What does CC mean in Gmail? Check out 10 meanings of “CC” in slang

what does cc mean
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Have you ever been on a phone call, and the other person requested you to “CC” him or her online? If you are not accustomed with this slang, it can be quite challenging to keep the conversation going. As soon as you hang up, you may wonder what does cc mean? Well! Then, you go to Google and search for “CC,” which offers a different answer each time. 

But, don’t worry, each definition of CC on Google is right. Indeed, to the reader’s surprise, “cc” is one of the most diversifying slang in the 21st century. For example, it means something else on Gmail, TikTok, Youtube, Pharmacy Industry, etc. 

Therefore, today we bring you a brief on every “CC” slang and its meaning in respect of the platform or topic you refer to. The following guide will help your conversation to turn out more constructive as you better know what does cc mean when the other person requests you to do it. Let’s get started:

 What does CC mean in Gmail? 

To begin with, Gmail is one of the wealthiest platforms for exchanging confidential information between two or more parties. Not only this, but it comes with extremely self-explanatory features. For example, you can compose any new mail just at a single click or keep the process of transmission consistent into a single thread of multiple emails. Sounds like a winner, right? However, “CC” or “BCC” options mostly confuse newbie Gmail users. So, what does it actually mean? 

CC in Gmail stands for “Carbon Copy.” In the earlier times, a carbon copy was quite an elite concept when data was maintained offline. To create an offline carbon copy of a document, office professionals used carbon paper to create a duplicate copy of each original document. 

When the evolution of data from offline to online began, Gmail was the first ever to propose an online carbon copy concept. Thus, in simple words, if you are bound to send an email to two parties at a time, you can do so by using “CC.”

 It remains quite a helpful feature in the service industry. How? Let’s suppose an employee is sending an informational email to the clientele. He/she can put their “boss” in the “cc” section in order to permit him to view the message anytime. 

What is BCC?

Talking about CC, it is challenging to avoid “BCC” as it is an option right under “cc” in Gmail New Email Compose Tab. Thus, for your information, BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. As the term suggests, Blind Carbon Copy is when you “cc” an email to a third party without wanting the second party to know. 

Here’s a fact: when you “cc” in Gmail, both the first-party and second-party can view the details of the third party who has been added under “cc.” In comparison, Bcc in Gmail shells third-party information under the invisible cloak. Hence, the second party does not acknowledge “bcc” info at all. 

BCC is quite a helpful feature if you are sharing confidential information about the company, hence, keeping “lawyer” in the BCC section to avoid any conflict in the future ahead. 

How to add recipients under CC or BCC?

First of all, conclude whether you want to add the recipient under the CC section or bcc section. Let’s suppose if the recipient’s info or presence in the email is not confidential or secretive, you can add him under CC. On the other hand, if the recipient’s email cannot be displayed to other parties, the “BCC” option is best in such cases. 

Here’s a step-wise instructional guide on how to do it: 

  • Go to www.gmail.com.
  • Open the inbox section on the PC browser. 
  • Tap on the “NEW” option at the left-side menu. 
  • Click on the “Compose” alternative. 
  • A new compose pop-up email tab will open on the screen.
  • Add the main “Recipient.” For example, [email protected]
  • Similarly, you can add multiple recipients in the recipient section. 
  • Now, Click on “CC” or “BCC”
  • Further, enter the recipient’s email to whom you want to send a “carbon copy” or “blind carbon copy” of the email. 
  • Compose the email’s body like add subject, attachment, photos etc. 
  • Double-check email for grammatical errors. 
  • Click on the “SEND/Blue” button to send it to the outbox. 

Note: Under both “CC” and “BCC” sections, you can add multiple recipients. 

What does CC mean on TikTok or Snapchat? 

It is some trouble to figure out what CC means on different social media platforms. Thankfully, for TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, CC means the same. Are you wondering if it is sending “carbon copy” of tik tok videos or Snap stories to friends? The answer is NO. On all three-mentioned platforms, CC stands for “closed caption.” 

Now, is “closed captioning” on TikTok any different from “closed captioning” on youtube? It is indeed! 

On TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, video creators can add auto-generated captions to their videos which are provided by the initial creator of the music or audio. 

For the most part, this feature helps to improve the comprehensive level of the video and permits a more and more targeted audience to watch, learn, and understand. Sounds thrilling, right? 

what does cc mean
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In the same way, on Instagram, closed captions on music features are widely used. If a user adds any music to his video or Instagram reel, he/she can close the “closed caption” or activate it to automatically generate lyrics of the music on the screen. 

On youtube as well, you can see a “CC” option on the bottom of the videos. This option mainly stands for “Subtitles or Closed Captions.” When you click on it, you can turn on the subtitles option if provided by the content creator. Otherwise, the Closed Caption option allows youtube to automatically generate captions based on the video’s understanding and backend system. 

Similarly, the option of “closed caption” will appear on multiple streaming platforms as well. Akin to Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Samsung TV, etc. 

How to open a closed caption on TikTok? 

To begin with, it is significant to note that the alternative of “closed caption” or “Burn-in out captions” is payable on TikTok, as per our research. If you want to professionally close caption your video on TikTok, you are liable to pay $1.25/minute for the service. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Create a tik tok video content with TikTok supportive language: Hindi, English, German, Russian, etc. 
  • Save the tik tok video to your device. 
  • Now, open a third-party app (such as Rev) to hire a freelancer who will caption your video for a payable amount. 
  • Upload the video on this platform. 
  • Now, click on “burn-in captions” and make the payment. 
  • As soon as you do, you will receive a permanently closed-captioned video in your inbox. 
  • Now, you can upload it anywhere: Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 

Now, the above method may seem a bit far-fetching as it requires you to pay an unreasonable amount. Therefore, to avoid such an expensive pathway, you can simply add “text” to your tik tok video using the keyboard. 

It appears no different than a closed caption. 

What does CC mean on Instagram? How to add it to reels or stories? 

Tiktok auto-generated captions are also called CC. Similarly, on Instagram, cc stands for closed captions or auto-generated captions. Here’s a guide on how to add CC to Instagram reels or stories: 

what does cc mean
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  • Generate a video content on Instagram (Stories)
  • Click on the “Stickers” option from the menu on top. 
  • Scroll down on the “Music” option. 
  • Select the music you want to add to the background of the video. 
  • If the lyrics are available for music audio, they will automatically appear on the video. 
  • If not, change the music, and select another audio file. 

Similar to TikTok, you can also manually add “closed captions” to Instagram videos. To do so, click on the text button, type, and add the closed caption. 

Top 10 useful definitions of “CC” in multiple industries or media platforms

  1. Carbon Copy – CC on Gmail.
  2. Closed Captions – CC on youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Instagram, and TikTok. 
  3. Cubic Capacity – CC on motor vehicles like bikes. It means the vehicle’s engine’s power output. For example, 70cc. 
  4.  Cubic Centimeters – CC in mathematical measure units. This term mainly used in the pharmacy industry. 
  5. Cash Credit – CC in Bank. It is used for short-term financing procedures. 
  6. Creative Commons – CC on media platforms. It defines content with “no copyrights reserved.” 
  7. CyberCoin – CC in Currency. It is a type of digital currency with a calculable exchange rate in USD, Euro, INR, etc. 
  8. Creative Cloud – CC in Adobe. 
  9. Concealed Cash – CC meaning in K-pop industry. It is a type of payment made securely in a sealed envelope for privacy and secret financing purposes. In some countries, this practice is illegal.
  10. Completion Certificate – CC meaning in Real Estate and Construction Industry. 


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