Logistics and Storage Experts – for All your High-Tech Needs

Logistics and Storage Experts 

When thinking about the word logistics a few things spring to mind, big heavy machinery, enormous trucks and vans, mammoth warehouses, lots of noise, and crossed fingers in the hope that your often highly valuable equipment is still in one piece. Lets find out the Logistics and Storage Experts – for All your High-Tech Needs

Fortunately, those nail-biting moments are a thing of the past and here’s why….

When looking into logistics or storage services for your high-tech equipment you will likely see terms flying around that you may not have seen before.

Terms like ‘white glove services’ or ‘last mile services.’  So, what exactly do these mean and why should you want them?

Simply put, ‘white glove services’ refer to a premium delivery service, whereby your delicate or highly expensive equipment is managed with the upmost of care and attention, following explicate instructions where needed.

If you are looking for technical logistics then speak with Rhenus High Tech, a leading white glove logistics provider. A full rundown of what is on offer can be found on their website.

‘Last mile services’ is used to describe the last phase of the journey for your equipment. More specifically, the movement of personnel and consignments from a logistics depot to the desired end location. 

Whether you are in the banking, power systems and plant, access control, gaming or vending, print and imaging, robotics, retail, telecommunications, IT and data (whilst on the subject, if your Internet speed leaves a lot to be desired click here for an informative blog), fitness or gyms, medical or even digital signage & kiosk sectors of business then using a ‘white glove service’ is a must to ensure you receive the highest level of logistics care.

When looking at services offered from a host of different providers, we found more than we expected! As such we’ve put a short list together which should help you when making your choice of provider and service.


Something that could be a deal breaker and could save you a load of time so best to ask first. Some providers only cover a particular country or part of the globe where as other operate globally. If your company trades in any of the following countries: – England, Switzerland, China, Australia, India, France or the United States then you should be looking for a global logistics supplier.

Areas of expertise 

When searching around we found some companies to be a ‘one size fits all ‘set up where as others specialised in particular areas of expertise. Be sure to choose a company that specialise in your area of need, they will after all be experts and have the experience to go with it. This is also very important when we look at level of service offered.  

Level of service

We also found that the level of service varied in with some companies they offered a different level of service depending upon your requirements.  As an example, some specialists offer things like installation of equipment. Other specialists have made use of logistics IOT to offer a better logistics service using technology. We hadn’t even considered this but some of the experts offer the whole package meaning, less for you to think about. 


You can tell a lot about a company and its ethos by the types of accreditations it has so we highly recommend asking about or looking for accreditations and qualifications when making your enquiries. A lot can be said for a provider who puts time, care and effort into improving itself and the staff that help run operations. Accreditations should give you further peace of mind regarding the level of service you can expect to receive.

Further information can be found on the .gov.uk website, including a growth review and a last mile review back in 2019.

That should be enough information to help you on your way. Having said that, if you have any questions a quick search on the internet will provide you with a list of providers whom we are sure will be happy to help you with specifics.