Stock market and bitcoin: a simple investment strategy

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Stock market and bitcoin

Many people have this question in mind whether it’s a good price? Could increase bitcoin price in future if yes, how many?

 Answers to these questions cannot be predicted like the bitcoin-like blockchain-based investment is a new asset class. We do not know the rules.

We know the investment rules. Professor Benjamin Graham, in Columbia economics, published his ideal book in 1949. Graham’s strategy is referred to as “value investment,” and has led to the fortunes of great investors such as Warren buffet and Sir John Tom.

There are many kinds of price investors, but what they have in common is to invest in good companies at a discount price, in companies that have “value”. “Price investors have used disciplined analysis to get” lo “and” get high.”, holds a portfolio of both stocks and bonds to prevent risk. Because bond prices generally rise then. When shares fall, the contrary is a balance in the combination from time to time to protect against market fluctuations on either side.

A part of a stock holding can be used for “mad money” i. e. individual stocks, or precious metals, or alternative investments. Because of this, the intelligent investor portfolio may come down somewhere between these two limitations today:

Here bitcoin and cryptocurrency are considered a piece of the investment pie. Investors need more than they are willing to end up buying bitcoins – and if they do so, they see it as “tuition paid”. Most people, on the other hand, might lose a little bit of the pie. By going to, you can learn how to earn money on bitcoin.

Within the investment portfolio, bitcoin also allows the investor to learn about the new class of assets, and the wide range of benefits the bitcoin can take from a few pennies in 2010 to about $5000 to date. Visit if you want to invest in bitcoins then visit

One of the easiest ways to invest is a dollar-cost advantage:

Use a simple stock market example. That doesn’t have any bitcoin in it. Investing a certain sum of $833 per month in 36 months, rather than investing $10,000 at one time. It is invested like a clock, no matter what the market is doing; It is on autopilot.

After three years, that $10,000 lump sum payment decreased by $15,000 – but about $30,000 when divided in monthly instalments.

This is known as the “dollar – cost average,” and is the best way to get the most investors for a few reasons:¬†

You put in the same amount every month, and sometimes if the prices are high, you can buy “average” like this. You do not have to worry at all. When the market is high. And you never know what it is. That market is more until later. Then you avoid investing a lump sum. So, you don’t have to worry about The Times of the market.

This is psychologically easy. When the prices are low, you have the satisfaction of buying more – and when the prices are high, you have the satisfaction of getting the prices high. This is a win.

By combining the dollar – cost averaging strategy with the aggressive portfolio, you can take about $500 per month. And invest it this way:

A total of 65% ($325) in the share market fund (as in the vanguard VTSMX);

10% $50 in a basket of bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

25% $125 like pawn VBMFX out of the total bond market fund.