How to Choose a Military Resume Writing Service to Get a Powerful Resume

Writing Service

Writing Service

Military routine turns into civilian rustle and this is a hard process, that asks for a new wording. The sites that willingly relieve the translation of military experience into the common words are a dime a dozen. But it seems unreal to find a competent and trustworthy one at once. From this review, you will learn which of expert military resume writing service for U. S. veterans will help to launch your civil career.

Before You Start

After you receive your DD Form 214, you can get frustrated with the limited options of a civil career you meet. Take it easy, it may sound awkward, but global companies prefer to hire military professionals. A work ethic, instilled in veterans, can’t be found anywhere else. The recruiters look for those who are devoted, diligent, resilient, flexible. These are the abilities of military staff, aren’t they?

Sometimes it looks like struggling to explain all assessments of your skills in plain English to the hiring manager. The one and the single lion in your way that holds you back in a job search is skill translation. Your new-built resume should contain no military acronyms or terminology, that is a fail-factor of connecting with civilians. An expert in resume writing helps to overcome all hardships of Military Resume Writing Service, but you should do on your own some arrangements to start.

Short Hints for Veterans

Before you make the first steps to change your life with the help of professionals:

  1. Check if the information on the form D-214 is correct, including discharge characterization, reenlistment code, certificates, qualifications, schools, and so on.
  2. Get your Service and Medical records copies on hand.
  3. Apply for terminal leave, taking advantage of all the leave days you have got.
  4. Get all benefits of the GI, check the Post 9/11 GI Bill which allows paying for education.
  5. If there is no intention to reenlist, make a plan for future civilian life.

Top Service Providers for Veteran Resume Writing

While reviewing the service providers we have taken on the following criteria:

  • pricing range;
  • the time they need to complete the resume;
  • attestation,experience, credentials;
  • guarantees and customer-oriented approach.

Take a note! According to the above criteria, you can choose not only military service. These requirements are for attorney resume writing services, executors and other areas as well.

Find My Profession

Find My Profession, a well-known company, that operates worldwide, providing highly qualified services. The team aims to build effective resumes to get converted military skills into job offers and takes advantage of ATS compliance. The specialists undertake the task regardless of ranks and pay grades, transiting the military from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, and the National Guard. This company takes care of easy communication between the sides, supplying its clients with the writer’s contact details.
Guarantee: 60 days interview guarantee.
Rating: 5/5.
Turnaround: 2-5 days.
Cost: $395-$895.
Phone: (831) 888-0967.
Mail to: [email protected]

Resume Writers

Resume Writers is the high-valued large network of independently contracted professionals. The staff has been crafting the military resumes for more than 5 dozen career fields and industries, for all ranks and pay grades since 1999. Note, please, the major part of military transition specialists boasts the same military background.

Guarantee: 60 days interview guarantee, 100% refunding if unsatisfied. 

Rating: A+.
Turnaround: 1-3 days.
Cost: $170-$410 and includes a 15% “thank you” discount.
Phone: (866) 356-2789
Mail to:[email protected] 

A Platinum Resume

A Platinum Resume is a highly appreciated, certified military to civilian resume writing service with a personalized approach to clients. Their free resume consultations and military spouse resumes may be much helpful for you and your family members. A specialist in military resumes has an experience of the Army and Air Force services in the past, for now, she assists the veterans to come back to civilian life.

Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee.

Rating: 5/5.
Turnaround: 2-15 days.
Cost: $617-$1,547.
Phone: (719) 339-2659
Mail to: [email protected]


TopResume, founded in 2014, represents a wide network of more than 1k certified resume specialists. Writing for more than 65 career fields, including military services, may get called professional success. There is a unique option for getting a free resume critique. You get personal support from a writer as soon as you order your military transition resume. These guys rebrand others from a “Military Officer” to “Multifaceted Professional” with ease.
Guarantee: 60 days interview guarantee, 60-day revision period.
Rating: 4,7/5.
Turnaround: 4-7 days.
Cost: $199.
Phone: (800) 604-1929.
Mail to: [email protected]

1 Day Resume has been wor0king as the resum

1Day Resume

e service since 1993 and is famous for qualitative services abroad. The staff has a degree-level education, and military to civilian transition is its specialization. A unique feature of the service is the permanent storage of your resume for free to update it in the future. Note, please, they list no pricing so be ready to specify it on phone.
Guarantee: 360 Feedback Interview System.
Rating: 4,9/5
Turnaround:1-2 days.
Cost: Not specified.
Phone: (865) 691-3796/
Mail to:[email protected]

All companies listed above have low rejection rates, good reputation, affordable pricing and accommodate the interests of all servicemen with ranks O-1 to O-10, W-1 to W-5, or E-1 to E-9. Their writing staff is perfect for questions of military transition and launches civil careers as quickly and easily as possible.