Akkala Ancient Tech Lab: Everything you need to know – Robbie’s Quest

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
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Akkala Ancient Tech Lab has created an aspect of mystery among the newbie players of The Legend of Zelda video game series. After the arrival and departure of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes trend in the gaming industry, the respective game developers were searching for new and innovative locations to put in the upcoming game series: Breath of the Wild. And, they nailed it. Nothing could be better than entering the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild plot. This tech lab is full of robust ancient weapon series that players can collect. 

Today, we present every detail that you must know about Akkala Ancient Tech Lab before you go on for your next adventure. So, without any delays in completing Zelda quests, let’s get started: 

#1: The Story behind the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab’s foundation

To begin with, Akkala Ancient Tech Lab images make the fact crystal clear that it is a very old lab. Well! According to the story behind the foundation of this lab in the Legend of Zelda, it was indeed built by Robbie during the Age of Burning Fields. Meaning, the lab is over 100 years old and quite destroyed. In comparison, the knights were trying to kill Robbie and protecting him from doing his research. Robbie created this lab within an abandoned lighthouse in the Akkala location. 

As Robbie took hostage in the lab and continued creating legendary weapon items, he also planned to recuperate Cherry. By the age of 90, Robbie was no longer willing to work on his own. Henceforth, he received an assistant named Jerrin. As time went by, they both fell in love and tied the knots. But, for Jerrin, Cherry was an outsider in their relationship. Thus, she was always a topic of argument between them. To relieve Jerrin from her insecurity, Robbie transferred Cherry into a high-tech robot and renamed her “Ancient Oven.” 

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Later on, the couple had a baby and named him Grant. He is currently off to travel the world. As time passes, Cherry loses all her power because the lab’s furnace blue light is dulling day by day. Link (the protagonist) receives a quest to visit Jerrin and Robbie and help them recuperate Cherry’s power to continue combating Guardians. 

Since the player is Link in the game, he is required to finish the quest. Therefore, to find the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab location and how to reach there is crucial to triumph in the game. 

It is crucial for Link to restore Cherry. Otherwise, he cannot acquire weaponaries from the lab. 

#2: How to find the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

For the most part, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab location is not easy to find on the map of the legend of Zelda. The rationale being, it is situated in a strange lighthouse towards the easternmost cliff of Akkala. Now, there are some rules that make the player eligible to enter this lab. One most significant rule is that you cannot enter the lab without speaking with Purah. He lives in Hateno Village and mostly remains available in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. 

Furthermore, to enter the AA Tech Lab, you have to prove your identity to the Robot at the entrance. Thus, check out the following stepwise guide on how to find and enter the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the Breath of the Wild series? 

STEP 1: Visit Hateno Ancient Lab

Are you in the Hateno Village already? If yes! Go to the east side. You will see a giant hill. Over this hill, can you see a lighthouse-type building? This is it. Head towards this building as it is Hateno Tech Lab. Here, you will come across Purah and Symin. Outside the lab, you can collect minor equipment for your journey ahead. Purah will offer you access to the Sheikah Slate’s missing parts. 

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STEP 2: Head towards Akkala Deep region

Once you have got all the equipment and information from Purah, you will head towards Hyrule. It is where the Akkala Deep region is situated. Please remember, Akkala Highlands and Seas are also there. Head towards the region between West Eldin and South Lanayru. 

STEP 3: Locate Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

As you enter the Akkala region, go east to find the easternmost cliff. You can go near this cliff if you can locate East Stable Akkala nearby. Do you see a lighthouse on the cliff? This is the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Head towards this building. 

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STEP 4: Convince the Robot at the entrance

Now that you have entered the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, you will first encounter the Robot at the inner entrance. Only this Robot can prompt Robbie to come out. In order to prove your identity to this Robot, you will have to show him the scars received from the Great Calamity War period. To reveal your scars, remove all the equipment on your body. 

If the Robot is convinced, you will get to meet Robbie. Robbie will tell you the story of Cherry and how he wants blue flame to repower her? As a consequence, your quest to repower Cherry will begin here. 

#3 How to repower Cherry in the Legend of Zelda? 

As Robbie will tell you, Cherry or Ancient Oven is running out of blue flames in the lighthouse. To repower her, Robbie will ask you to get blue flames from Tumlea Heights. As a consequence, quickly get to the task given by Robbie. 

To begin with, you will need a torch to carry the blue flame at the climax. Thus, please pick a torch if you don’t have one already. Come out of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and run to the west side. As you run to the west, you will reach the top. On the other side of the cliff, you will be able to see a blue furnace (turn on the torch). Paraglide to the other side. Make sure you have weapons to fight off goblins and other creatures in the way. 

As to get closer to the blue flame, light the torch. The blue flame will enter the torch. Henceforth, you can carry it back to the AA tech lab and give it to Robbie. 

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Remember, going back from Furnace location to Ancient Akkala Tech Lab can be a bit tricky. It can rain, or you may encounter enemies who are also looking for the blue flame. Be ready!

Here’s a tip: Yoga Clan Warrior in the Legend of Zelda will stop you from visiting the Akkala Tech lab with the blue flame. Instead of fighting him off, stand rigidly to him face-to-face with a blue flame. After a few seconds, he will disappear automatically. 

As you reach the lab, light the blue flame furnace outside. The quest will be complete. 

#4: What is the purpose of the Robbie’s research? 

For the most part, Robbie’s research quest is to achieve numerous ancient armours and weapons from Robbie as a reward for repowering Cherry. Not only this, but if you have Guardian parts and rupees on your profile, you can also purchase any weaponry from the lab. Alongside, you get fully-enabled Cherry, who can help you in your game to solve further quests. 

#5: Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Items and Prices

To purchase AA Tech Lab items from Cherry, you can either use rupees (currency) or items (parts) like a barter exchange. Check out the following table to see how much Ancient Tech Lab items from Akkala cost:

Ancient Item name Quantity to receive Price range (Rupees) Ancient Barter Exchange
Ancient Arrows 1 90
  • 2 screws, 
  • 1 shaft, and 
  • an arrow
Ancient Arrows 3 250
  • 6 screws
  • 3 shaft
  • 3 arrows
Ancient Arrows 5 400
  • 5 springs
  • 5 shaft
  • An arrow
An. Short Sword 1 1000
  • 15 Spring
  • 5 Shaft
  • 2 Core
Shield 1 1000
  • 10 Gears
  • 15 Springs
  • 1 Giant Core
Bladesaw  1 1000
  • 15 Screws
  • 5 Shafts
  • 2 Cores
Spear 1 1000
  • 15 Gear
  • 5 Shaft
  • 2 Cores
bow 1 1000
  • 10 Gears
  • 15 Spring
  • 1 Giant Core
helm 1 2000
  • 20 Gear 
  • 5 Shafts
  • 3 Core
Cuirass 1 2000
  • 20 Gears
  • 5 Screws
  • 3 Cores
Greaves 1 2000
  • 20 Gears
  • 5 Springs
  • 2 Core

Note: Abbreviation “An.” refers to the term ancient. 

#6: Which is the best item to purchase from the lab? Are Blades Saw worth it? 

It is very common for players to drool over Ancient Bladesaw, which you can purchase from Akkala Ancient Tech lab as it is the master sword with the highest potential of creating damage. It does approximately double damage as compared to other tech lab items in the Lynen regions. 

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They are definitely a winner if you have materials to exchange. For example, gears alone or screws alone cannot work for you. However, you can keep collecting them on your way to the labs in order to purchase an item worth damaging the entire region if you want. 


1. Q: What is Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

A. Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is a fascinating project dedicated to researching and recreating ancient technologies worldwide. Their focus is on understanding past civilizations’ ingenuity and problem-solving skills through hands-on experimentation and reconstruction.

2. Q: What projects does Akkala Ancient Tech Lab work on?

A. Some examples include:

Replicating ancient Greek water clocks.

Building funzionari, wind-powered automata from medieval Italy.

Reconstructing and testing the accuracy of Mesopotamian sundials.

3. Q: How can I get involved with Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

A. Akkala Ancient Tech Lab welcomes interested individuals to participate in their research and educational activities. You can:

Follow their website and social media for updates on their latest projects and discoveries.

Attend their workshops and lectures to learn more about ancient technologies.

4. Q: What are the benefits of studying ancient technologies?

A. Studying ancient technologies can provide valuable insights into:

The history of science and engineering.

The ingenuity and problem-solving skills of past civilizations.

The development of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.


For the most part, Akkala Ancient Tech Lab or Robbie’s research is a side quest in the Legend of Zelda series named Breath of the Wild. One does not receive ancient cores from here. But, you can sell your gears, screws, and shaft to make the upcoming quest much easier to accomplish. For more info on the Legend of Zelda quests, bookmark us. We are coming with some exciting tricks and cheat codes for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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