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best twitter followers app
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When it comes to social media, you are not wild if you are not going crazy about your twitter followers. To organically increase twitter followers can be a hectic process. This is why several people utilize the best twitter followers app to reach their goal. However, not all best twitter followers apps may work best for you. Why? To begin with, twitter is a complex world. In modern twitter, you can categorize twitter accounts based on political components, funniest twitter account, public twitter accounts, entertainment-based twitter accounts, and so on. To be honest, such categories’ list is unending. So, what to do? Here’s the solution – top 10 best twitter followers App.

best twitter marketing apps online
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These mentioned apps allow you to gain twitter followers based on the content on your twitter timeline. Not only this but using these apps, you can promote your brand over twitter by achieving the right kind of audience. 

First of all, let’s introduce you to twitter followers – by definition, twitter followers are the twitter accounts that follow your Twitter account. These followers gain the freedom to view, like, retweet, share, and quote your tweets once they have added to their account. For the most part, this does not mean that you can also review, retweet, share, or quote the tweets by your twitter followers, until or unless you follow these followers back. 


Top 6 best twitter followers App


If you are wanting to gain a real-time audience on your twitter account, Owlead is one app that can help you reach your goal instantly. It is a campaign-based best twitter followers app using which you can set your audience for specific tweets or entire twitter accounts. For example, you can set gender, keyword, language, and location for your account in order to attain specific twitter followers. 

best twitter apps to increase followers
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Best features of Owlead are:

  • 10-days free trial 
  • Automated twitter marketing
  • Organic Twitter followers
  • Followers score for performance examination
  • Growth analysis
  • Twitter campaign 

Pricing: Owlead starter pack is now available at $19/month including 150 followers guaranteed per month with the auto cleanup. You can also purchase a $99/month plan in order to use Owlead on five twitter accounts simultaneously. 


CrowdFire: Social Media Manager

If you are in a rush to download the best twitter followers App, then drop this list here and go with CrowdFire. It is because no app manages your twitter account better than CrowdFire. It is compatible with all operating systems including Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux. With CrowdFire, you can promote third-party clientele or even your personal blogging site online without losing to Google Analytics. 

best apps to increase followers on twitter
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Best features of CrowdFire are:

  • Check your content’s relevance, image & article curation, RSS Feed based customization, and direct visualization of e-commerce store products and whatnot!
  • Publish content without any barriers.
  • Amazing Return on Investment and analytic measurement.
  • Now communicate with your audience by direct mentions.



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Do you want relevant twitter followers? Well! TWEEPI is one way to go for. This app not only helps you to improve organic traffic for your twitter account but also, helps you to get rid of unwanted followers. To begin with, unwanted followers are those followers that do not respond to your account. These followers are wasteful and of no benefit to you. Recently upgraded Tweepi contains some very helpful and rare features such as:

  • Notifies you to reply-to significant twitter accounts with millions of followers.
  • Set up your followers according to their popularity and correspondence to your brand. 
  • Helps you find out trending hashtags. 
  • You can target users by language, location, and Bio.

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Pricing: TWEEPI monthly plan starting from $12.99. You can also purchase an annual plan at a discounted price of $10.75/month. Now, also try platinum Tweepi plan for just $24.99/month which majorly focuses on your account’s growth.



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The idea of having a clear-cut dashboard while handling twitter accounts seems classy. However, there are not many best twitter followers apps that offer such mind-blowing features except Hootsuite. For your satisfaction, you can start a 30-days free trial on Hootsuite and explore best-of-best features including the following:

  • Review and create engaging social media posts for your twitter feed.
  • Now you can schedule your twitter posts for automatic upload on your twitter feed.
  • Create and customize your content library to stay connected with an active audience. 
  • Allow your entire twitter management team to work on twitter accounts simultaneously with a single Hootsuite active package.

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Pricing: It costs between $15/month to $600/month depending on the type of plan you are purchasing. Professional, Team, and Enterprise Plans are the major choices. 

PS: HootSuite is now also available for social media platforms other than twitter. The list includes – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Using Hootsuite, you can run a minimum of 10 twitter profiles simultaneously. And for Enterprise plan buyers, the profile limit is inevitable. 


IFTTT For Twitter

Best twitter apps download on Google Play store
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If you are searching for the best twitter followers App on Google Play Store, directly search for “IFTTT” and you will never regret this download. This App does not demand more than persistent engagement with your audience, rest you can leave the account’s growth to IFTTT for twitter. It helps to locate your lows and highs while using twitter. With IFTTT, you can put several functions at automatic such as Display picture upgrade, save links for liked tweets, forward twitter feed to Instagram, and so on. 

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Best features of IFTTT for twitter are: 

  • Connects Twitter and Instagram profiles.
  • Put blog posts at automatic for twitter feed.
  • Promote brand-new tweets on Telegram
  • Activate Google Assistant
  • Save your favorite tweets separately

Pricing: IFTTT for twitter plans are not open. Please check the website for the same. Now, IFTTT Twitter Followers App is also available on the App Store for Apple users and Google Play Store for Android users. 


best twitter apps available online to increase twitter analytics and followers
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Buffer is one of the best twitter followers apps available online to download at This app is solely available for transforming your twitter account into a more authentic and professional account. Buffer is a very simple social media management app with an effective user interface that greets your twitter account with high-end organic audience and traffic. Following features of Buffer are worth noticing: 

  • Efficient when purchased for Enterprise
  • You can publish and automatically copyright your original content on twitter.
  • Create and Analyze campaigns on your twitter profile
  • Specify your audience by language, location, gender, engagement, and whatnot!
  • Check your content’s performance from time-to-time
  • Now, promote your twitter content on Instagram as well
  • Activate features like Instagram tagging, first comment, hashtag planner, custom reports, and so on.

Why do you need more twitter followers?

Hence, in this modern age, several twitter-based influencers use their accounts to promote other brands and improve public relations. Not only this but twitter accounts with millions of twitter followers sign social media marketing projects with several companies to increase their popularity among the public. 

 Some of the proven advantages of having more and more twitter followers are:

  • You can promote your brand, startup business, or brand new product online.
  • Spread awareness on trending topics concerning health, social media, events, entertainment, and whatnot!
  • Sign for freelancing digital marketing projects. 
  • Educate your followers in the context of recent events, careers, business industry, and so on. 
  • Build trust among your followers by triggering a celebrity effect.
  • Contribute statements and facts on SEO-based searches on Google.
  • Start your career as an influencer.


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How to increase twitter followers quickly?

Yes! You can increase your twitter followers by using the best twitter followers app. But, even by using these apps, you may experience slow growth in your followers as organic followers take time to increase. In order to improve your real-time audience on twitter, you can try the following tips and tricks:

  • It is important to keep in touch with your followers, hence, tweet frequently.
  • Post tweets when the number of active audiences is highest.
  • Use hashtags to make your tweet topic-specific.
  • Participate in twitter trends. 
  • Engage with your audience by replying, retweeting, following back, or quoting. 
  • Add pictures and other media to make your tweet interesting.
  • Think out-of-the-box.
  • Don’t make your twitter account community-specific. 
  • Avoid abusive or sexual content. 


So, are you ready to build your own stature over the world of Twitter? If you want to be a social media influencer or independent digital marketing executive – start your journey by increasing your twitter followers and building a strong route for your career at a global level. 

Before you go ahead and download these best twitter followers App – we recommend you to avoid copyright infringements by copying content from third-party platforms. Apart from this, organic traffic is always better than inorganic traffic. It is noteworthy to mention that these apps in-depth attract an audience to your twitter account by setting up several filters. In the absence of such filters, you may receive an audience that is interested in multiple topics. Moreover, if you as a public twitter profile try promoting abusive or sexual content, your profile may get suspended. 

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