3 PDF Merging Tools for Your PDF Files

PDF Merging Tools for Your PDF Files

PDF Merging Tools for Your PDF Files

Handling multiple PDF files is a pain in the head if you don’t have the right tool to use. Rather than creating more mess and having a hard time, you can use multiple software to merge your PDF files. With that, this guide will provide you the perfect tools in combing your PDFs with ease. So here are the PDF Merging Tools to handle your PDF files.


PDF Bear is the best PDF merging tools that you can access on the internet, and anyone can use it for free. With its help, you can merge PDF files in seconds without exerting a lot of effort. Aside from its merger, users can convert, compress, split, repair, rotate, unlock, or protect their PDFs easily. PDF Bear also features the cloud system; every process is done in the cloud, and it won’t use any capacity of your computer’s hard drive.

Aside from those things, it’s safe and secure to use because after you upload or download your PDF files, the system will automatically delete your files after an hour. That’s also the reason why your data will stay restricted and private with PDF Bear.  

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Adobe Acrobat 

This software is among the famous merger that people use to combine their PDF files. Sometimes, working on many PDF files creates many uses, and attaching those documents can consume all of your time. After users upload the attachment to merge on a single PDF file,  they can conveniently combine their PDF files without any problem.

Besides those, you can also arrange different pages and perform the “Drag & Drop” method. Once the PDF files are ready, users can put bookmarks that include footer and headers, and the page numbers are available so that you can easily navigate your PDF file. With those advantages, there are also a few setbacks when using this software. It occasionally crashes, and Adobe Acrobat consumes a lot of your hard drive’s capacity.

Nitro PDF

If you are searching for a PDF merging tools that is lightweight, you should try Nitro PDF. This software can allow you to easily and quickly share or sign-on your different PDF files. Nitro PDF has over 10 million users, and it has quality features that make it among the best you can get on the market. Anyone can use this software to review, edit, and try those mark-up tools also. Along with those features, users can use them to organize or merge their PDFs.

Nitro PDF is fast and easy to operate. Many people use it to organize and combine different files, and it features the Nitro Cloud. Its file converter has also improved over the years. Aside from those advantages, it also has setbacks. It doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, and it’s not compatible with the Mac operating system.


There are times that it’s messy and confusing to handle so many PDF files. But with the mentioned software, people can easily combine or merge their PDF files into a single PDF. These tools are quite easy to operate, and you can merge all of your files without encountering any problem.