same tune set. Stand out from the crowd by customizing your ringtone to a song or beat you like. 

If you don’t want to customize your ringtone for calls, you can also be a little more subtle and adjust the sound that plays when you receive text messages. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you pick just one of these personalization techniques or try all 5, experiment with a new way to customize your phone and make it your own!