How a Managed IT Services Provider Can Benefit Your Business


With the fast-paced nature of today’s business environment, it’s time to think beyond break/fix IT and embrace a proactive strategy. But many in-house IT departments are unable to keep up with emerging tech trends and ensure that their business systems are operating properly.

With this in mind, hiring a managed IT services provider may be a smart idea. Here are the top advantages that an MSP can provide for your organization.

Prevent downtime

An MSP can assist your firm adopt a proactive attitude when it comes to your critical systems, rather than reacting. Great IT support companies, for example, will keep an eye on your systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to resolve issues before they become serious. They would conduct root cause analysis (RCA) to stop a similar issue from occurring again.

In other words, an MSP can help you achieve maximum uptime and minimum downtime. And considering the cost of downtime is around $5,600 per minute on average, it’s easy to see why working with an MSP is so beneficial.

Gain expert insight

To keep up with competitors, you may need to invest in new technology and ensure your customer experience remains exceptional. However, if your current internal teams are unfamiliar with this new technology, there is a risk that they will encounter difficulties, such as:

  • Not following best practices for using new technology
  • Difficulty in achieving team buy-in
  • Struggling to make new software work properly

There’s also the question of how to implement this new technology. Such projects need a significant amount of resources (time, manpower, knowledge, and so on) – are you confident that you’ll have enough of these things for an extended period?

Of course, you can hire more in-house experts. However, hiring is expensive, time-consuming, and there’s no assurance that you’ll be able to find the right individuals when you need them.

This is when working with an MSP can be beneficial. MSPs have experts for every sector, and each has years of expertise under his or her belt. As a result, they’re able to provide you with advice on how to enhance corporate processes rather than just fixing existing issues.

Cost savings

One of the most important advantages of working with an MSP is that it is frequently more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house IT team. There are a few factors behind this, including:

  • There is no need to recruit and train new employees in order to access information on current and emerging tech trends.
  • You can monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your service level agreement will define what you pay for and the degree of service you receive, so there’s no need to be concerned about unanticipated expenditures.

Easily scalable depending on your needs

Your technology will almost certainly need to change as your company and sector develop. An MSP can assist you in making the best decision possible for your present business demands by providing helpful and informative advice.

It’s also simple to add or remove skills and resources as needed. For example, if you’re undertaking an ERP implementation project and need more hands on deck, you can reach out to your MSP. Simply change the terms of your service level agreement; there’s no need to go through the recruiting process.


As you can see, MSPs provide a wealth of advantages. If you’re looking for the best IT support Miami can offer, give us a call today.