5 Powerful Color Tips for Advertising Your Political Campaign Signs


During the election season, you must ensure that your campaign sign is visible to your potential voters. These signs create awareness in them that you are contesting from a specific constituency. When it comes to the design of your campaign sign, there are some factors to keep in mind for invoking the best results and response for your political campaign signs. 

Where should you place your campaign signs?

Ensure you place your campaign signs in areas permitted by the local authorities responsible for election campaigning. You should ensure you team up with a professional design company to ensure your sign invokes a high level of visibility.

The information must be short in a campaign sign, so your name and the office sought should be mentioned in it and nothing else. Do not go overboard with information on the sign, as this will not give your voters a chance to read them from a distance. 

Your name should be in classic fonts as they are simple to read from afar. You can use modern fonts but make sure they have a high level of visibility. Fancy fonts or even cursive writing fonts will make it hard for the targeted audience to read your sign as they drive past it. 

The role and importance of colors in your campaign signs

Colors play an essential role in political campaign signs, and you should never use the same colors your opponent is using. You should choose the color that suits your tastes and preferences the best. Colors are high value (dark/bright) or low value ( light) in nature. 

This is the first rule. If both of you land up using the same colors, the voters will be confused. 

Here are some simple tips for you to remember

  1. Never use dark colors with bright colors. For example, black letters against navy blue in the background. Yellow letters will work better here and will be effective when it comes to visibility 
  2. Letters and their background should always contrast against each other so that the readability levels are high.
  3. Pastels like blue, pink, light green, yellow, etc., do not contrast against a white background. Likewise, fluorescent colors though they look bright, do not contrast well against white. You should select a dark color like navy blue, black, forest green, burgundy, black, etc. 
  4. Avoid using high-value dark colors with a high-value bright color.
  5. Avoid putting up white signs in winter; otherwise, your sign will become lost in the snow. Here, you should use a bright-colored background with white letters. When it comes to the background colors of your signs, do not use brown, gray, or even a khaki color. 

In short, before you place the campaign sign before your voters, you should consider the environment first. 

Therefore, when it comes to the design of your campaign sign, keep these color tips in mind. In this way, you can attract the targeted audience with your signs from a distance and get the desired response with success!


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