Movies Won’t Stop! Find Some Alternatives To Putlocker Here!

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Putlocker refers to several online file hosting index websites that can be used to stream entertainment media. These particularly refer to movies and television series and all this is absolutely free of cost.

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The website originated in the UK nearly in 2011. It received millions of viewers and grew continuously. Unfortunately, the website was blocked in the UK in May 2016. Motion Picture Association of America reported Putlocker as a major piracy threat.

Following is a list of some alternatives to Putlocker:

1) 123 Movies

This site has the most extensive streaming library. It is a great site to find and stream the desired movies. Also, the website is well-organized with a user-friendly interface. Even the neophytes can easily navigate through it. The users do not need to register themselves to get access to stream their favorite content.

In addition to movies, it is also known for providing a large selection of many shows, dramas, and cartoons. Anime is also a part of the preview.

The well-sorted list makes it easy to find the needed content. Also, the users can see the reviews. The less number of ads makes it even better.

2) Movies on Netflix

Netflix provides the users with a vast collection of movies. Apart from that, the users can also stream various other content like TV series, anime, etc. The users can stream the content online at the best quality.

Netflix provides one month of free trial for the experience of the users. But after that, they need to purchase the premium membership to stream unlimited shows of the best quality.

The interface is organized quite well, which makes it easy even for the new users to find what they need.

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3) Popcornflix

Popcornflix provides a massive library of popular movies along with many features. Unfortunately, this site does not stream TV shows.

It has movies from numerous genres without any need of registration. The users can easily find the desired movies. Also, the site features the latest hits and classics.

The users who are not sure about their choice can easily navigate through the site to find something that interests them. The site is best supported on mobile phones and provides the best experience.

4) Los Movies

Los Movies is also an excellent site for streaming a large variety of movies and television shows. The huge collection of international content is in the limelight on this site. Most of the foreign content is available with subtitles.

While browsing, users can easily filter the lists by adding date, rating, release date, etc. The homepage also features the latest trending content. The search bar helps to look for the desired movies or shows without any registration needed. This is similar to’s website streaming services which makes user’s experience easier.

The only drawback that the site faces is a large number of pop-ups. Using ad-blocker might be useful while streaming content on this site.

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5) Go-Movies

GoMovies is a website that lets users choose between two different homepage layouts. Also, the homepage is free of clutter with a well-designed search function.

The older layout helps the user navigate through a long list of movies. These can be filtered as trending, most viewed, and their ratings. Also, the users can stream unlimited content without any registration process.

The night mode acts as the icing to the cake. This mode is just perfect for late-night movie watchers.

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6) Fmovies

This is one of the best sites for movie lovers. It has a unique interface with a user-friendly layout. The homepage is simple with elegant design. It is perfect for users who do not fit well with clutters.

The site features an excellent search function. The free content is available without any subscription or registration.

Like most other sites, Fmovies allows users to sort content. Also, the well-organized categories make it simpler to find the desired movies.

Users can add filters like most recently added, most watched, etc.

7) Watch Series Online

If a user is unable to find some specific series that he has been looking for, this site can be the best option.

Unfortunately, this site does not provide movies, but us well known for the display of TV shows. There are complete episodes will all season of the latest series.

Users can go through the random content on the homepage to find some new content that could interest them. The quality that it provides is also the best. Though it is a site with many advantages, the large number of ads proves to be a drawback.

8) Yify

When looking at the sites that are highly able for downloading movies, Yify is a popular one. It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows to satisfy the demand of its customers. Another website named Yify Stream allows the users to stream online content without downloading. The site provides high-quality movies.

The various features and options make it easy for the users to discover new content and find the one that they desire. Filter options available on the site include release dates, genres, ratings, popularity, etc.

The most significant advantage is the ability to stream the content without interruption by ads. The site needs no subscription, no fees.


9) DuckieTV

With this website, users can stream their favorite content for free. This includes unlimited movies, TV shows, etc. This works as an extension of browsers like Chrome or Opera. Also, it can work as an independent app.

Users can easily search for the movies or shows that they wish to stream at considerably good quality.

10) Hulu

Hulu is a quite reliable website for streaming movies. Also, it is highly secure. The site is linked with many different TV networks. This provides users with a great experience with TV shows.

The thing that users might not like is that they need to pay a minimal registration fee. This is required to access the features that it provides. Another drawback is that Hulu is available only in the US. Hopefully, it will soon expand globally.


This is another website with classic content. is an excellent choice for back-up. This site also solves many problems like non-functional links or advertisements that mislead the users.

No ads and no functional links make it the right choice. Also, the site provides a comfortable experience even to the new users.

The content on the site is regularly updated. This helps attract more audience. Users can easily find the desired content like movies.


The above alternatives to Putlocker would hopefully help the users who love binge-watching movies and shows. These might provide a new experience to them.