20 Baby Girl Names with Special Meanings That Start With M

Baby Girl Names

Picking the right name for your baby can be a challenging task. Before you choose a name for your baby, there are a few things to consider. Your baby will be identified by the name you give her, so you must choose the best name possible for her. If you’ve recently welcomed a baby girl into your family and are seeking baby girl names that begin with the letter M that is creative, modern, and has a lovely meaning, Cocofinder can help you with that.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With The Letter M:

The letter ‘M’ is a dynamic letter, and there are plenty of lovely baby girl names that begin with this letter. Girls with first names that start with the letter M are said to be quick learners and determined.

We know you’re excited to see the names, so visit CocoFinder right now to see the list that will help you make the best pick.

1. Mary

Mary is a feminine Hebrew name that means “drops of the sea, unpleasant, or adored.” The English name Mary is derived from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam. Until the mid-twentieth century, Mary, the iconic New Testament name, was the most popular name for girls. Mary is still popular, but she is now mainly employed for spiritual or familial reasons.

2. Margaret

This classic name has been given to saints, monarchs, and world leaders. Many other powerful, intelligent women are included in this, including St. Margaret, Queen Margaret of Scotland, and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The name Margarites comes from the Old Persian word margrta, which means “pearl.”

3. Michelle

Michelle Obama, the former first lady, is the most well-known Michelle. Her fame has really helped to keep the name in the charts. Michelle is an anglicized form of the French Michele, which means “one who resembles God”. Therefore it has a deeply religious significance. Michelle rose to prominence in the 1940s and was revived in 1965 when the Beatles published a love song with the same name.

4. Melissa

Melissa is a girl’s name that means “honeybee” and is of Greek origin. Melissa was one of the most popular female names beginning with M for many years, and most parents today remember it as one of their favorite names from their youth.

However, there are still many little Melissas out there, and Melissa is a more traditional name than you might imagine. Melissa McCarthy and Melissa Joan Hart are two namesakes that are well-known in the entertainment industry.

5. Maria

Maria is an Aramaic and Latin girl’s name that means “sea’s drop, sour, or cherished.” Maria has been one of the most popular girl names beginning with M throughout the centuries. It has a timeless charm.

6. Martha

Martha is an Aramaic girl’s name that means “woman or mistress of the house.” Martha is the sister of Mary and Lazarus in the Bible. She is the patron saint of those who aid others. Puritans restored and popularised the name.

7. Marie

Marie is a French girl’s name that is a variation of Mary, which means “sea star.” The name was reintroduced in the 19th century in its earliest English form. Many famous Maries have existed throughout history, from French Queen Marie Antoinette to physicist Marie Curie to singer Marie Osmond.

8. Megan

This name, which means pearl, has a lot of celebrities associated with it. There are actors Megan Fox and Megan Mullally and the children of TV chef Gordon Ramsay. Although it is still in use, it is no longer as popular as it once was, which is wonderful news for parents who may not want to follow the trend.

9. Mildred

Mildred is the next baby girl name with special meanings starting with M in Cocofinder. Mildred is an Old English girl’s name that means “gentle power.” Saint Mildred was an abbess from a royal household known for her gentleness and generosity in the eighth century. Mildred Bailey was a fantastic jazz vocalist.

10. Madison

Madison is a girl’s name with the English meaning of “son of a soldier.”It first appeared as a feminine name in the 1984 film Splash, in which the protagonist chooses her name from the Madison Avenue street sign in New York City.

11. Marilyn

The name Marilyn is an English girl’s name that means “droplet of the sea.” Marilyn has almost achieved the rank of a one-person name. Most people will recognize the name Marilyn if you just mention it. There have been a few renowned Marilyns, such as opera singer Horne, author French, and songwriter Bergman.

12. Marjorie

The name Marjorie is a Scottish girl’s name that means “gem.” Marjorie Stinson, the first female airline pilot, is one of the prominent namesakes. The Yearling, written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, was a powerful novel.

13. Melanie

Melanie is a girl’s name of Greek origin that means “dark, black.” Melanie was the name of two fifth-century Roman saints, a grandmother, and a granddaughter. During the Middle Ages, the name was brought to England from France. Melanie has been a popular choice in the United States since the late 1960s.

14. Monica

Monica is a girl’s name that could be of Greek or Latin origin, meaning “solitary” or “to guide.” Saint Monica, Augustine’s mother, prayed for him and stopped him from committing suicide. As a result, Saint Augustine rose to become one of history’s greatest saints. The name is well-known among Catholics.

15. Mia

With a touch of lively girl power, this all-star name is elegant and sporty. Mia is the Swedish and German pet version of Maria and means “mine” or “my” in Spanish and Italian. In the 1960s, actress Mia Farrow popularised the name, but soccer legend Mia Hamm took it to new levels.

16. Michele

Michele is a feminine name that is a combination of the Hebrew names Michaela and Michelle. Michele means who looks like God.

17. Morgan

Morgan is a Welsh and Old English girl’s name that means “spinning sea or radiant, white sea dweller.” The name Morgan is still used as a boy’s name in Wales and Brittany today. However, in the United States, Canada, and Scotland, it is a more popular girl’s name.

18. Madeline

Madeline is feminine and graceful, with roots in Magdala, Mary Magdalene’s homeland. Madeleine has an extra E in the French version, giving it a more refined appearance. From Keats’ and Tennyson’s poetry to Dickens’ to Ludwig Bemelmans’ lovely and well-loved children’s novels featuring the lively French schoolgirl, Madeline has appeared often in literature.

19. Marion

Marion is a French girl’s name that is a variation of the Latin name Mary, which means “sea star.” When this form was brought to Britain in the Middle Ages, it was modified to Marian, but it was restored in the 19th century.

20. Molly

Molly is a girl’s name with a Hebrew meaning of “bitter.”Molly is a variant of Mary, derived from the ancient spellings Malle and Molle. Molly has been popular in the United States as a stand-alone version of Mary since the Middle Ages.


When picking a name for your baby girl, it’s critical that you fully comprehend the name. The initial letter, in particular, can reveal a lot about the bearer’s attitude toward life and personality in general.

If you’re looking for lovely baby girl names that begin with the letter ‘M,’ you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of 20 baby girl names that start with the letter ‘M compiled by Cocofinder.