Mic Not Working Windows 10: Top 10 Solutions to Fix Microphone Issues on Windows PC. Check out

Mic Not Working Windows 10
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Are you using Windows PC for Gaming and other entertainment purposes? In case we are certain that you are not new to facing Mic not working Windows 10 problems. Many a thousand users from all over the world have complained about Windows 10 PC’s microphone functionality. What could be causing this issue on many computers?

Well! For Mic not working on Windows 10, there can be distinct reasons. For example, in the basic setting of Windows PC to VOIP Apps causing interruption in audio delivery, 100% accuracy on what is causing the Mic not to work on a Windows computer is impossible. 

But, don’t worry! Today, we have made it possible. How? We have brought you a solutions-fulfilled concise guide on this topic. Check out the top 10 fixes recommended for fixing the “Mic Not working Windows 10” problem. Let’s get started: 

How to know if Mic Not Working on Windows 10? 

To begin with, when you notice that your Microphone is not delivering audio on Windows 10, you may think of it as a configuration issue. But that’s not it. For the most part, Mic not working Windows 10 can also appear to be the main problem when the sound on the Microphone is too low, even if the sound setting is 100%. 

Mic Not Working Windows 10
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There is no doubt that Windows 10 has a tricky interface. In that case, it is possible that you may encounter Microphone issues with Windows 10 on several occasions. According to our research, we have come across three mainstream malfunctions that cause microphone issues. Check out below — 

Mic Not Working Windows 10 due to Compatibility Malfunction

To begin with, when a user injects or connects a third-party audio-delivering or audio-receiving device to the computer. In the event that such a device is not compatible with the Windows 10 PC’s current software version. In this case, Microphone issues will occur. 

For example, Bluetooth speakers that are advanced enough compared to your Windows PC. Such a Bluetooth speaker will not deliver audio to the Microphone because of compatibility malfunction. 

Mic not working Windows 10 due to Hardware Malfunction

In Windows PC(s), Hardware Malfunction is common. This can be as elementary as dust stuck inside the Microphone’s speaker. Or, the malfunction can be something big such as — a damaged microphone on third-party headphones or Bluetooth earphones. Thus, always check whether your headphones/earphones are working fine on other laptops, smartphones, or tablets in the house. If yes, then the problem must lie on your Windows 10 PC. 

Drivers malfunctioning

For the most part, the workability of any PC (any of its features/hardware) depends on drivers. Thus, if your Mic Not Working Windows 10, there is a good chance that audio drivers are malfunctioning on your PC. 

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What to do? There are distinct solutions to resolve various forms of microphone malfunction on Windows 10 PC. Don’t panic! All these solutions are easy to implement and cost-free. Check out the solutions below. 

Top 10 Solutions to Fix Mic Not Working Windows 10 Problem 

Before you go ahead, but accurate solutions to work, please ensure that the problem is with your Microphone alone. To do so, you will need to check your Microphone’s compatibility through an in-built test feature. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Go to the “Settings” section on your Windows PC through Start Menu (click on the Windows key on the keyboard). 
  • Now, tap on the “Privacy” alternative from the settings menu. 
  • Scroll down to the “Microphone” option from the left-hand side menu. 
  • Here, make certain that the “Allow apps to access your microphone” alternative is enabled. If not, use a toggle to turn it ON. 
  • Next, go back and check if microphones are working now on your Windows 10 PC. 
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Mic Not Working Windows 10
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If your Mic not working windows 10 issue continues, the following solutions will work. 

#Solution 1: Update Windows Version on your PC

As mentioned before, compatibility is a major issue when it comes to Windows PC. More often, users isolate update warnings. But, updates are best to go for as they fix bugs and basic malfunctions on your PC. Here’s how you can update your software on Windows PC — 

  • Go to the “Settings” section on your Windows PC through Start Menu (click on the Windows key on the keyboard). 
  • Now, tap on the “Windows Update” alternative from the settings menu. 
  • Click on the “Download and Install now” option. 
  • Make certain your Windows 10 PC is charged as this process takes time. 
  • Next, restart your PC once updated. 
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After updating the software, reconnect your audio device (headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers) to check Mic performance. It will work fine. 

#Solution 2: Update Drivers on Windows 10

This solution is also related to fixing compatibility issues. In the presence of malfunctioning drivers, Windows 10 PC’s Microphone may not work. They may gitch while delivering or receiving audio. To fix it, you can easily update audio-pivotal drivers. Here’s how to do it — 

  • On your desktop, right-click on the “Start Menu.” Or, directly press the Windows Key. 
  • Next, scroll down and select the “Device Manager” alternative. 
  • You can update whichever driver you want, as per their status. 
  • For example, if a Bluetooth driver has a new update available. 
  • Right-click on it and tap on the “Update driver” now option. 

It is highly recommended to upgrade any driver that is related to “Audio.” Once all drivers are upgraded, restart your PC. Reconnect the microphone device to check the results. 

#Solution 3: Mic Not Working Windows 10? Locate hardware damages 

When you connect a third-party device to your Windows 10 PC, it will connect instantly. But, if you observe glitches in audio while taking a video/audio call, zoom meeting, music, or any other task, it is possible that your Mic is malfunctioning. Both hardware damage to PC or third-party audio devices can be responsible. Thus, we recommend you locate damages such as —

  • Dust in PC’s speaker.
  • Debris and dust inside earplugs. 
  • Damage to the cable. 
  • Damage to the microphone port.
  • Dust and debris in the microphone port on the PC. 
  • Faulty wiring. 
Mic Not Working Windows 10
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All of these physical damages to PC or Microphone devices can cause Mic not working windows 10 problems. If you locate any damage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your service center. Please do not try to clean microphones, speakers, and microphone ports on PC all by yourself at home. It is a tricky job and should only be done under a professional’s eye. 

#Solution 4: Connect a less-advanced Microphone device to your PC

Yet again, when it comes to Windows 10, compatibility is a must. For example, if you connect AirPods to your Windows PC, they may work if the software version is 11. However, it may not work with Windows 10. You will encounter a Mic not working Windows 10 problem.

So, it is possible that you are connecting a much more advanced third-party microphone device to your PC. Due to the non-compatibility of both devices, they will not connect properly. Henceforth, deliver malfunctioning low-volume audio. Sometimes, no audio at all. 

how to connect airpods to macbook

In this case, to check whether this is the reason for your microphone malfunction, connect a less-advanced audio device to your PC. If microphones work just fine, it means that another set of audio devices is non-compatible. 

Again, put #Solution 1 to work in order to accomplish compatibility in this case. 

#Solution 5: Mic Not Working Windows 10? Manage Audio Device 

Are you having microphone malfunctioning issues on your Windows 10 PC? Don’t panic. Sometimes, the wrong audio configuration or default setting can also cause the Microphone to not work.

For example, if you have selected “Headset” as the mainstream recording device on your PC. In this case, when you connect the Microphone, it will not work. Here’s how to change the respective setting —

  • To manage audio devices on your PC, please navigate to the “Control Panel” section.
  • To do so, you can access the Start Menu. Or, simply press the “Windows + R key” shortcut. Type “control panel” and press the enter key on the keyboard. 
  • In the control panel, scroll down to the “Hardware and Sound” section. 
  • Then, from the right-hand side menu, select the “Manage Audio device” option under “Sound.”
  • Switch to the “Recording” tab. 
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Mic Not Working Windows 10
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  • Here, select “microphone” as the preferred recording device. 
  • Save the settings and exit. 

Now, disconnect and reconnect your Microphones to your Windows 10 PC. The problem will be resolved. 

#Solution 6: Disable and Restart Audio Driver (Device) in Device Manager

As mentioned in #Solution 2, if your Microphone is not working, it could be because of the drivers. In the event that you have updated all audio drivers and mic problems do not resolve. Please go to device manager (Windows + R key > type Device Manager > Enter key). Here, select the driver(s), and tap on the “disable” option by right-clicking on it. Now, restart the device. 

Due to unknown issues, sometimes corrupted drivers disconnect from the Microphone (other recording devices). If any problem lies in the driver, it will resolve itself upon restarting. 

#Solution 7: Uninstall or Disable VOIP Apps

VOIP Apps stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol Applications. For example, zoom is one of the most common and prominent VoIP apps which allows users to connect via audio and video calls.

Sometimes, VOIP apps protect your Microphone from delivering audio due to bugs and malware. Thus, if you are not working on a VOIP App for now, please either disable such applications or uninstall them for a short period of time. 

#Solution 8: Troubleshoot for unknown issues with the Microphone

In the event that none of the above-mentioned solutions have worked out for you, it is possible that the cause of Mic not working with Windows 10 is related to a deeper issue. What to do? Thanks to Windows’ careful interface, you can troubleshoot your system for unknown problems. Here’s how to do it — 

  • Navigate to the “Settings” section on your Windows PC via Start Menu. 
  • In the settings, navigate to the “Update & Security” alternative. 
  • Now, tap on the “Troubleshoot” alternative. 
  • On the right-hand side menu, select the “Additional Troubleshooter” option. 
  • Scroll down to the “Speech” alternative, which redirects to the Microphone. 
  • Upon clicking it, troubleshooting will begin automatically. 
Mic Not Working Windows 10
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In the troubleshooting result, check what’s causing the mic malfunctioning on your Windows 10. Resolve is based on the respective solution provided above.

#Solution 9: Unplug all third-party devices and connect again

We are assured that you may have already tried this. But, if you haven’t, this solution is a complete quick fix. Mic Not Working Windows 10 can simply be a consequence of malfunctioning wires or ports.

Sometimes, even a small dust particle can cause this malfunction. Thus, please unplug all the third-party devices. Use a cotton cloth to clean their port and get rid of any debris. 

Now, replug the device again. The mic will work just fine. 

#Solution 10: Check if the third-party device is working on another PC

In the event that there’s a problem with your headset or Microphone (third party), it will also not work on other laptops too. In this way, you can relieve yourself from the worry of what’s wrong with your PC? 

What to do next? 

Please contact Windows 10 official support on Microsoft’s website. Or you can also connect with the laptop repair expert in your area if you need an urgent fix. We strongly recommend you shelter yourself from opening your computer’s hardware as it can lead to further damage. 

All the solutions provided above are safe and very basic. 


In conclusion, we hope that this guide has helped you fix your microphone malfunction issues on Windows 10 PC. For more information on technical subjects (iPhone, macOS, Windows, Android, Tablets, iPods, and more), bookmark us.

We bring to you verified fixes for common issues. Thank you for reading with us. 

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