Low Wager Requirement Casinos – How Do They Work


Speaking of gambling, we know that this is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Online gambling has shot up in the last decade. Modern online casinos offer their players a great variety of gambling games. Knowing that the competition is enormous, casinos have to offer the best terms possible to their players. They are all looking for lower wager requirements because they would really like to win while receiving a casino bonus. 

In the beginning, casino bonuses did not have wager requirements, which made them open to abusers. Later, most casinos made strict wager requirements, but some of them went too far, and made it almost impossible to actually win anything promised by the bonus. The wagering terms were often so unclear, that the players weren’t even aware they existed, and they actually ended up decreasing their potential winnings without even knowing it. 

But new lower wager requirements open new spaces for players. Wagering conditions are getting better, and the goal is to make the lowest possible wagering deals in order to attract more players. 

What are wagering requirements

In order to understand how things work you first need to understand what are the wagering requirements. Online casino wagering requirements are the number of times a person needs to bet their bonus or free spins, before they become eligible to withdraw their winnings. 

Those wagering requirements are different in every casino, but they all have the same function: to avoid abuse of bonuses offered by casinos. They offer players real bonuses and, at the same time, keep the casino safe from any misuse. It means that you have to wager the bonus, prize or free spin winnings several times before you can actually withdraw any winnings. They are created to protect casinos from losing money by blocking abuse of bonuses and free spins. 

If the wagering requirements are very high, it can be a problem with new players or those players with lower budgets, so the lower wagering requirement, the better. The players should be offered a chance to actually win the game, and lowering the wagering requirements is a way of improving circumstances for them and giving them more chance to win. That of course means casinos will gain more players.

Low wagering online casino bonuses

Casinos have one big goal: to get as many players as possible, because of the simple fact that the more players a casino has, more money they can make. They also have to take care of their competition. Online casinos usually offer bonuses to their gamblers to attract more and more players. The more bonuses they offer, the more players they’ll get. 

The majority of players will often go for low wagering online casinos because they are not ready to place particularly huge bets or wagers. Bonuses may seem like a great deal to players, but casinos do this with only one goal: to gain more players. That’s why they know their own limits in how much bonuses they can offer. It is an excellent idea to claim low wagering online casino bonuses for many reasons:

  • Through cashback bonuses you can get some of your money back
  • There is no need to add extra money to complete the wagering requirements
  • Bonuses can be withdrawn right away
  • You have the freedom to spend bonus money however you like
  • You can browse casino bonus offers until you manage to find the ones that suit you best
  • Players could be given a great boost when opening an account, and so on.

And once the palms get hot, gamblers usually become increasingly interested in the games. Although there are more and more online casinos popping up each day, there actually are just a few of those offering low wagering or no wagering bonuses. These new low wagering online casinos will use low wagering bonuses to attract more new customers, even those with a low budget, because something that was unreachable for those players now becomes something quite affordable.

Lots of online casinos provide low wagering deposit match bonuses, such as welcoming bonuses. These enable players to enjoy games without spending too much of their money. At the same time, casinos gain more players, which – in turn – brings them more profit. 

How to wager a bonus – an example

Free spins with low wagering may come as a part of the welcoming package or with match bonuses. Here is an example of how to wager a bonus: a player joins a casino and gets a welcome free spin no wager bonus. After using up their free spins, the player actually manages to win the game. That win is then turned into bonus money. The bonus has a certain wagering requirement, so they have to wager their free spin a certain number of times before they are allowed to withdraw any money. Maximum wins can also be applied to free spins, which means a player can only withdraw a limited sum of money from their actual winnings.

Final thoughts

If you decide to choose a low wagering casino, keep in mind that you need to avoid casinos with unclear and confusing terms. Always check out the details of promotions offering bonuses. Be sure to carefully read terms and conditions, in order to determine how to make your first deposit, because this is the way to verify your account and the method of money transfer. The more bonus money a player gets, the more they will have to play through. And it is very important to know whether they have to wager only their bonus, or they have to wager their bonus AND their deposit. 

In the end, be aware of the fact that some casinos may offer low wagering bonuses that apply to only one part of the promotion. Some of them also offer bonuses that only last for a limited period of time, so you’ll need to make sure you use them up until the time runs out.