VR And AR Gaming: Are They Worth It?

VR And AR Gaming

The video game industry has always been an innovative one. It’s an industry that demands many companies to innovate, adapt, or perish. Unfortunately, it’s also an unforgiving industry, in where one slight misstep can lead to disaster. Currently, the sector is making enormous innovations for its consumers like VR And AR Gaming. For example, Ray tracing is becoming a standard graphical option, giving gamers the immersive experiences they want from their favorite video games. Gameplay options are also becoming more diverse than ever. But a revolutionary option and a very immersive but costly one at that is VR gaming.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one market that the industry would like to explore more. It’s also a market that many sectors are pouring money into to improve its existing features. The market is expected to grow by a staggering 54% in the coming years. It’s one of the leading markets for tech, and many huge investors are eyeing to put it into their portfolio.

One huge company that’s invested millions of dollars into the VR market is NVIDIA. It’s a colossal backer and isn’t expected to fail anytime soon. Furthermore, NVIDIA is a company that’s set up for success in the coming years, with partnerships from many other big companies such as Tesla.

With a tremendous amount of investment, and with VR tech applicable to all sorts of industries, not just gaming, it seems that VR is one of the best markets to invest in right now. However, many casual and hardcore gamers are avoiding anything that’s VR-related for a variety of reasons. You might even be asking yourself right now, is it worth investing in a VR gaming rig?

VR Gaming Rigs

VR gaming rigs require a specific set of hardware to work optimally. So if you want it to look good, you might have to spend money to build a good gaming desktop. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but there’s something wrong with spending an extra $500 to $1,000 for extra VR gear when you could use that same amount to play at 4K resolution.

This is something that many gamers are debating about, and it’s something that’s something most gamers invest in VR. It’s such an expensive gear, and many argue that it might not be rewarding enough.

A cheaper alternative is to purchase VR gear from companies like Sony and Oculus. If you want the most budget VR headset, you can buy Google Cardboard for about $8 to $20, but don’t expect to play any games with it. It’s also quite unwieldy compared to other headgears out there.

Purchasing a VR headset for consoles isn’t all that rewarding either. You won’t have superb graphics that’ll immerse you into the gaming world. The lack of video games in that category will also make it challenging for you to purchase them.

Lack of Quality Games in VR And AR Gaming

The VR genre is plagued with buggy and messy games. It’s tricky to produce a quality VR video game, and most big developers that develop one are only releasing it for a quick cash grab. They’re trying to take advantage of the hype many gamers have about VR to purchase fewer quality games that’ll only give them about three hours of gaming.

During the last few years, the only good VR game was Half-Life: Alyx, which still came with bugs and outdated graphics. The lack of quality games is making many gamers hesitant to invest in VR tech. Sure, there is cheap VR headgear, but it doesn’t mean that it would be a worthwhile purchase. Imagine purchasing a $300 to $400 VR headgear to only gather dust until a new good VR game is released every other year.

Moreover, VR headgear can only be used for one purpose. It can’t be used for work, and the exercise options it offers are limited due to the bulkiness of such a product.

Is VR And AR Gaming Worth Purchasing?

We can argue that VR is a good market to invest in right now but not a good piece of hardware to spend your hard-earned cash for. The games within VR gaming are too buggy to enjoy, and graphical fidelity is too poor to justify a purchase. Moreover, VR headsets are too bulky and unwieldy. They also tend to have their own set of bugs and can break in only a couple of years.

The only time we suggest that your purchase VR tech for gaming is when it has improved in the coming years. We might get better games by then and more immersive ones. We might only have to wait for a few years before that might happen because of the millions of dollars invested into such a tech.