Now That Online Events Are All The Rage, Here’s How You Can Promote Them

Online Events Are All The Rage, Here's How You Can Promote Them

Online Events Are All The Rage, Here's How You Can Promote Them

The word “online” has gained a more profound meaning with the onset of 2020. From conducting business to online schooling, the internet has declared its versatility yet again. The same stands true for online events: either
professional or as a medium to relax.

If you are enthusiastic about starting your own online event, now is a good time as any to do so. With the presence of social media affixed to the online aspect of quarantine, you will be able to take advantage of your resources and create a successful online event.

Here’s a consolidated list of guidelines that could help you to promote your event online.

The Rulebook For Your Online Events

  1. Goals and Objectives

Like any project, creating a successful online event requires a certain degree of planning prior to carrying out the promotion. Start by asking yourself simple questions and answering them. Such as:

  • Which section of the promotion will each of your teammates manage?
  • Which social media websites will you be using?
  • Will, there be a live stream of the event, and if so, which platform will you be using?

Creating a to-do list or a checklist, as dull as they sound, can help you keep track of all your objectives. There is a surplus of apps available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, which offer interesting ways to keep you on track.

The main reason to keep a checklist is to prevent you from being overwhelmed by an irregularity at a crucial point while organizing your event.

  1. Event Page and Website

In earlier times, event organizers put up fliers in marketable areas to attract customers. Yet, with the current situation in mind, that might not be the best thing to do.

An event page, however, could be called as the online equivalent of a flier. This is where your target customers get the details of your online event. Starting from the time and date to the platform, it is necessary that you do not skimp out on the details.

The online demographic has very little patience and consumes data voraciously at a fast pace. Hence, it is imperative that you make the event page as attractive as possible. It must convey the right amount of information while keeping the customers interested enough to look for further details.

Making the event page or website colorful with lots of related images and videos could attract the customers. If you do not have enough resources to obtain such images, there are equally attractive images available online, though they might only be vaguely related to your event.

Sometimes adding music to your websites (in case of an online party event or something similar) could also intrigue them. If paying for music is not something you are able to do currently, try to download youtube to mp3 converter online. But, please do make sure to credit your sources.

  1. Google is Your Friend

With your event page and website now up and running, the natural next step is to reach a wider audience so they can view them. While the usual sharing links with friends and colleagues are useful, it reaches a very small portion of your target audience.

Even to share the event details on social media, a primary platform is required where you can make use of the algorithm to reach a mixture of people. This is where Google comes into play.

The key to taking advantage of Google’s algorithm to an extent is to use SEO and keywords in your event description that are relevant to and influence the audience. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps with targeted search, and keywords help you reach your target customers more efficiently.

By correlating your event page with social media, you can further help filter the searches of the customers.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Even without stating the obvious, advertising your event on social media is most probably what you would have done. Nevertheless, even promoting on social media needs meticulous planning.

Initially, you must identify how each social platform can help your event. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat can each provide you with a different perspective on advertising your event.

With substantial planning, you can not only enchant a large section of your target customers but also make it enjoyable for them to track down and follow your pages. You could also offer promotions such as merch giveaways and contests for special prizes to advertise your event.

Utilizing newer platforms such as podcasts and creating new hashtags for Instagram and Twitter could also help in
promoting your event. The name of the game is to be as unique as possible.

Along with the previously mentioned platforms, it would be wrong not to discuss LinkedIn.

If your event leans more toward the professional side, LinkedIn could prove invaluable to you. LinkedIn offers its own set of services focussed on making connections in a professional setting, mainly Groups. These Groups
revolve around specific interests that enable you to connect with many people with the same concerns.

To Wind-up

Apart from the list of guidelines that have been mentioned, feel free to add your own ideas to spice up your online promotions. Try adding email blasts, event-centered email addresses, popular hashtags, and other such tactics
to appeal to the contemporary crowd.

Even if you lack theresources to make such extravagant changes to your promotion, there is always a
great selection of online services such as online invitation maker free that you could avail for free.

Don’t be afraid to be creative in your approach. People tend to find creative and unique promotions more appealing than the usual bland informative ones.

If you have connections with celebrities and entrepreneurs, requesting them to promote your event on their social media pages could skyrocket your influence.

Do keep in mind that the mindset of the audience and their likes and dislikes are what you must focus on while doing your market research. At the end of the day, catering to the needs of the people is what your promotions should emphasize!