The Role of the Adult Industry in The Evolution of Tech

Adult Industry in The Evolution of Tech


We live in the age of technology, where tech is evolving faster and faster by each day that passes by. There must be something out there, that drives this constant thirst for innovation. Well, believe it or not, we might not have had most of today’s technological amenities if not for porn. So, let’s dive in and see how the role of the adult Industry was major in the evolution of technology.

The Beginnings

It all started back in the late 1950s when a British photographer was quick to realize the potential that cameras had in the adult industry. He started using an 8mm camera to make short films of women slowly undressing and posing topless in front of the camera, giving birth to the genre as we now know as “ Glamour Home Movies”.

With the way technology was evolving, 8mm cameras were skyrocketing in popularity, and eventually became the standard in the adult industry.

Their relevance lasted until the 1970s when VHS and Betamax tapes became a thing. These two were in fierce competition back then. However, the adult industry was the one to decide who the winner will be. VHS had something that Betamax didn’t. And that was a longer watch time. VHS tapes were able to hold footage of up to three hours, compared to Betamax’s 60-minute taps.

So, naturally, porn producers opted towards VHS tapes, and by the late 1970s, around 50% of all VHS tapes sold in the US were related to porn.

The Rise Of The Internet

We all know that the internet was initially invented with military purposes in mind. However, just as with the cameras we talked about earlier, the adult industry is the main reason why the world wide web is what it is today.

After all, people had been making their own porn films for years now, and what better way is there to make your work be seen all across the world other than putting in on the internet? As you might have guessed, people flocked to the internet in order to get their fix, and eventually encouraged further advancements in the realm of the world wide web.

Therefore, in the year 1994, the adult industry found a new branch to expand on. Unlike regular sites where you could download films or photos, a Dutch company found a way to create the first video-streaming site.

That coupled, with the rising popularity of webcams, the porn industry has revolutionized the internet. Now that we think about it, video chatting apps such as Skype, or Zoom may not have existed if not for porn.

Then just a few years later, the first online payment system was invented, all due to the adult industry. It all started when an adult movie company was looking for ways to make more money. The idea they came up with was to create an online subscription service where the clients could pay directly on the internet.

As of today, the adult industry is running the internet. In fact, around 30% of all sites scattered throughout the world wide web are related to porn. From regular porn sites to video chat rooms. There are also dedicated escort sites such as Escorts2 where you can search for a companion that will show you a good time.

Modern Day Technology

The role of the adult industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and it is still continuously looking for new and innovative ways to further boost the advancements in tech. The usual blowup doll is soon to become a thing of the past, silicone sex doll and sex robots will take their place soon enough.

The good old screens we are all used to are becoming quite boring, so porn has gotten into VR in order to make the experience a whole lot more immersive. At one point, there was even a pornographic app created for Google Glass, although it eventually got banned.