Baccarat Online Casino Game: Beginner’s Guide – Learn How to Play Baccarat Online?

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Do you know which is one of the most intriguing online casino games? Well! According to our research on the users of Thai Live Casino online, it is Baccarat. To begin with, Baccarat is a simple card-based casino game. According to rule 101 of Baccarat, the player holds/picks three or two cards among a deck of cards. The highest value of the card is then divided by ten. And it further decides who wins the shot. There are generally two parties pertain to in this game, i.e.., the player and the banker. Banker is the one that the main player plays against. Now, it is not that simple. A pinch of complexity in the game of Baccarat makes it worth playing. 

For example, in Baccarat, any participant or number of participants have the choice to pick and bet against the banker’s hand or the player. As a result, when Baccarat Live games stream on Thai Live Casino, many betters go there to try out their luck. 

In the event that you are entertaining Baccarat online for the first time, we present a beginner’s guide for you, along with rules that are advanced in the industry. So, let’s get started: 

How to play a Baccarat Casino game online? 

Following are the steps to play Baccarat online casino game. Please note that all steps are delivered along with examples. However, only experience in Baccarat online can ensure a win. So, keep practicing until you get there. 

Step 1: Pick a third-party online website to play.

You can find many websites like Thai Live Casino online, which invite players from all over the world to play Baccarat. The good part about this website is that you can get free runs from time to time. 

Step 2: Learn about the potential outcomes of Baccarat.

One of the amazing parts about playing Baccarat online casino games is that you already know about the possible outcomes. There are only three of these. For example, if the card that the bankers are dealing with has the highest value, the banker’s hand wins. Similarly, if a player’s cards have the highest value, the player wins. And, logically, if both banker and player have the same value – there’s a tie. 

According to the rules of Baccarat, up to 14 participants can place their seats on the gaming table. Similarly, during online baccarat games, up to 14 users can participate. Thus, all fourteen participants on the table have to place a bet before the banker begins to pick cards. 

Step 3: Place the money on the table

When you reach a baccarat table, please note that the betting budget begins from $25 minimum. However, in the case of VIP Baccarat, the minimum budget remains $100 or more, depending on the quality of casino you are in. Now, when you place betting money on the table, the dealer will take it and provide you casino chips. Similarly, if you are playing Baccarat online, you can enter wallet info on the website and enter the amount/money that you want to bet on either party. The amount will be deducted, and you will be able to view the chip’s balance in your virtual account. 

Step 4: Place the bet: Player or Banker

Now, before we begin, please note that in this online game, the banker does not mean a player from the casino’s side or dealer. And the player does not mean you. For example, if you place a bet on a banker and the banker wins, you win. Similarly, if you place a bet on a player and the player wins, you win!

You can state your bet to the deal, and he will place chips on whichever side you are betting on. Then, he will close the deal and begin to pick cards

Step 5: Understand how cards work in Baccarat? 

To begin with, in Baccarat, cards counting from 2 to 9 provided points based on the face value. For example, if the player’s card includes 6, it means that he will get 6 points. In comparison, cards 10, Jack, Queen, and King give zero points. And last but not least, Ace delivers 1 point. 

Now, please note that if the cards picked by the dealer contain 8 or 9 on the player’s side – it means that the player’s hand has won already. In this case, the game goes no further. Those who placed bets on bankers lost. Similarly, the scenario stands for a banker if his cards have 8 or 9. 

On the other hand, if a player’s cards include any card from 0 to 5, it means that the player’s hand has the choice to draw a card. 

Whereas, if the player’s hand has 6 or 7, the player stands. 

Thus, it is also essential to learn about the ruling of Baccarat. For experience, go to Thai Live Casino online and start placing small bets until you are ready to win big. Good luck!