How to be a Successful Freelance Programmer

Successful Freelance Programmer

There is no secret that we live in a strong technologically developed era. One of the best-paying jobs you can find online is a programmer. As hard as it is to learn programming languages, note that it is not! All you need is a little bit of time to develop your skills, and eye-catching portfolio, and a smart marketing campaign. How to combine all of these ingredients and become a high-paid programmer?! Keep a keen eye on the following rows to find out more on how to be a successful freelance programmer. 

Programming Languages

The first and the hardest part you need to complete is to learn how to program simple or complicated projects like Casumo casino India. We suggest you look at a website that you like the most and save it as your favorite in your web browser. Keep it there until you learn how to program and then try to redo it all by yourself. 

Until you reach that point, start to read beginners’ books/ enroll in an online programming course or watch tutorials on the best social media/streaming channels like Twitch or YouTube. Don’t start with complicated commands, just try to write down the important information you find and then put them into practice. For now, one of the most popular programming languages is either HTML5 or Python. Lots of companies use them to create breathtaking websites, games, or other online products that attract clients. 

Communication Skills 

Once you master the secrets of programming and think it is time to level up, look for your first clients. One of the most important things is to have excellent communication skills. Before talking or sending them offers, think about the work you can provide first. Then, create a series of packages and attractive prices to get hired. 

When you are sending emails,  present yourself and leave at the end of it your “signature”. That means to include your surname, name, valid mobile number, and even your specialty, respectively programmer. Also, don’t write boring messages and try to stand out from other freelancers. 

Apart from sending emails, there are lots of specialized platforms that can bring you a lot of money. To create an account is 100% free, and you’ll have to look for employers. Check their rating and try to bid on their offers. Before doing that, make sure to present yourself and your skills and expertise (even if you are a beginner). Then, wait for your first client to come back to you and start a new collaboration. 

Basic Working Rules 

Impose your own working rules. When you are a freelancer, the employer will not say to work from 9 to 5. You decide which are your working hours and talk with the employer about the deadline of the project you were assigned. Once you start to work for someone, create a schedule and get used to following it in order to receive good feedback from the client. Than make sure to:

  • Be on time with your schedule 
  • Work for as long as you consider to finish the project
  • Ask for questions when you are not to sure about something
  • Try not to get distracted by other things and keep your focus on 
  • Try to negotiate the prices in your favor 
  • Be a professional and respond as fast as possible to the client request/questions

Online portfolio

Did you have your first collaboration?! Then, start your portfolio. You can do that even if you did not work for someone. Try to make a portfolio that will describe your skills as they are. Use modern graphics and explain exactly what you can offer to an employer and why they should choose you. Add in your portfolio some samples of your work/exercise if you have them. 

After creating it, attach it to your freelancer profile. If you send messages to employers and they like your work, they will take a look or ask for your portfolio. If they will be pleased, they will ask for a new collaboration and even start talking about the prices they can pay you. 

Here is some extra advice to take into account when you make an online portfolio:

  • Keep your portfolio simple, and don’t overdo it with fluff or other information 
  • Create a clear and beautiful design and make your portfolio easy to read
  • Add inner links to your portfolio for a simple navigation 

Content Marketing

When you gain many clients, you can start your website to provide all your services. For that, you will need a strong marketing campaign. One of the most important features of a page is your content. To be more visible online, get a talented content writer or create your articles, advertorials, and reviews about your work. 

It looks simple, but it’s not! You shall find the best keywords that match your field and optimize all your articles to be in the first Google pages and get traffic. You also have the option to advertise yourself on other websites, but you will need a larger budget to do that. 

Target Audience 

For whom are you going to provide your services? Are you going to create shopping websites or code games for casinos? Think about your target audience and start to develop products for a single or multiple niches related to the same field. 

Get experience and compete with other freelancers for the same field, negotiate your income with the employers and get ready to complete as many tasks as you could. Don’t overdo yourself and create high-end websites, games, etc.


Once you make up your mind to be one of the best programmers, select a field, develop your skills and work for the best companies from home! Read books to get knowledge about Python, HTML5, C++ and other programming languages, create a freelancer account and set up your portfolio. Then, look for clients and start to provide your services like a PRO.


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