4 Interesting Facts About Lenovo

Interesting Facts About Lenovo

Interesting Facts About Lenovo

Chinese technology giant Lenovo is one of the world’s largest and most influential companies. Producing laptops, desktop computers, tablets and having recently started producing smartphones, Lenovo is a behemoth in technology and manufacturing. It also happens to be a fascinating organization. Here are 4 facts you probably did not know about Lenovo. 

Their Laptops Are Used In Space 

In 2005, Lenovo purchased the rights to produce and develop the ThinkPad line of laptop computers from IBM. The ThinkPad is a notoriously rugged, high quality computer with a basic, boxy design and practical layout. As such, it has been used in all sorts of demanding situations. Perhaps the most demanding task ever assigned to a ThinkPad computer has been to leave the surly bonds of earth, to pierce the membrane between earth and outer space, to go where no laptop had gone before – in other words, ThinkPads have gone to space. 

Lenovo ThinkPads have been the standard computers used by NASA astronauts since the 1990s. A ThinkPad was onboard every single space shuttle launch. Astronauts need their laptops in order to conduct scientific experiments and write reports. Even as you read this article, a ThinkPad is circling the earth at thousands of miles per hour – being used by astronauts living on the International Space Station. 

They Have Been Up And Running Since The 1980s

Lenovo has been running for a great deal more time than some of its main competitors. The company was founded in 1984 in Beijing, China. There were initially only 11 employees – mostly engineers. Before settling on computers, the company styled itself as a technology importer and technology quality check team. These two ventures failed, and the group began hiring talented students and working on producing technology of their own. One of their early successes was the KT8920 mainframe computer. In his book ‘The Lenovo Affair’, Ling Zhijun asserts that the development of the KT8920 was a turning point in Lenovo’s fortunes – proving to the group that they could successfully produce and market original technology. Lenovo also managed to create a chip that allowed IBM computers to process Chinese characters – a major feat at the time. 

They Own A Huge Share Of The Market

According to figures collated by Statista, Lenovo owned a whopping 25 percent of the global PC market during the first quarter of 2021. This is an absolutely massive share, especially considering the kind of competition they are up against. Lenovo’s main market is domestic – millions of Lenovo products are purchased in the People’s Republic of China every single year. 

They Are A Truly Global Success

Lenovo is a global technology superpower. Their products are sold in 160 countries and have seen success in just about every market. Lenovo is headquartered in Hong Kong. This allows it to operate in a slightly more transparent and internationally friendly way than companies based on the Chinese Mainland. As a global trading hub, Hong Kong is a perfect island on which to base a company with global ambitions. 


1. Q: What is Lenovo?

A. Lenovo is a multinational technology company specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, storage devices, and other electronic products. They are widely considered one of the largest PC manufacturers globally.

2. Q: What are some popular Lenovo products?

A. Lenovo offers a diverse range of products across various categories.

3. Q: Where can I buy Lenovo products?

A. You can purchase Lenovo products through their official site, online retailers, and stores.

4. Q: What is Lenovo’s reputation for quality and customer service?

A. Lenovo generally enjoys a good reputation for product quality and reliability. They have received positive reviews for the durability and performance of their ThinkPad line.