Startup from scratch. How to successfully promote a project without resources?

promote a project

We live in an age of startup boom. Hundreds of new high-profile projects are created every day. Their creators claim that they’ll turn the world upside down. Indeed, more and more ambitious people want and try to realize their skills, knowledge, and desires. What is the reason for the trend? Launching a startup is an opportunity to build a successful business without looking at someone else’s opinion. You do everything the way you think is right. A startup is a freedom to implement any idea. Freedom to carry out all your ideas. That is why more and more people, especially university graduates, are launching their own projects and ways to promote a project .

Today, the word startup has become one of the trendiest words in the information field. You’ll meet him in the news, advertising, instant messengers, social networks, etc. But what does it mean? In short, a startup is a start-up business that is at the initial stage of development and has a unique business model that differs from standard ways and methods of development. Most often, the goal of such a project is to develop a unique product or service. At the same time, the team is looking for new ways for the successful development and implementation of the project. However, it does not work for everyone.

Why is it important?

Have you launched your project yet? Excellent! You have taken the first step towards a successful future. But this is only the first and, as statistics show, the easiest step. Many startup founders, especially first-timers, assume they have great ideas and a cool team. They are confident that hard work will certainly lead them to the planned result. Moreover, all the leaders of successful startups and technology market leaders, for example, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, say this.

But in fact, the real picture is not what you can imagine by reading and listening to famous personalities. Successful business development is hard work. It requires skills, resilience, and resources. Statistics prove this thesis. Most projects are closed within the first year after launch. Neither a unique and interesting idea nor the presence of professionals in the team helps them. If you do not have sufficient resources and you do not know how to properly promote your project without them, then with a high probability you’ll fail.

Do such prospects scare you? Are you ready to continue to work and put all your efforts into your project? Be sure to learn how to build a business in conditions of limited resources and finances. The following suggestions will help you.

Some useful tips for successful startup promotion or to promote a project 

Not every startup creator can find a business angel or a large reliable investor who’ll invest in a project. But do not despair! In any case, you should try to launch your startup if you have such a desire. Be sure to try! The main thing is to learn how to work and develop in conditions with limited finances and resources until the project begins to bring the first profit. Use the following tips from professionals who have successfully built a business from the ground up.

Use corporate tools for remote work, to promote a project 

At first, you should cut costs as much as possible and save wherever possible. Therefore, use the remote work type. Today there is no need to rent an office and pay for it. Build a team from anywhere in the world using digital enterprise tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Trello. Such platforms have everything you need to organize and optimize workflows. Many functions become available to you, such as communication within the team, workflow, editing files, communication in video conferences, discussing ideas, creating tasks and their deadlines, and much more. If you lack the standard features of the platform, then, for example, Teams offers to integrate third-party applications.

With Microsoft Teams SMS, you’ll take your communication to the next level. Send important messages to colleagues, make appointments with potential partners, and handle customer inquiries. Communication functionality is limited only by your requirements and fantasies.

Why are enterprise platforms so important? First, with their help, you organize the work of the team. Second, you save money. Money is always needed, you can spend it to promote the project. In addition, most popular applications (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.) have full free versions with some limitations. This is a great solution for a small team from a young startup.

Keep moving and looking for something new

In today’s world, change is a prerequisite for survival. Therefore, try to adapt to new conditions and challenges. Attend courses and webinars for self-development. Hire experts to consult and implement new features in your project. Are you unsure about the effectiveness of the team? Conduct a team-building course. The successful development of a startup is always a movement, a search for something new, and the use of an effective old one. Don’t get hung up on just one thing.

Develop your own marketing strategy

Inexperienced leaders start marketing a business without a clear plan of action, which can kill both the product and its launch. Don’t do it. It is better to conduct in-depth research and create a clear and thoughtful marketing plan.

Start by defining a shared vision and business goals. Analyze the market. Highlight the advantages of your product/service compared to competitors and highlight them when promoting. Answer a few questions. Why should customers use your service? What benefit will they get? Are they willing to pay money for it? Let people feel a sense of belonging by allowing them to use your product for higher purposes. Set specific goals, long and short term.

Start and maintain a blog

Do you want everyone to know about your startup? Be sure to use content marketing and start a blog. Interesting content is the king of marketing. Take enough time to create and maintain such a promotional tool. You can use free blogging platforms. Create new posts regularly to keep the content up-to-date. Don’t forget to add video and audio content.

The best way to promote your blog is through social media. Promoting your blog across multiple platforms will help keep your content from getting lost and maybe even going viral. A high-quality and interesting blog is the key to a successful online brand.