How to write a research paper on a weekend


You being here means you don’t have much time left to complete an essay so let’s get started quickly. The best way you can write a well-written essay on a weekend is to plan ahead and gradually write all of it in the period you have left.

Writing an essay in 2 days can be a very hard task especially if the assignment you got contains strict requirements that are to be met when writing. You won’t be able to enjoy the essay but yet it can still be done.

This requires special methods, knowing how to write an essay isn’t enough, you have to properly organize all the ideas and supporting arguments so that it looks neat. If you don’t arrange it, the essay will poorly be done and you might end up failing the task.

If you have a lot of research to do on the topic, you can hire a paper writer online to help you with that so that the research can be done a little quicker or you can even ask one of your friends to help you with the research but don’t ask them to write the whole essay as that would be unfair.

Before getting into the process of starting the essay, you should eliminate all the distractions so that you get all the time you have left for writing the essay. Turn off your phone and disable all the notifications you get.

If you live with your family, you can ask them not to disturb you for the entire day and request them to make no noise as to write a good essay, you will need all the focus.

Follow these tips and write the best essay possible in a weekend;

Divide the segments

Dividing a bigger task into manageable parts makes the task easier to do and more enjoyable. You’ll have a bunch of loads if you try to do it all together. There are many stages in writing an essay such as the research you do on your topic, the thesis statement you come up with, etc.

Draft it

The most important thing when writing is knowing what you’re going to write about. If you don’t know what you’re writing about, you’ll just end up making the essay look poorly done and mixed up.

After your research, brainstorm the ideas and write them down so you don’t forget about them. Once you’re done with gathering all the ideas, you can start by plotting the ideas in the paragraph to see if they connect.

Then you may start coming up with arguments to support your main ideas as they look meaningless without these.

Write body and conclusion

At this stage when you’re done with the draft, you can take the help from it to see which point goes where and start writing the essay using the arguments and ideas that you brainstormed.

Your essay should at least consist of 4-5 paragraphs as it’s the normal format of an essay. Give a brief introduction at first about your topic so that the reader knows what your topic is and whether if it’s an informative essay or persuasive.

Give every paragraph a supportive argument and an idea so it all looks connected and well written. Try to not repeat the same things over and over again to achieve the word limit because it will look very untidy.

Last but not least, you will end your essay with a conclusion to bring closure to it. You will be briefly reviewing your ideas and giving your own opinion on the topic.

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