PS4 Controller Not Charging: What to do? How to fix it? 

PS4 Controller not charging
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When it comes to having a good time on the weekend, there is nothing better than downloading newly released action games on PlayStation. It comes with a handy pS4 Controller that you can charge upto 100% and use it upto 8 hours straight. But what if you keep your PS4 Controller on charging but only come back to realize that your PS4 Controller not charging.


To begin with, the PS4 Controller not charging (for any given reason) is a nightmare for gamers out there. Whether you are having fun on your PlayStation or playing professionally as a YouTuber, twitch, steam, and other platforms, PS4 Controller is one of the mainstream pieces of equipment you need fully functioning. 

PS4 Controller not charging
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So, if you are also pondering what to do if your PS4 Controller is not charging, you have come across the right place on the web. Among our team of technical writers, there are many part-time gamers. Thanks to their understanding of the topic, we present the top methods to apply when your PS4 Controller is not charging. In this reading, we are covering distinct scenarios. For example —

  • PS4 Controller is not charging but works.
  • The PlayStation Controller shows its charging, but it’s not. 
  • PS4 Controller plugged in but not charging
  • PS4 Controller charging but no syncing. 

For the most part, in the situations as mentioned above, there are some mutual solutions you can try out. But, before we go ahead and executive solutions into work, let’s take a glance at the possible causes of this charging issue in the PlayStation 4 controller —

Disclaimer: Please note that all the solutions provided in this reading do not include electrical repair of PS4 Controllers at home. All the solutions land in the “Troubleshooting” category. In the event that you have electrically disposed of your pS4 Controller, please get in touch with the professional repair service provider in the area. 

Why is my PS4 Controller not charging?

To begin with, PS4 Controller not charging can indicate the poor environmental health of your gaming room. Or wherever you have set up the PlayStation. Undoubtedly, even the slightest dust collected inside the charging port of the PS4 Controller can disrupt its charging progress. In a few cases, poor hygiene results in the “PS4 Controller shows charging but it’s not” issue. 

Similarly, other potential reasons for your PS4 Controller not charging or malfunctioning are —

  • First of all, check all the cables (charging cables) attached to the PS4 Charger. Any wear & tear to the charging cable can result in the PS4 Controller not charging. We further recommend you to use light force while checking for wear & tear in the cable. Further ahead, check if the wire is folded multiple times, which also disrupts charging.
  • Now, dust and debris collect inside the PS4 charging port sometimes. In this case, disruption in charging is very common. However, nothing to worry about. You can use your phone’s torchlight to check for dust & debris inside the PS4 Controller charging port. 
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  • Your PS4 Controller is not synchronized with your PlayStation. Henceforth, you may require to reconfigure its settings.
  • The PS4 Controller contains a broken or empty battery. It is 100% down and needs more time to backup. Or battery replacement in case of damage. 
  • Last but not least, your PlayStation console is not configured correctly in the context of settings or hardware setup. 

PS4 Controller Not Charging: What to do? How to fix the PS4 Controller charging issue? 

In all the cases served above, please note that not all issues with your PS4 controller charging are fixable. In a few cases, you may entail to replace your pS4 Controller with a brand-new one. 

Today, we present to you the best solutions to fix PS4 Controller charging issues. We hope one of these solutions works out for you and prevents you from the upcoming financial expenditure you may not want. 

#Method 1: PS4 Controller not charging — Should you reset it? 

The answer is yes. Our first method is based on resetting the PS4 Controller. It is one of the easiest and most secure methods because you can give your PS4 Controller a fresh start. First, let’s learn how to reset a PS4 Controller —

  • To begin with this solution, please turn on your PS4 Console. Connect your pS4 Controller to the same while it is on charging. 
  • Next, navigate to the “DEVICES” Option from the Settings menu. 
  • Now, tap on the “Cross” icon in order to disconnect/remove all the previously saved devices, including PS4 Controller. 
  • Now, your PS4 Controller has been reset. 
  • In the next step, please disconnect it from the PS4 Charger and reconnect it. 
  • It will charge as usual. 
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It is influential to note that you will require reconnecting your PS4 Controller to the PlayStation from scratch. Thus, make certain it is 100% charged. 

#Method 2: Clean PS4 Controller’s Charging port

As mentioned above, having a PS4 set up in your room where hygiene is not a priority can be risky for your gadgets. Every day, small particles of debris and dust stick to the inner accessible space of your gadgets, such as speaker dots, charging ports, microphones, etc.

Thus, if your PS4 Controller not charging or the PS4 Controller shows its charging, but it’s not — in both scenarios, the mainstream problem could be a dirty PS4 controller charging port. Here are the three easiest methods to clean the PS4 Controller charging port. Let’s take a glance —

  • Take a toothpick and cover its narrow (sharp end) using cotton. Now, carefully, insert the toothpick inside the charging port and move its cotton-y part slightly to clean-out dust & debris. 
PS4 Controller not charging
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  • In the event that you find the toothpick method risky, you can also use a can of compressed air. Using this can, you can spray the air with pressure in the charging port, which removes dust & debris in one go. 
  • Apart from this, you can also purchase gadget cleaners from the market which are reliable and risk-free. 

Please note that the collection of dust and debris inside the charging port can sometimes turn into a thick layer of black material. If this material is inaccessible using a toothpick or air compressor, please visit the repairer in your area. Inserting a toothpick too deep inside the charging port can damage it. 

#Method 3: Replace Charging Cable (USB Cable)

To begin with, we have all been using USB cables (distinct types with distinct devices) for a decade. Thus, you must know that USB Cables are quite sensitive. They easily get wear & tear. More often than not, too many folds in the USB Cable result in damage which you may be unaware of. This damage can also electrocute you some time. 

Therefore, for PS4 Controller not charging properly, one of the solutions can be replacing your USB Cable. In order to avoid this expenditure, you can also borrow a PS4 Controller charging cable from your friend. It will help you make certain that the mainstream problem is with the cable. Henceforth, you can make a risk-free purchase online. 

To check for damage on your USB Cable, lookout for any irregularities. For example, cuts in the wire, extreme rigidness, or loose ends. 

#Method 4: PS4 Controller not charging? Start Troubleshooting 

When it comes to the PlayStation 4 controller, charging malfunctions rarely happen. However, it can really frustrate you. But, don’t worry! Before you skip to any conclusion or go on amazon to purchase a new PS4 charging adapter, try out this solution. It focuses on PS4 power cycling executives. How to do it? Check out the guidelines/steps provided below —

  • Begin this method by switching off and disconnecting all PS4 external devices (including PS4 Console, PS4 Controller, speakers, headphones, etc.).
  • Now, carefully disconnect the PS4 cord plugged into the electrical circuit. 
  • Please keep the equipment disconnected for 10 minutes at least. In the event that your Console is overheating, make it 15 until it cools down. 
  • Now, please connect the PS4 Controller. Press and hold its main button for about 30 seconds. 
  • It will troubleshoot automatically. 
  • After 3 minutes, please connect the PS4 console cord again. 
  • This time, the PS4 Controller will charge as usual. 

Please note that this method is called “Power cycling.” It will allow you to launch the PlayStation console in safe mode. Thus, preventing any disturbance that may impact the connectivity of the PS4 Controller. We only recommend you try this method once or twice. Repeating this method can cause data loss. 

#Method 5: Utilize new PS4 Controller batteries

From time to time, PS4 Controller not charging or PS4 Controller plugged in but not charging is an issue among gamers. Well! Many gamers forget that PS4 controllers run on batteries. Unlike any other controllers, such as TV remote controllers, pS4 controllers take up a lot of energy to work for 4 to 8 hours straight. In this case, it is common for you to run out of PS4 Controller batteries in a few months. 

Therefore, please check the batteries. Replace existing PS4 controller batteries with new ones. Or, to make sure batteries are the problem, you can also borrow batteries from a friend for a trial run. It will help you make a risk-less purchase. 

PS4 Controller not charging
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On the contrary, it is crucial to note that PS4 Controllers come with an internal battery setup. Henceforth, they are not replaceable at home. We recommend you connect with a professional repairer in your area for such advancement. 

If that is not an option for you, there are several youtube tutorials available on how to install new batteries in the PS4 Controller. We do not recommend this executive if you are not a professional. You can end up damaging the Controller beyond repair. Please go ahead at your own risk. 

#Method 6: Create some ventilation in your gaming room

When it comes to gaming rooms, our researchers have noticed that many gamers keep their stuff in a very congested place. This creates a lot of moisture. And we don’t have to tell you that too much moisture is bad for electrical gadgets. Thus, presuming that you have got the same situation in your hand, our advice is that you create some ventilation in your gaming room. 

For good maintenance of your gaming equipment, keep dusting them off on a weekly basis. It will help them last longer. If there is moisture in your PS4 Controller charging port, keep it under sunlight for a while (after disconnecting it from the Console). 

Apart from this, keep a backup PS4 controller in hand. Connect the backup PS4 Controller to your PS4 Charger to find out whether it is working. 

More often than not, maintenance of PS4 controllers and other equipment is much less heavy on your pocket than replacing them entirely. 

What’s more? 

We hope that the above solutions have worked out for you in the best possible way. On the condition that your PlayStation controller not charging still, we recommend you to contact the repairer in your area to find out the main issue. Hardware issues are always considered last because they are not that common. 

Here are some FAQs for you —

Why is my PS4 Controller charging but not turning on? 

Are you facing difficulty when the PS4 Charging light is on but the Controller is not turning on? In this case, you can reset the PS4 Controller by — pressing and holding the L2 shoulder button for 5-7 seconds. It will turn on. 

Why is my PS4 Controller charging but not connecting? 

Similar to the above-mentioned scenario, if your pS4 Controller is charging but not connecting. The problem may lay with the Console itself. For about 10 minutes, disconnect all the PS4 equipment from the Console. It will reconfigure. 

Why is my PS4 Controller not charging but working when plugged in?

In very rare situations, PS4 controller users complain that the Controller does not charge. As a result, they must keep it plugged in the entire time they play games on the Console. Why is that? It is because of a disruptive power supply due to dust and debris collected inside the charging port. Please find #Method 2 above to view the solution. 


In conclusion, PS4 is not charging is not a major issue if everything is fine with the Controller hardware-wise. The easy pS4 Controller reset method is provided in this reading to assist our readers.

For more information on PlayStation Four troubleshoots, games, game share, share play, etc. — keep us close to your favourite bookmarks. Thanks for having this reading with us. Good luck!