Introduce These Company Policies to Prevent Productivity Loss Issues

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Introduce These Company Policies to Prevent Productivity Loss Issues

With millions of businesses going remote, employees worldwide have no other choice but to work from home for an indefinite period. But with a sudden change in the workplace environment, businesses are finding it challenging to manage the overall productivity. Here are some policies that will help a company to prevent productivity loss issue.

But such a loss in productivity is not only affecting operations, it’s also impacting the ROI as well. As per the IHS study, a downtime issue causes more than 78% loss of productivity, with a revenue loss of around 17% regarding IT-related productivity loss.

Since the global economy is already taking a toll, if you add up these issues, your business would eventually feel the heat. So, here are some of the factors that you must take care of while working from home.

  • Use a Strong Wireless Connection For Uninterrupted Work

Disturbing and unstable wireless connection is one of the common problems that result in a loss of productivity when working from home. Undoubtedly, the internet connection in the office is much more stable than that of home. So, ensuring reliable and robust broadband or wireless connection will empower you to get all tasks done and help you to prevent productivity loss.

  • Follow Proper Measures to Keep The hard disc Healthy

You can easily manage a clean hard disc in your system in the office since experts can handle any emergency issues. However, when WFH, sometimes you might forget to clean the unnecessary files.

Surprisingly, such files occupy almost 70% of the space and can hamper your system’s Efficiency. It would be best if you take proper measures to clean your disc space or other errors. For instance, if you are a Mac user, you might be aware of the Startup Disc errors. To rectify the issue, Mac owners must take appropriate measures, or else it will start interfering with the operating system of your Mac.

  • Disable Unnecessary Programs to Improve Efficiency

During Work from Home, it is essential that your computer runs smoothly and functions properly. You can ensure it by disabling all the unused background applications that hinder your work. That way, you can quickly get all the jobs done without hampering your productivity.

  • Avoid Eating or Drinking Near Your System

In the office, there is a strict “No food near the system” policy. But when working from home, employees seldom follow these rules. Shockingly, more than 50% of the computers get damaged due to the spilling of the liquid. It is recommended that one should not eat or drink near the system to avoid severe and irreversible damage that might affect your productivity and Efficiency.

Key Takeaways

Work from home is the “new normal” amidst the growing pandemic concerns. Every corporate is using its workforce remotely to keep things moving. It would be best if you didn’t affect your productivity when many companies are laying off employees to compensate for losses.

Additionally, it is unsafe for you and your family to call a technician to fix your computer due to the high risk of Covid-19. That’s why you must take care of your systems, even more, today to avoid any medical or monetary emergencies tomorrow.

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